Steam Clearance Sale: Dungeon Siege 3 Steam CD Key just £21.99

We at CJS CD Keys are running a clearace sale!

After selling thousands of cd keys for the great new popular games Dungeon Siege 3 and Duke Nukem Forever, now we are selling off our old stock in order to make room for the new game releases!

You can get Dungeon Siege 3 Steam CD Key serial for just £21.99 – down from the previous price of £25.99!

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We are also clearing out our old duke nukem forever cd keys – now selling at the special price of just £18.99 each while stocks last.

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Alice Madness Returns CD Key for Origin EA Download Code Activation $32

We have now opened the pre-order for Alice: Madness Returns cd keys!  The keys will be uploaded to autokey on release date of alice madness returns –  June 16th 2011. If you are reading this article after june 16th, then the release date has passed and you can buy the key and get it instantly after your payment!

price is just:
€22.66 EUR
$32.99 USD
£19.99 GBP
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Brand new activation code for use on Origin (EA download)!

What will I Receive?
You will receive a photograph of the unused activation code that is taken from a sealed retail copy. You can then enter this key into the Origin download manager (formerly EA Download Manager), or into the EA website at!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to legally download the game thanks to your unused alice madness returns serial.  The key will function fully on EA download Manager, which means that once you’ve downloaded the game, and your alice madness returns digital download has completed, you’ll be able to install the game. Once installed, all that’s left to do is have fun and play the game!

The game keys are once use only keys, which are permanently activated to your ea download account.  This way, you can get your alice madness returns pc download permanently binded to your Origin account, so if you ever re-format your computer you can simply activate alice madness returns and download again.

All of the products that CJS CD Keys sell are guaranteed by a full money-back guarantee. That means that if the key doesn’t function as intented, we will give a full replacement or refund, without any questions asked! You can click to buy the game below:


price is just:

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Alice Madness Returns Origin EA Download Product code



You can download instantly after your payment via any of our very simple and safe payment methods.

CJS CD Keys are a leading game activation code seller that is highly reputable and trusted amongst the PC Gaming community.  Best of all, the price of the game is incredibly low at just $33 USD (£19.99 GBP)! So what are you waiting for? Buy now and play today!



Duke Nukem Forever Russian Steam CD Key now available $30

We now have russian duke nukem forever available for sale! You can purchase by CLICKING HERE!

The price is lower than our EU keys at just $30 each!

This is a genuine, Out-Of-The-Box Duke Nukem Forever CD Key / Serial for steam! Delivery via autokey system.

Important Notice: This key activation requires a Russian IP. If you don’t live in Russia or don’t have a VPN service, we can activate your key for you. After activation we will send your cd key photo as proof.

You can either:

1: Use a russian VPN, which will allow you to activate on steam
2: Send the key to us, and we will activate on your behalf.
3: Pay a higher price for a region free key HERE

Once the game is activated, you can log in and play using any IP address from anywhere in the world. Only the activation process must be completed with a russian IP address.

The game includes all main languages including English

If you are not comfortable with allowing CJS to activate for you, or you don’t know how to use a russian VPN, you can buy a fully region-free EU version of the game here:



Duke Nukem Forever Steam CD Key Serial now in stock £23.50

Duke Nukem Forever for Steam is now in stock just £23.50 ($37.99 USD) at CJS CD Keys!


Duke Nukem Forever in stock now! Receive instantly after payment.

CJS CD Keys are now implementing full stock tracking, which means that if out of stock, our customers cannot buy it! This stops us from getting back-ordered, and ensures 100% customer satisfaction rate and NO late deliveries!  So when you buy, you can be rest assured that you will receive your key immediately after payment.


This key is eligible for instant delivery via AutoKey! If the stock tracker at the top of this page says the game is in stock, then you will get delivery instantly after your payment.


This Activation code will be sent as a photograph image! this means you get an original photograph of the cd key that’s taken from a brand new sealed PC DVD box.

This activation code can be used on steam.  It is multi-language and fully region free.



  • Ego, and then Some: Step into the shoes of Duke Nukem, the steroidal One-Man Army who never fails and always gets the Babes
  • Bust a Gut: Duke pulls no punches. He does and says the things you are thinking. Duke’s constant stream of hilarious one-liners throughout the game will have gamers rolling
  • World Interactivity: Spend as much time as you want shooting hoops, lifting weights, playing pinball, pool, air hockey, and slots. — even the urinals are interactive
  • Scale & Variety: This game has it all
  • Packed with explosive FPS action, outlandish settings, vehicle driving, and puzzle solving — gamers will never tire of the endless FUN
  • Multiplayer Like No Other: Duke re-envisions classic modes of play in his own hilarious and humiliating way. Shrink your opponent and squash him with your foot. Freeze and shatter him. Attach explosives to his back. Roll a pipe bomb between his legs, or just frag him old-fashioned with a rocket

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Our duke nukem forever product keys are top quality taken from authorised distributors.  The keys work in any region on steam allowing you to download and play!


How To Activate Russian Witcher 2 CD Key with Multi-Language Game Client

How To Activate Russian Witcher 2 CD Key with Multi-Language Game Client

If you try to activate russian witcher 2 key with a multi-language game client, it will say ‘key not found in database’ when trying to activate. The reason is because the Multi-Language game client will connect to the EU activation server, on which the key is not stored.. So to activate you have to use the Russian game client which connects to the russian activation key servers.

