Star Wars: The Old Republic CD Key IN STOCK NOW instant delivery

If you are looking to buy the limited access game – Star Wars: The Old Republic, you came to the right place.

You may find that Amazon pre-orders are delayed to up to January 17th, resulting in big delays in being able to play SWTOR. Luckily, CJS CD Keys have the solution.  CJS CD Keys have activation codes that function on Origin in stock now, ready for instant delivery.  Immediately after your payment you can collect your activation code for Star Wars The Old Republic via the Autokey system – the CJS  online delivery system.

You can then enter the activation code into origin which will then give you a full download of swtor.

Many shops are now out of stock of star wars old republic, since the game is only released in limited numbers. Luckily, CJS CD Keys still have the game in stock, at a great price of just £37.99 GBP each! That’s cheaper than the amazon price for Star Wars: The Old Republic, yet also giving instant delivery!

Many people from Australia have already cancelled their amazon star wars pre-order and bought from CJS instead, receiving the activation code instantly!

You will receive an activation code that looks like this:

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