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For just $34.99, you will receive an unused FIFA 12 Serial which you can use in Origin in order to grant yourself to a full download of the game.

FIFA 12 is the latest and greatest football game of 2011.  You can purchase at just $34.99 from CJS CD Keys a FIFA 12 download.  Immediately after your payment, you will receive 2 activation codes, which are 16 digit serial numbers that you can use to activate FIFA 12 PC game.

The first CD Key will be the product key for fifa 12.  The other game key will be for your fifa 12 special edition bonus items, which will grant you to the special 6 month gold bonuses.

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This is a genuine fifa 12 activation code. Once you receive your code you can enter it into the Origin client. Once you enter the code into Origin the game will be added to your account, and the game download will start.

Our FIFA 12 Pre-order keys will all automatically be special edition! That means that if you pre-order it now (before the 29th September 2011) you will get limited edition at no extra charge.

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Fifa 12 CD Key (for Origin)

CJS CD Keys are currently offering the digital download key for FIFA 12 which can be used on origin as a special pre-order promotion, at just 18 euros each. That is equal to just $25 usd!

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Take advantage of this offer now! It’s only valid during the pre-order period of fifa 12. After the pre-order the price will be raised.

All activation codes for fifa 12 will be sent to customers 2 days before fifa 12 release date.

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What is a Fifa 12 Activation Code?

Fifa 12 activation codes can be found inside the retail pack of the game box.  They are unique digits which you can enter into the game installer, or into Origin in order to grant yourself access to the game. Each code is unique and can only be used once.

When you purchase a FIFA 12 activation code from CJS CD Keys, you will recieve a photograph of the original activation code that is taken from a retail box. You can enter this code into the Origin client, or into the website

Once you enter the code, it will activate the game on your Origin / EA account.  Once activated you can legally download the game from Origin at high speed! Once downloaded, you can play!

The code is a legal code taken from a brand new sealed game.

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