Fifa Manager 12 CD Key for Origin – £21.99 Pre-order Now!

FIFA Manager 12 CD Key for Origin is now available to pre-order!

What is the price of FIFA Manager 12 Origin Key from CJS?

The price of FIFA Manager 12 is currently listed at the cheapest price available on the internet – at just £21.99 GBP. That is equal to 34 US Dollars, or 24.99 euros!

Where can I buy the Cheap FIFA Manager 2012 CD Key?

You can purchase the key via the below link. After payment, you can collect the activation code for fifa manager 12 instantly via the online system.

Buy FIFA Manager 2012 CD Key

After payment, simply head over to the ‘Autokey’ system and you can collect your code. Once you receive your code, you can enter the code into the Origin client in order to activate your fifa manager 12 pc download key.

When will the FIFA Manager 12 Cd Key be sent?

The Cd Key Serial for FIFA Manager 12 will be sent approximately 2 days before release date. If you are reading this article and the game has been released, then you will receive the code immediately after your payment via our online system.

What is new in FIFA Manager 12?

FIFA Manager 12 is proclaimed to have over 700 improvements!  An official post by the fifa soccer 12 blog stated that fifa manager 12 features extra improvements in the online mode of the game, along with the ability to create fantasty leagues and custom avatars.  Also, the premium content from all old versions of fifa manager 12 will become free in the new version!

How to Activate FIFA Manager 12?

To activate FIFA Manager 12:

  • Check-out at the FIFA Manager 12 product page (only £21.99 for origin digital download code)
  • After your purchase, collect fifa manager 12 serial from AutoKey
  • Head over to
  • Enter the code
  • Press Submit
  • Your game will now be added to your game library. You will now be able to download the game
  • Once the fifa manager 12 origin download completes, you will be able to start the game and play!

So what are you waiting for? BUy Fifa manager 12 cd key at the best price on the internet right now at just £21.99!


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