Dead Island Steam Key Pre-order stock arrived! Ready to dispatch – $37

Dead Island Steam Code stock has arrived and is ready to dispatch to our loyal customers.

Currently the price is just $37.99 which is only £23.50 GBP or 26 euros!

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What does a Dead Island Steam Key do?

Dead island steam keys are activation codes which you can activate online into the steam client.  The steam client is a digital download service which allows you to download games legally.

What exactly is a Dead Island Activation Code?

Dead island activation codes are 16 digit codes of ‘random’ letters and numbers which activate the game.  Modern games are protected from piracy with these ‘codes’ which are unique to each copy of a game.  They must be entered upon installation. They can only be used once, by one person. This stops people from illegally copying the game.  We sell the activation codes which allow you to unlock games for legal use.  Best of all, you can enter these codes into Steam which will grant you to a digital download of the game. This means that you don’t even need the Dead Island disc to play the game.

What will I receive if I buy a Dead Island CD Key?

When you purchase Dead island from CJS CD Keys, you will receive a photograph of your activation code.  All retail copies of Dead Island come with an activation code printed on the manual that comes with the disc. This key can be activated online on Steam for a full digital download of the game.  Our company works by importing these games in bulk, and selling the once-use activation codes.  We take photographs of the activation codes not only to save time but also to give you peace of mind that your activation code is a genuine code from a sealed retail copy of the game.

When will I receive my Dead Island Product Key?

At the time of writing, Dead Island is in pre-order stage. This means that if you purchase now you will get delivery immediately upon release date of the game – September 6th 2011.  If you are reading this after september 6th, then you will get instant delivery of the key.  You can collect your dead island key code instantly after payment using our AutoKey system.  Our autokey system is our one-of-a-kind system which allows customers to get their codes immediately after payment – effectively providing a ‘self serve’ service.

How to activate Dead Island?

To activate your Dead Island product code on steam, simply start the Steam client (download free from  Then log into your steam account (you can create one for free if you don’t already have one).  Once logged in, select the menu options:
Games -> Activate a product on Steam
You will get a prompt to enter your activation code. Simply type in the activation code and press next. Your product key will activate. Now your code is activated you can start downloading the game. You will see dead island in your steam library. Simply start downloading. Once downloaded the game will automatically install, and you can play! Simple as that!

Again, you can purchase Dead island at just $37 if you click here:

Dead Island Steam Key

So what are you waiting for? Buy now and receive instantly!

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