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Star Wars: The Old Republic CD Key for Origin
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Product Description

This is a Brand new Activation Code / serial for the MMO - Star Wars: The Old Republic, which can be activated on Origin and the website.

SWTOR Activation Code Delivery Time:

Standard Edition - In stock now, ready for immediate delivery!

Once you receive your code, you can then enter it into the Origin client, or the SWTOR website in order to activate a digital download of your game.

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How do I get my code once I've paid?

Simply go to the Autokey system HERE and enter your order information. Upon entering your order information you will be automatically presented with your unique activation code.  Then simply enter the activation code into Origin or the website in order to activate your Star Wars: The Old Republic digital download.

Star Wars Old Republic Region Information:

Star Wars: The Old Republic is not region locked. This means that they will function worldwide, in ALL territories including Europe, the USA, Australia and all other countries.   It is completely region free and will function in any country.

This is ideal for customers who want to be able to play swtor from Australia!

Star wars: The Old Republic is a subscription game. This means you must pay for game time in order to play. The activation code we send you will only give you the first 30 days of free game time. 

What does this product include?

Standard Edition:


  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Origin Activation Key Code (Activate on Origin or at Works worldwide on Origin (This gives you the game itself).
  • The main game key will give you 30 days of free game time.




Example of what you will receive (with the Activation code censored for security reasons):


Star wars old republic activation key code

Is this a retail key for the full version of Star Wars Old Republic?

Yes.  This is a retail key. This means that this code will give you full access to the game.

This is a digital activation code that you can enter into the Origin client or EA Activation website when creating a new account. After your payment, you can collect your code using the autokey system at  after entering your details, you will be presented with your unique activation code.  This activation code is genuine and can be used only once. At the point of activation it will be permanently binded to your online Origin and Star Wars account


Star Wars The Old Republic Game Information:

Define your Star Wars Saga

Choose from one of eight iconic roles and become the hero of your personal Star Warssaga — an interactive storyline with cinematic dialogue and full voiceover for all in-game characters.

Choose the Light or Dark Side

Meaningful choices throughout your journey will determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force.

Adventure with Companions

Build or break meaningful relationships with your companions as they join in your journeys and fight at your side.

Engage in Heroic Star Wars Combat

Fight against reactive enemies in dynamic Lightsaber duels, cantina shootouts, and large-scale multi-player battles.

Pilot your Personal Starship

Earn your own ship which is your base of operations as you explore the galaxy and participate in epic space combat.

Discover a Fully-Featured MMO

Join your friends and experience player-vs.-player Warzones, multi-player Flashpoints, multi-group Operations, guilds, auction houses, crafting, mounts, and much more.


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Product Reviews:

    Hey I'm from Turkey and for some absurd reason we are not able to purchase Star Wars The Old Republic from Turkey. There are ways like Origin but I've been at it for 2 hours, the blasted place won't accept my payment. I then found out this site, and I was worried that it may be a scam but it all turned out well! Cheers and thanks.

    Posted by 8th Sep 2012

    Great Work
    Skeptical at first but now im a believer :). Very good indeed :)

    Posted by 27th Aug 2012


    Posted by 31st Jul 2012

    Great service, will order again!
    I ordered a SWTOR key today through paypal. Key was sent to me within seconds after payment and worked like a charm.

    This was not my first order and I will definitely order again.

    Posted by 29th May 2012

    Order, pay, play !
    PS 19.27 Euro = Best price in town. :)

    Posted by 29th May 2012

    Will use CJS again
    I paid via Credit Card and got the key within 10 minutes of payment. Will be using CJS again!

    Posted by 23rd Apr 2012

    Good, reliable service.
    As soon as I made the payment, i was asked to submit proof of my ID for anti fraud verification purposes. The necessity of this procedure only solidified by belief that this company is legitimate, fact which pleased me greatly. The verification itself took about 6 hours, after that i immediately received my product key which registered as valid.
    All in all, very good service. Thank you.

    Posted by 11th Apr 2012

    super fast top notch
    super fast email 100% working i will recommend this site to anybody and what a game aswell

    Posted by 1st Apr 2012

    fast delivery
    The website does look abit messy, but the service is indeed very quick. I recieved the key within minutes of purchase. Thanks

    Posted by 19th Mar 2012

    Good site
    I had an issue in that the key they first provided wasn't readable, but their customer service was quick and they provided a fresh one, which worked fine. Recommended.

    Posted by 26th Feb 2012

    As most ppl have said on this site, it does look dodgy. But after reading these reviews and seeing everybody saying it worked made me give it a shot. As soon as i paid I got the key instantly AND IT WORKED!! great job guys as I am in australia and could normally not be able to get this for another 2 MONTHS!

    Posted by 26th Jan 2012

    origin suck it!
    Thanks CJS keys since this game is not in New Zealand you guys were the only option and thing is ITS SUPER FAST literally instant! i singned up paid up registered and it was done!!!! i honestly expected to get ripped out of my money but you guys rule!!!! and also checking out other gaems you guys seem to be the best option when buying a new game even if it is ps3 and I have to pay shipping here its still far cheaper

    Posted by 25th Jan 2012

    Everything went perfect, had no issues and got my key straight away.

    Posted by 22nd Jan 2012

    I was worried this might all be a scam, but it turned out great. My key was delayed as they were waiting on shipments so they could replace the keys of people whom EA had screwed over, but they kept us updated via FB, so it was great.

