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These keys are suitable for activation anywhere in the world including all of europe and the USA.

We have these keys in stock right now, ready for instant dispatch. You can activate the code you receive with the steam client from steampowered.com! Once activated you can begin downloading the game as a pre-load. Then, on the moment of release at midnight on 19th april (or earlier in the case of USA portal 2 cd key customers) you can immediately begin playing portal 2 thanks to our portal 2 multiplayer keys.

Our portal 2 online keys

work with the steam client from steampowered.com which will grant you to a legal full download of portal 2.

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Portal 2 CD Key

portal 2 release date pc is now final! And now available to pre-load on steam from CJS Keys at £24.00

CJS CD Keys are offering Portal 2 Steam download keys at just £24.99 which is much cheaper than steam’s price! You receive something like this:

Portal 2 CD Key

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Thanks to our automatic digital download delivery system, you can receive your steam code instantly after payment. Once you’ve paid, then you can instantly collect from our system and activate with steam, to pre-load the game.

The game will be unlocked at the moment of release – 19th April 2011

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Portal 2 Serial for Steam now in stock

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Portal 2 CD Key

These portal 2 serial numbers are EU keys that will function in all regions and languages. The product codes can be activated on steam! That means that you don’t need a disc. Instead you can activate on steam (from steampowered.com) which will grant you to a legal full download of the game.

This activation code will allow you to play on both a mac and pc! So Pre-order your portal 2 code now!  These cd keys function forever, allowing you to download the game as many times as you want, whenever and wherever you want.

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Best of all, you receive a scanned image of the game. This means that in the unfortunate event that your steam account got stolen, you could prove ownership by showing the scanned image of the activation code that you activated to your steam account.

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Portal 2 Steam Key Pre-Order for $39

CJS CD Keys are offering Portal 2 Steam Key pre-order for just $39! They provide a genuine photograph of the portal 2 product key that’s printed on the game box.  The keys work in all regions and all languages!

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Pre-Order Portal 2

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Portal 2 Steam key cheapest price activation code scan at CJS Keys

PORTAL 2 will be coming soon to CJS CD KEYS at a price of just £19.99!

This awesome puzzle game will be available as a steam activation code, which you can enter in the steam client and activate an instant digital download of the game.

Portal 2 is going to be a huge hit, thanks to the new co-op functionality that’s included! You can solve puzzles with your friend, in the action packed game Portal 2!

Best of all, PC players that used a portal 2 steam serial will be able to play with ps3 players online!! PC and PS3 will run on the same network! how cool is that?

CJS Keys will be selling this game soon at just £19.99 – all games will come as scanned images which means you get full proof of purchase with your order! We also can sell these games wholesale, you should check out our website cjs-group for more info on ordering bulk wholesale games. Also we’ll have the physical pc dvd on sale cheap at cjs-games.com Buy now!