Guild Wars 2 Beta Key

Guild Wars 2 Beta keys are now available at CJS CD Keys!  They’re in stock right now, so you’ll get instant delivery.  You can get your Guild Wars 2 Beta code here:

Get your Guild Wars 2 Beta Serial Code

This is the BETA ONLY. THIS IS NOT THE FULL GAME.  The full game will be available to purchase shortly on our website, but this product is JUST for the beta.

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Simply enter the key into the above website, and it will activate with your guild wars account! Simple as that!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Info:

Guild Wars is the next most popular MMORPG game on the market today, not counting World of Warcraft of course. They were released about the same time, and both of the games have huge following and hardcore fans. While Guild Wars never did reach the popularity of WoW, it still has a large and loyal player base which is highly anticipating Guild Wars 2.

Being a popular title, we’ve got plenty of beta keys to give out at a fantastic price.

How to get Guild Wars 2 Beta:

Once you’ve got your guild wars 2 beta key, enter your beta serial into the guild wars 2 activation website HERE.

Enter your guild wars 2 beta key, and press next.  You will need to log in to an existing guild wars 2 account or register a new one. After that, you’ll get a confirmation email that your activation of your guild wars 2 beta code was succesfull. Now just sti back and wait! When the beta becomes available you will get an email link to download the game client!


Once again, the link to activate your guild wars 2 beta download is here: