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Hey Guys!  Why not buy a Remember Me CD Key for Steam at just £23.99 at CJS when you pre-order! The Keys will be released on 7th June allowing you to download and play via Steam immediately on this date.

Remember Me CD Key Delivery date

As Remember Me Cd Keys are currently on pre-order, you will receive the key around 2 days before release date.  That means that keys will be delivered to all customers between 5th and 7th June.  This awesome new game is not one to be missed. And at the awesomely cheap prices offered by CJS CD Keys, you’d be mad not to!

CJS are really proud to be able to say that we offer the internet’s cheapest cheap price for Remember Me Steam Keys.  Our price is a full £7 lower than Steam’s price at the time of writing, and we’ll always make sure that our prices are below steam.

How to get your Remember Me Steam Key

Remember Me Steam KeyThanks to our automatic delivery system, the Remember Me CD Keys for Steam will be delivered instantly upon the game release date, or even up to 2 days before.  Once the pre-order period is over and the game is released, then all keys will be delivered instantly.  You simply collect the key after payment on our Autokey page.  From here, you will receive a unique and unused CD Key for Remember Me.  You can enter this code into steam in order to get a full digital download of the game.

Because our site offers this instant delivery and full digital download via Steam, there really is no reason why anyone would buy at the super expensive retail price.  CJS offer an almost identical service to steam, but at a fraction of the price.

How do CJS get the CD Key for Remember Me?

CJS work like any other usual game retailer.  They buy from the major game distributors in bulk and re-sell the games.  The difference here is that rather than ship out the fully boxed game, which means customers would have to wait days for the game to arrive, CJS unbox the games and sell the CD keys on their own.  This way, customers can get the keys instantly after their payment via our automatic CD Key delivery system, and they can download the game via Steam, which means there is no need for the disc.

Each customer receives a unique and unused CD Key for Remember me. We also offer plenty of other games too, so just check out our website for more information.

Is CJS CD Keys a Trusted source for a Remember Me Steam CD Key?

Yes, absolutely.  We have a customer base of nearly 90,000 people at the time of writing. We have a huge Facebook community, and we have thousands upon thousands of reviews on our TrustPilot Page, an independant review website.  Heck, we’ve even won awards!

Where to Buy Remember Me Steam Download Key

To buy your Remember Me CD Key serial for steam at an awesomely discounted price, simply head over to the Remember Me CD Key product page, by


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