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Total War Rome 2 Steam CD Key
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Product Description

This product is a genuine, brand new, and unused Steam CD Key for Total War Rome II.

After purchasing from our website, you will receive a unique activation code (Steam Key) for Total War Rome 2, which can be entered into the Steam client in order to get a full and legal digital download of the game.

What is Steam?

Steam is a software client which allows consumers to download the latest games.  The activation codes we sell can only be used once, and will allow you to permanently add the game to your Steam library.  Once you've added your Total War Rome 2 Steam Key to your Steam account, it will be available to download, install, and play.  All you have to do is log into your account on the Steam software from anywhere in the world and you will be able to download and play the game.

How to Activate and Download Total War Rome 2

Steam can be downloaded absolutely free from  But always remember - CJS CD Keys always offer the latest games at prices far lower than the prices that Steam themselves sell at!  So rather than buy direct from steam, just grab your key from CJS CD Keys, and add it to your steam client by navigating to Games -> Activate a Product on Steam.  After that, enter your CD Key that you receive from us and you're good to go!

The best thing about CJS CD Keys is that we offer the same instant service as Steam.  That means instantly after your payment, any CD Keys bought from us will be instantly sent to you via our online Autokey system.  This means you can simply visit our Autokey page, click 'collect' on your order, and you'll be presented with your unique activation code for Total War Rome 2.

Total War Rome 2 Steam Region Lock

The game keys we are selling are sourced from the EU.  They are completely region free and include all languages. This means that since this is a steamworks game, you can activate the key from anywhere in the world.  There are absolutely no region locks.

About our Total War Rome 2 Steam Keys

Greek States Culture Pack

The Greek States Culture Pack adds a new playable Culture including three new playable Factions to Total War: Rome II; for use in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer Battles. The Greek States Culture Pack adds diplomatic Athens, shrewd Epirus and formidable Sparta as playable factions.

About the Game

The award-winning Total War series returns to Rome, setting a brand new quality benchmark for Strategy gaming. Become the world’s first superpower and command the Ancient world’s most incredible war machine. Dominate your enemies by military, economic and political means. ascension will bring both admiration and jealousy, even from your closet allies.

Will you suffer betrayal or will you be the first to turn on old friends? Will you fight to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Emperor?

  • Plan your conquest of the known world in a massive sandbox turn-based campaign mode (supporting additional 2-player cooperative & competitive modes). Conspiracies, politics, intrigue, revolts, loyalty, honour, ambition, betrayal. Your decisions will write your own story. 
  • Build vast armies and take to the battlefield in real-time combat mode. Put your tactical skills the test as you directly control tens of thousands of men clashing in epic land and sea battles. 
  • Play for the glory of Rome as one of three families or take command of a huge variety of rival civilisations – each offers a notably different form of gameplay experience with hundreds unique units from siege engines and heavy cavalry to steel-plated legionaries and barbarian berserkers. 
  • See exotic ancient cities and colossal armies rendered in incredible detail, as jaw-dropping battles unfold. Detailed camera perspectives allow you to see your men shout in victory or scream in pain on the frontline, while a new tactical cam allows a god’seye view of the carnage to better inform your strategic decisions. 
  • Extremely scalable experience, with gameplay and graphics performance optimised to match low and high-end hardware alike.


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    Product Reviews:

      EU Key
      Is online multiplayer still available with the EU steam version? Or is it only the single player version?

      Posted by Josh11th Apr 2014

      I'm glad that i found CJS
      I had doubts about so cheep cd key. My friend ensured me it's legit and that he has few games from CJS. After I bought a game I got request for sending id and debit photos so I was worried a bit more and rly pissed off. In the end it was Anti Fraud Verification and everything went really great. I just had to wait about 1 hour. THANK YOU CJS!

      Posted by Unknown28th Feb 2014 -please confirm product description!

      Please verify that this order will in fact come with free Greek DLC pack.
      The title says Rome II cd key, but description says it comes with Rome DLC.

      Else I'm buying a product elsewhere.


      yes. Just select 'with greek states dlc' and you will get it.

      Posted by Unknown4th Sep 2013

      The Greek States Culture Pack
      includes this The Greek States Culture Pack or not ?

      Posted by Unknown15th May 2013

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