Modern Warfare 3 Steam Key Pre-Order

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Steam Key is now available to pre-order at CJS CD Keys.

Currently offering the best price available for mw3 on steam, CJS CD Keys will be dispatching Modern Warfare 3 approximately 2 days before the release date of the game. This means that customers can pre-load modern warfare 3 in time so that they can begin playing the game on the instant of midnight on the modern warfare 3 release date.

The Call of Duty MW3 CD Keys that CJS are offering are brand new, unused activation codes which are taken out of sealed retail packs.  Because Modern Warfare 3 is a steamworks game, any modern warfare 3 serial will function on steam.  CJS CD Keys as a company take advantage of this fact, by selling the call of modern warfare 3 product keys as steam downloads.  They can be activated on steam in order to grant the customers to a full digital download of the game.

Buying Modern Warfare 3 Steam Codes is an ideal alternative to buying directly from steam or buying a boxed copy. You can get the cheapest prices possible, but while also getting a steam download of the game.  Best of all, delivery is instant, since CJS CD Keys have the stock on-hand, and simply send your activation code digitally, via their special Autokey system, which is a system allowing customers to collect the call of duty modern warfare 3 activation codes instantly.

How to Buy Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 Steam Key

You can purchase the call of duty modern warfare 3 product key for steam by visiting the product page here:

Buy Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 CD Key

How are the prices so cheap?

Because of the excellent prices that CJS CD Keys offer, Modern warfare 3 serials not being an exception, we often get asked the question – “How are your steam keys so cheap?”.

Well, CJS CD Keys function by importing bulk games (physical versions) from distributors in the EU. They import from poorer EU countries where the retail prices are cheaper, then sell them in the richer markets.  This is an ideal way for gamers to get the same item but at a fraction of the cost. It allows consumers to get past the terrible money grabbing that steam emplace.  It is not unusual to see steam charging $80 in australia for a game which is available for only $30 in the USA.

Will modern warfare 3 be region locked?

The knowledge that we import the games may bring the question about region locking. Well, we are pleased to announce that the publisher has informed us that Modern Warfare 3 will NOT be region locked. This means that all modern warfare 3 keys will work worldwide. So when you purchase a modern warfare 3 steam key from CJS CD Keys, you will be able to activate it on steam anywhere in the world.

How can I be sure that the modern warfare 3 is a genuine cd key?

CJS CD Keys provide the codes as photographs from the boxes.  This means you will receive an actual photograph of the modern warfare 3 activation code, that comes printed on the game manual in the retail pack.

Each key can only be used once, this means that each customer gets a unique code.  Once activated on Steam, the code will be ‘used’ and the modern warfare 3 product key will be permanently binded to your steam account.

Once CJS CD Keys sell the code, we discard of the physical CD Key for security purposes, and recycle the boxes.

So, what are you waiting for? This is possibly the best price for modern warfare 3 on the internet today, and that’s without the discount code that you can get for modern warfare 3 if you become a fan on our facebook page!

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