How To Activate Russian Witcher 2 CD Key with Multi-Language Game Client

How To Activate Russian Witcher 2 CD Key with Multi-Language Game Client

If you try to activate russian witcher 2 key with a multi-language game client, it will say ‘key not found in database’ when trying to activate. The reason is because the Multi-Language game client will connect to the EU activation server, on which the key is not stored.. So to activate you have to use the Russian game client which connects to the russian activation key servers.

There is a way however, to activate a russian key with a multi language game client. Read below for instructions:


Here is how to activate russian witcher 2:

1: install witcher 2 (any game installer, your preferred language or multi langauge version)

2:  go to witcher 2 installation directory and make a back up of the game exe file

3:  copy the RUSSIAN witcher 2 game EXE file to installation directory

4: run the EXE, and activate key

5: once activation is complete, delete the Russian game exe and put back the original game exe

6: have fun playing witcher 2 in all languages using a Russian key!


  • Did not work for me. I think more files from the russian release is needed – launcher.exe and the Activate.exe, for example.

    • ah, thank you for the info. I will upload activate and launcher and hopefully it will work. Please keep checking back.

  • Radko Madzharov

    I am looking forward to this as well.

  • Looking forward to the files from the russian release. Will it be after the major 1.1 patch?

  • Hi there.

    It did not work on your way, but I’m looking forward too. if I find something I will post here.