GRID 2 CD Key for Steam – save £7 at CJS!

If you are hoping to buy a Grid 2 CD Key for Steam, and play on 31st May, read this article to find out how to knock a full £7 off your purchase price.

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How to get discount on your GRID 2 Steam Download

At CJS CD Keys, GRID 2 is for sale at just £20.99 GBP as a full digital download.  That’s just $32 USD!

Grid 2 CD KeyImmediately after your payment, you will be able to get a full and instant digital download of GRID 2.  The great thing about CJS CD Keys is that you will receive an unused GRID 2 CD Key fro steam, immediately after your payment.  The result is that you experience an identical service as what steam provides, but a fraction of the price!

While Steam are currently accepting pre-orders for GRID 2 at £26.99, CJS CD keys are offering it at £20.99!  That means you’re saving a full £6 off the purchase price.  GRID 2 releases on 31st may, however we will dispatch the codes around 2 days before the release date of the game.  This gives you a chance to pre-load the game, ready for playing on release date.  GRID 2 is the hottest racing game of this year, and fans are all so happy to be getting this game at an awesome price!  The GRID series is a legendary series which many gamers are loyal to, and some gamers have been waiting a very long time indeed for the new GRID 2 CD Key release.

GRID 2 CD Key Features

GRID 2 features improved graphics, improved collision dynamics, better graphics, and more!  The multi-player experience for GRID 2 is set to be an awe-inducing one.  See you in the race!

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