FIFA 14 CD Key for Origin only £26.99 at CJS CD Keys!

If you’re looking to buy FIFA 14, look no further! CJS CD Keys are currently offering one of the best prices on the internet for FIFA 14. Best of all, there is no need to wait for the game to arrive in the mail.

Our Price For FIFA 14 Origin PC Download:

  • £26.99 GBP
  • €32.06 EUR
  • $42.68 USD

FIFA 14 CD Key

What is a FIFA 14 CD Key

As an alternative to buying a boxed copy of FIFA 14 for PC, you can buy a FIFA 14 CD Key for Origin. This means that rather than buy a physical item, you can buy a FIFA 14 PC Download at just £26.99 GBP. That’s €32.06 / $42.68!

How does the FIFA 14 Origin Key Arrive?

The key will arrive via Email. For your convenience, it’s also available for collection directly off our website, on our ‘Autokey’ page. Autokey is the name of our instant digital delivery system.  Our system sends the unique activation codes to the customers instantly after payment.  If you are pre-ordering FIFA 14, then the key will arrive approximately 1 day before the global release date of FIFA 14. This gives you 24 hours to pre-load FIFA 14, ready for playing on the release date.

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How to Activate FIFA 14 on Origin

After you buy your FIFA 14 Origin CD Key on our website, you will receive a unique and unused activation code, which can only be used once.  You have to activate it on your Origin account. Once activated, the game will be permanently assigned to your Origin game library, and become available to download!

Once you receive your key, follow these steps to activate your FIFA 14 PC Download:

  • Download and Install Origin if you haven’t already done so.
  • Create a free Origin account if you haven’t already done so
  • Press ‘Redeem A Code’
  • Enter your unique FIFA 14 CD Key that you received from CJS CD Keys
  • Press next
  • Done! Your FIFA 14 CD Key will be activated against your Origin account! The FIFA 14 game will then appear in your Origin account and become available to download.

So what are you waiting for? The price we’re offering is the best price you’ll find on the net, so buy now and take advantage of this amazing price while it lasts! Just click the image below to see our FIFA 14 product page:

FIFA 14 CD Key