How to Make Easy Money selling CD Keys – Get Free Sleeping Dogs CD Key with 1 hour of work!

Did you know, within just an hour of simple work, you can earn yourself enough store credit on CJS CD Keys to buy a totally free copy of Sleeping Dogs for Steam!  If you’re good, you can even earn enough to buy 3 copies!  Our Sleeping Dogs Steam Keys are only £15.20.  You can help us promote this deal and get paid good money for doing it!

How to get paid good money for little work:

You will need:
1: A brain
2: A paypal account  (not required if you want to have your money turned into store credit to buy games on
2: An internet connection
3: Membership on a few gaming forums and any other gaming related website you can think of.

1: Sign up at our CD Key affiliate system here:

2: after you make your account, log in and press “Alternate Incoming Page Links”

3: Enter the URL to sleeping dogs product page:

4: Our system will give you a special affiliate link. Spread this link around the internet!

When people click on the link, it will track them. Then, when they purchase something, you will automatically be notified of the affiliate sale and credited with 7% of the order value.

Once you get enough money, you can get a payout via Paypal! Alternatively, you can put the money earnt straight into store credit on CJS CD Keys. which you can use to purchase any game of your choice and collect it on autokey!

So how much work is required to get free games and money?

You get paid 7% of sales that you serve!  Doesn’t sound much, but read below and you will see how much it adds up.  Best of all, all you really need to do is spread the link on your favourite gaming forums and recommend us, but post the affiliate link.  We handle all the game selling, key sending, stock uploading, supplier paying, contract signing, and more!  We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.  You can just sit back and watch the money roll in!

To put things into perspective:

If you spread the link around the internet, you only need to get 7 people to click through to your link and buy something, and you will have enough money to buy a copy of Sleeping Dogs! How simple is that!

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