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Are you looking to pre-order the latest game from Blizzard – Diablo 3 at the best possible price?  Look no further!

Our team of gamers have scoured the internet to find the best possible deal for the digital download version of the game, and we have found some fantastic deals.  Here, we will be sharing the best deal with our fans.

So what is the best price?

The best price for a PC download copy of EU Diablo 3 is from CJS CD Keys at 35.99 GBP.  That’s the equivalent of 58 US Dollars or 27.15 Euros!

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When buying Diablo 3, consumers can buy either the PC Boxed version of the game, or buy a digital download from battle.net.  The CD Keys from the pc boxed versions can be activated on the battle.net website, which means that CD Keys from retail copies will work to activate a digital download of the game.

After scouring the internet, we found that the best deal for a PC download version of Diablo 3 is £35.99 GBP, at CJS-CDKeys.com

CJS CD Keys sell brand new CD Keys from original pc boxed versions of PC games. They buy in boxed copies from distributors, and sell the brand new sealed games, but we also offer the option to our customers to buy the CD Key alone.  If they do that, they can be sent a photograph of the activation code instantly after their payment.  CJS CD Keys then dispose of the physical CD Key.   By doing this, customers are effectively getting an instant digital download service, since they can enter the keys into battle.net in order to get a full digital download of the game.  This way you don’t need to wait for the box to arrive in the mail!

Although CJS CD Keys offer instant delivery for most games, the CD Keys / boxes for Diablo 3 won’t be dispatched to customers until 1 day before the release date of the game.

As quoted on their website:
Diablo III  is expected to be released 15th May 2012.  CJS CD Keys expect to deliver the keys to customers on 14th May 2012 or earlier.

What is a Diablo 3 CD Key?

A CD Key is a unique series of letters and numbers which is used to authorise each individual copy of Diablo 3.  Each CD Key is unique and can only be activated once, at which point it will be permanently binded to your battle.net account.  This product offered by CJS CD Keys on their Diablo 3 product page is a brand new activation key, taken from a brand new sealed Diablo 3 game box.  It can be entered into battle.net in order to get a legal digital download of the game.  This allows you to get the cheaper pricing that often comes with boxed copies of games, while acheiving the same instant download service that you would usually only get when buying directly from battle.net at retail price.  What’s more, if you DO want the box, you can opt to receive the brand new boxed copy for only a few pounds extra to cover postage costs.

So the CD Keys are sent via E-mail?

CJS CD Keys send codes instantly after customer’s payment via our Autokey system. Autokey is the name of our online delivery system, which allows you to collect your codes immediately after your payment.  Diablo 3 will be dispatched on or before 14th May 2012.

What if I want the box as well?

CJS CD Keys are also happy to send the brand new box to you via mail, if required.  Simply select ‘buy boxed’ and they will send you the CD Key instantly so you can start downloading, then they will send you the physical game box to you via the physical mail.

How to activate Diablo 3 bought from CJS CD Keys?

Simply go to Battle.net and enter your unique activation code. You will then be granted to a full digital download of the game.

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Who are CJS CD Keys?

CJS CD Keys are a UK based company, a market leader in game key distribution well known as one of the largest and most reputable sellers of digital download keys online today.

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Since their website launch in November 2009, CJS CD Keys have remained dedicated to providing the best possible prices and fastest possible service for instant downloads.

CJS have become well known for providing instant delivery, thanks to their in-house developed Autokey system, which automatically distributes the unique activation codes to our customers instantly after their payment.  This enables customers to experience self-service. Simply buy the game, enter the key on it’s associated download manager (such as Steam, Origin or Battle.net), and start downloading! It’s that simple.

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What exactly does CJS CD Keys sell?

CJS sell CD Keys for the latest PC games.  A CD Key is a unique sequence of numbers and letters, which can be used to activate a digital download of a game.  The authentication keys can be entered online in order to add a game to your ‘digital download library’, from which you can download your purchased game.  In the case of Diabo 3, you can enter the key into battle.net, and you can then begin downloading the game.

CJS CD Keys offer genuine, sealed, and brand new PC games at rock bottom prices. Images of the activation codes are uploaded to our online instant delivery system direct from our headquarters in the UK.  This means you get INSTANT delivery of your games, immediately after your purchase!

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Where do the CD Keys come from?

CJS functions by importing the games from main distributors within the EU, where games have cheaper retail prices than in countries such as the UK. Because of the savings made in postage costs (as most items are sent digitally), it allows them to provide extremely low pricing.

Are the CD Keys Genuine?

Absolutely.  CJS CD Keys source the games from leading interactive entertainment distributors, and do not condone piracy in any way. None of our activation codes are from illegal key-generators. Each code that is sent to each customer is unique and unused.  It authenticates with the official online systems of the game publisher such as Steam or Origin, giving you furthur assurance that you are buying a genuine game.

Does Autokey generate keys?

No.  Autokey is simply an online distribution system which allocates stock to customers as they purchase keys.  CJS staff upload the keys in bulk to the Autokey system, where they get sent to customers as they are needed.  The CD Keys are photographed from inside original, brand new sealed PC Games, and uploaded to Autokey.  CJS then recycle the game boxes and destroy the physical CD Key. This ensures that you are the only owner of the CD Key.

Example of a CD Key:

cd key code

Do CJS CD Keys sell physical boxed games?

Yes. CJS also offer the option of buying a brand new sealed boxed copy on certain products such as Diablo 3.  This means you can get the CD Key instantly after your payment so you can begin downloading and playing instantly, while in the meantime CJS will ship the game box, disc, and manual to you via priority mail.

What payment methods do CJS CD Keys accept?

CJS CD Keys accept Paypal, Moneybookers, and Alertpay. You can use any Credit or Debit card to pay via Moneybookers.

What are the hours of business?

CJS CD Keys is based in Essex, United Kingdom.  The standard hours of business are 9am – 9pm, 7 days per week (GMT).  However, the Autokey system functions 24/7, so you can buy your CD Key at any time of the day and you will be able to collect it instantly from the  online system.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you have benefited from finding the best price for Diablo 3!

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Regarding region information, see here:

To sum up relative to regions:
– Diablo 3 is region free, you have a default region (based on your address) but it can be modified to play in another region (think D2).
– You can use every gold-ah
– You are restricted (locked) to a specific Real Money AH based on your address when you activate your game
– You may move region providing proof of habitation (not 100% sure).


Blizzard’s Region Locking Policy

Blizzard has implemented region locking in some of their games, most recently in Starcraft II.[5] In that game, a player must register their game in one region, and thereafter can only play it in that region. It’s possible for a player to play in two different regions, for instance in the US and Europe, but he must register two copies of the game, one in each region.

Region locking is not planned in Diablo III, and players can connect to any region, from anywhere in the world, though characters are saved to the region they are created on, and can not be transferred.



One element of Diablo III that is region locked is the auction house. Players can post or buy items in auction in each region in which they have a character, but characters and items can not be transferred between regions, and the Real Money Auction House account will be tied to each region. So if a player sells items for real money on the European Realm, they could not transfer that money to their US Region account.

This will create numerous complications for players who wish to cash out their Bobby Bucks in a region other than their own, as exchange rates and international transfer fees would likely take a large bite out of their profit.

Full details on how this system will work have not yet been released.