Syndicate Game Pre-order – £28.80 for instant Digital Download via Origin – Promo Code for discount!

If you’re reading this page, most likely you are looking to buy Syndicate for PC.

But wait, don’t just buy the first game you see direct from Origin. You will be wasting over £10 needlessly!

We have some tips on how to get the BEST value for money when pre-ordering this great new game.

How to get discount when buying Syndicate on Origin:

As you know, when you buy a PC game, you will get an activation code inside the box which you can use to activate and download the game.  But did you know? These keys work perfectly on Origin.

Lets do a little price comparison.

Origin price:  £39.99 – Digital Download at rip-off price

Brick & Mortar Store price:  £34.99 – Physical game, but you will have to wait a long time for the shipping.

CD Key Price:  £24.50 – Instant Digital Download VIA ORIGIN, yet at over £10 off.

This product is the Executive Edition of Syndicate!

Because this item is a pre-order, you will automatically receive the ‘Executive Package’ when you activate the code.

When you pre-order Syndicate from us, you will automatically receive the executive package free of charge, which will grant you to the following bonus items:

  • Solid gold versions of all loadout guns in co-op
  • Golden dart chip & vision
  • Executive gold Syndicate logos

What is a CD Key?

As we explained above, the cd keys for syndicate will work perfectly on Origin.  You can purchase an activation code from CJS CD Keys and receive it instantly.  You will recive a photograph of a unique activation code that’s taken out of a brand new, sealed copy of syndicate that’s in CJS’s warehouse.

You can enter this code into the Origin client, and the game will activate.  After activation you can download Syndicate instantly.

The Syndicate Product Key is a 16 digit sequence of letters and numbers, which is unique, and can only be used to activate the game once.

After you have activated the Syndicate, you will be able to play.

Alright, back to the price. How can I buy Syndicate at a discounted price of £24.50?

Via a Syndicate Origin Promo code? Via some kind of Syndicate discount code? no.  You can get this discount by purchasing an imported copy.  “But I don’t want to wait ages for the game to arrive into my country!” you say…  But don’t worry – you won’t have to wait for a single second.  This is because instantly after you pay, you will receive the activation code digitally via our online system.

But won’t I need the Syndicate installation disc?

In short, no.  We will send you just the activation code via email. We dispose of the discs and packaging in an eco-friendly manner.   You don’t need a disc, as you can enter the activation code into an online service called ‘Origin’ in order to get a full download of the game.

Once you receive your code you should enter it into the Origin Key Activation page.

After entering the code, you can start the free Origin software, and download the game. You will see the game in your ‘game library’. From your game library you can download the game whenever you like.

How can CJS sell the game at £24.50 but everywhere else the game is £34.99?

Our company functions by importing the games from main distributors within the EU, where games have cheaper retail prices than in countries such as the UK. Because of the savings made in postage costs (as our items are sent digitally), it allows us to provide extremely low pricing.  Not only this, but the games work worlwide as digital downloads, unlike physical games which have region locked discs.

Okay then, so where do I buy Syndicate digital download for the discounted promo price of £24.50?

You can pre-order syndicate now by visiting the CJS Syndicate product page here:

Buy Syndicate CD Key for Origin

The price is £24.50, this works out as $37.59 US Dollars, or 29.33 Euros.

Instantly after your payment, you will receive a link to download the game code. You can then enter this code and immediately download the game.

Is CJS CD Keys a reputable Company? I want to make sure that it’s a legit copy.

Yes. CJS CD Keys are a registered company based in the UK that has been in business for 3 years now, and has grown to be very reputable. CJS is now arguably one of the largest Game CD Key stores online today. You can read many reviews from happy customers at Trustpilot, here:

CJS CD Keys Reviews

You can also talk with our huge community of over 14,000 facebook fans, at our facebook page here:

CJS CD Keys Facebook

We have a full 24/7 self-service, which means you can collect your codes instantly 24 hours per day.  We also have a fully staffed support center, where you can contact our friendly staff and receive a reply within a few hours.

Once again – to pre-order Syndicate at £28.80 you can purchase it here:

Syndicate Origin Pre-order Code

Best Regards