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Did you know, on an average steam game which retails at 45 euros, the publisher is only selling at 20 euros! That means Steam take 25 euros of your hard earned cash as pure profit, for NOTHING!

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Duke Nukem Forever CD Key steam pre-load now active!

Hi everyone! Just to inform you that the steam pre-load of duke nukem forever is now active! That means that when you purchase a duke nukem forever serial from us, it will function on steam and allow you to pre-load the game!

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Cheapest price for Duke Nukem Forever CD Key for steam

We have found a great price comparison site that shows the best prices available for Duke Nukem forever steam keys over at cheapdukenukemforever.com


This website is run by gamers and shows the best cheapest price for duke nukem forever steam keys. As you can see from the site, CJS CD Keys’ price of duke nukem forever serials at just £23.50 each is proven to be the best price available on the internet today. So buy now by clicking below to visit the product page:


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cheapest duke nukem forever steam price

We have found that CJS CD Keys are offering the BEST price on the internet for Duke Nukem Forever Steam Cd Keys at just £25.99!


These keys plug directly into steam. That means that you pay just £25.99 using any of the easy and safe payment methods,  collect your key immediately as the payment goes through, and activate using the steam client.

If you aren’t aware, the Steam client is a game download software that is fully legal. You can go to steampowered.com and install the steam client free. The steam client allows customers to get digital downloads of games legally and fast straight from steam’s content delivery network.

With CJS CD Keys Duke Nukem Forever keys, you simply enter the code you receive into steam, and press ‘activate game’. After that, you can simply sit back and enjoy the high speed download.

If you have bought before the release date of the game, it will allow you to pre-load the game ready for playing on the moment of release. Then, once the game is released the game will unlock and allow you to play.

Digital downloads have a number of advantages.  It’s the 21st century way to get duke nukem forever serials, so forget buying a physical copy, let CJS do the hard work for you, and download the game from the comfort of your own home!

Downloading a game means that you can never lose or misplace the duke nukem forever disc!  You can re-download the game as many times as you want. Steam is completely secure with full hardware locking, which means it’s nearly impossible for a hacker to ever compromise your duke nukem forever steam account.

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You can see below the currency information of our duke nukem forever product keys:

25.99 GBP
29.99 EUROS
$39.99 USD
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All of the items that CJS CD Keys sell are fully genuine and unused, taken from retail packs sourced within the EU.  We make sure that royalties go back to the game developers who put hard work into making the game, while giving our customers enough savings so it doesn’t break their bank!

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This product is a unique and unused Duke Nukem Forever Steam CD Key (scan of the cd key from original DVD box).  You can activate and download the game on Steam!

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You can enter this activation code into the Steam client, which will then grant you to a full and legal download of the game!
This game can be activated from any region, and includes all languages except german.
These keys are sourced from within the EU from authorised distributors!

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