Battlefield 3 Premium DLC CD Key – Now available to purchase at discounted price

You asked for it, so now we are stocking it!

Bf3 Premium CD Key for Origin is now available to purchase at just £32.99 at CJS CD Keys.

You will receive an online activation code instantly after your payment, which you can enter into Origin to unlock the Battlefield 3 premium cd key pack.

The battlefield 3 premium product code that we send you is unused and brand new, taken directly from the activation code pack.  After activation, the battlefield 3 premium dlc key content will instantly unlock, allowing you to play battlefield 3 with premium content enabled!  This is a great price!

Retail price (on Origin Store): £39.99
Our price:  £32.99

You can buy Battlefield 3 Premium CD Key for Origin now at a promo price £32.99 by clicking the image below:

Bf3 Premium CD Key DLC Code Logo

This is a simply brilliant deal not to be missed!  Usually each DLC would cost £14.99, so you are saving a large amount of money by buying all dlc packs at once!

The activation codes are fully region free and multi-language.  There is no region lock in Battlefield 3 Premium.