    Would use again. TY

    Posted by 20th Jan 2012

    "Was pretty unsure about this place, but in the end it all worked out fine. My only problem was that the webpage said there were plenty of available keys for immediate delivery, however it took around 8 - 10 hours before the keys were actually ready to retrieve."
    Same as what this guy said... It listed 15 keys available and when i got into autokey the retrival system said none available up to 12 hours wait time =/ Would have bought from another site if I knew i had to wait. Not a scam however

    Posted by 19th Jan 2012

    Excellent Support
    Had a slight problem with the key but the support here fixed it up very quickly when I sent an email. No hassle at all.

    I would definitely buy from here again.

    Posted by 18th Jan 2012

    Instant code
    This is a dodgy looking site but i used it and got my cod instantly worked fine , good online service update the scammer looking website boys

    Posted by 12th Jan 2012

    This is probably the smoothest transaction I've had with CJS. Waited a few weeks after the release of the game because I know CJS struggle getting keys to people on/near the release date. But once the initial rush is over, buying a game with CJS is easy as pie. Key was delivered instantly after paying. Couldn't use the code in origin however, but works fine on the swtor website. CJS you really need to Make sure your descriptions are correct in future. But other than that, great job :)

    Posted by 10th Jan 2012

    Worked really fast
    From NSW Australia and was delivered pretty much instantly and worked fine. Definatly professional.

    Posted by 9th Jan 2012

    Worked, but was delayed
    Was pretty unsure about this place, but in the end it all worked out fine. My only problem was that the webpage said there were plenty of available keys for immediate delivery, however it took around 8 - 10 hours before the keys were actually ready to retrieve.

    Key worked perfectly in the end though. Recommended.

    Posted by 8th Jan 2012

    Hesitant to buy
    Was a little hesitant to buy from one of these sites but got my code within 24 hours and am now happily playing

    Posted by 8th Jan 2012

    Same as everyone else, Hesitant as
    Geelong, Vic, Aus. Was as nervous as everyone else, everything went smoothly tho. Apart from the autokey thing bit silly you have to put in the price in GPD or whatever the currency is lol.

    Thanks cdjs cdkeys! will return!

    Posted by 5th Jan 2012

    Bit hesitant, but no problems at all
    Melb AU. Purchased code for my son who had to play this games, he used his own Xmas money and was a bit nervous about buying just the code. We had no problems. We waited for the codes to be delivered. When we purchased the key, site said would be a 12 hour delay. Once delivered son was straight into game.

    Posted by 3rd Jan 2012

    Worked straight away
    I live in Sydney AU. The cdkey was sent straight away via email. Easy process. Couldn't activate it on Origin but works perfectly well at the game's website. I'm now downloading The Old Republic client and can't wait to play. Cheers, guys!

    Posted by 31st Dec 2011

    Game is not even available to buy in my country yet so was pretty happy when I saw it here. Easy purchase, was out of stock for about 3 days but only because SWTOR is released in limited numbers. Keep it up, will keep buying from CJS for sure.

    Posted by 27th Dec 2011

    after 4 days finally received my key, i was angry at first but now that i have im extremely happy, ill make sure to use this site again when im in need of a serial key,and ill tell my friends about it too.. thank you very much team at CJS and sorry for causing some trouble :P <3<3<3

    Posted by 23rd Dec 2011

    Immediate Delivery
    Thanks guys, I received both my keys straight away (and they worked!).
    I'm always nervous buying from outside of the 'major online retailers' (in this instance, Amazon or Origin). Being in Australia, it certainly didn't leave me too many options. So glad I took the plunge and purchased it through your site.
    Highly recommended!

    Posted by 19th Dec 2011

    Received my code within around two minutes of ordering, registered the two codes within my SWTOR code page and unlocked both the early game access and standard edition. Awesome seller, will definitely be using cjs again.

    Posted by 19th Dec 2011

    Delivered and working
    Came in within the stated 12-24 hour time frame, entered and working nicely!

    Posted by 16th Dec 2011

    Near instant delivery
    Arrived a few moments after purchase, registered successfully with game website, and is now visibile with game company.
    Can totally recommend this.

    Posted by 16th Dec 2011

    Very fast and serious
    I received my code withing 2 hours.The key worked fine and i'm just waiting for activation.I bought the cheapest one: EARLY ACCESS code ALONE (doesn't include main game)who cost 4,99 and that include:
    Color Stone (virtual item)
    30 days free game time
    Early Access
    Are you sure about that 30 days free game time guys?If someone already have this experience please reply.Thanks

    Posted by 15th Dec 2011

    Worked no probs
    As described, came ~12 hours after (as disclosed, it would take ~ 12-24 hours for the early access key)
    Activated with no problems.

    My mate bought a copy and it took ~ 4 hours.

    Posted by 14th Dec 2011

    Fast Service, Legitimate Copies Very Happy
    Super fast service, recieved my keys within 10mins.
    Keys worked first time, and were all zones as advertised.
    Great site will use again.

    Posted by 14th Dec 2011

    best store to buy from for non eu/us players
    got my code as soon as i payed for it. its a bit expensive than the usual new game cd keys though.

    Posted by 14th Dec 2011

    Very Satisfied
    Game came within 12 hours of purchase, used the Autokey to find my key.

    I am very happy with the way the company is run. They act very professional and I am incredibly pleased with the product I received and the time and convenience in which I received it.

    Thanks guys, will definitely be using your services for my next game purchase

    Posted by 13th Dec 2011

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