There is a way however, to activate a russian key with a multi language game client. Read below for instructions:


Here is how to activate russian witcher 2:

1: install witcher 2 (any game installer, your preferred language or multi langauge version)

2:  go to witcher 2 installation directory and make a back up of the game exe file

3:  copy the RUSSIAN witcher 2 game EXE file to installation directory

4: run the EXE, and activate key

5: once activation is complete, delete the Russian game exe and put back the original game exe

6: have fun playing witcher 2 in all languages using a Russian key!

Fable 3 CD Key for just $28 (19 euros)

Fable 3 Cd Keys are now available for only £19.99 which is equal to $28 or 19 euros at CJS CD Keys.


These keys are NOT registerable with a steam account.

This game can be activated using the installer of any retail copy of the game, and it will activate on the game installer, allowing both singleplayer and multiplayer play!


Our fable 3 keys are unique and unused, and can be activated on the games for windows live platform. Simply start the game, and then enter your key on the in-game activation screen. Once you activate the game, ou will be able to use all online features of the game, including multiplayer racing, and the online games for windows live friends interface.

Witcher 2 assassins of Kings CD Key now available just 22.99 Euros

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings CD Key serials are now available in the CJS shop for an amazing £19.99 GBP which is heavily discounted from the retail price of £34.99!

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Our witcher 2 cd keys are currently the best price on the internet – at just £19.99.  After your payment you will receive the scanned images of the activation codes immediately after your payment. You can then use the witcher 2 keys in the game installer file to grant you to the full game, single player and multiplayer!

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Brink CD Key $39.99 for Steam

Brink steam keys will be available only at for the special price of £25.99! This heavily discounted price is only valid for a short time, so buy fast before the price goes back up:


This is an amazing price, and not to be missed!

What exactly will you receive, you ask?

Upon payment via any of our easy payment methods (moneybookers, credit / debit card via google checkout, bank transfer),  you can then go to our AutoKey page at

The Autokey system is our unique digital delivery system which allows our customers to collect the activation codes they purchased immediately after payment.  The system is entirely automated allowing you to get instant delivery!

Once you pay simply enter in your order details into Autokey and you will be presented with the activation code(s) you purchased.  The codes for Brink come as a photograph, that means you actually receive a photograph of the activation code that is printed on the game manual.  All of our items are taken from brand new sealed retail games, we sell the keys to customers and throw away the discs!

This allows us to provide extremely competitive pricing, due to there being no shipping costs.

Our Brink activation codes are EU keys which allow you to play in all regions and all languages.

Once you have received your code, you can simply log into the Steam client (from and activate the code with your steam account. Once that’s done, your brink product key will be permanently binded to your steam account, allowing you to legally download the full game and play on both single player and multiplayer, just as if you bought from a physical store!

All of products are backed by a money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with your item? we will replace or refund with no questions asked! We are proud at the fact that we leave no customer unsatisfied.  Our email support is open every day of the week, and you can normally expect an email reply within 10-15 minutes!

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Red Faction : Armageddon Steam CD Key now available at CJS CD Keys

Red Faction: Armageddon is a fantastic new game… But where can you get a steam key for a price that won’t break your bank?

We have the answer..


Red Faction Armageddon Steam Serial


CJS CD Keys is a leading game importer, who sell the activation codes for these games at seriously discounted prices.

Lets take a look at Red Faction Armageddon for example. It’s an upcoming game which is going to be a huge release, and has been highly anticipated. It’s going to be a huge seller, so get in on the action by buying fast at to guarantee availability of your copy.

Lets check out the prices.

Recommended Retail Price? £39.99
Steam Price? £39.99
Amazon price? £34.99 price? £25.99

CLICK HERE TO BUY RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON STEAM KEY FOR £25.99 is your number one stop for cheap red faction armageddon activation codes.  Our red faction serials are actual photographs of the game activation codes from the retail box. After you purchase a key for £25.99 on our website, you can head over to our unique system, which will allow you to collect your cd key immediately after your payment

After that, simply open up the Steam client (available free at and activate your key.  After activation the game will be permanently binded to your steam account allowing you to download the game and play.  You will be able to activate in all regions and all languages with our key!

Red Faction Armageddon is a brilliant game and we predict that it’s going to be loved by millions of fans worldwide.

You can purchase the code from us using any of our safe and fast payment methods. These include Google checkout, Moneybookers, and direct bank transfer.  You can use any debit or credit card with google checkout. It is the safest and fastest method to pay.

We expect to have these keys in stock approximately 2 days before the release date of the game, but we may even have them earlier than that! This will allow you to pre-load the game, ready for playing on the moment of release.

So, what are you waiting for? You won’t find a red faction armageddon steam key cheaper than 25.99 – so buy today and receive instantly!


We look forward to doing business with you and we hope you enjoy your purchase!  All of our products come with a full money-back guarantee – see the red faction cd key product page for more details!

Best Regards


Duke Nukem Forever CD Key available for £19.99 soon at CJS

CJS CD Keys will have genuine CD Key Serials for Duke Nukem Forever for just £19.99!

The pre-order is opening soon! Keep checking back for more information!

You will be able to buy the duke nukem serial for £19.99 and receive instantly after payment. Then you can simply enter your duke nukem forever product key into the installation panel (or possibly steam) and the game will allow you to play full singleplayer and multiplayer.

The Duke Nukem Forever serials are unused, unique, genuine, and brand new.  We offer full money-back guarantee on all of our products! So check us out now –

Best Regards


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