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Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key
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Product Description

This product is a brand new and unused Company of Heroes 2 CD Key for Steam.

Keys are now in stock with instant delivery!  Get your key instantly after payment and activate on Steam!

After purchasing, you will receive a unique activation code for Company of Heroes 2 which can be activated on Steam in order to get a full PC Download of Company of Heroes 2.  Your Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key is unique and unused, taken from a brand new and sealed game box.

How the purchase process works for Company of Heroes 2 Steam Keys:

  1. Customer places the order on CJS CD Keys for a Company of Heroes 2 Steam CD Key 
  2. Customer collects the code on Autokey and received a unique and unused Company of Heroes 2 CD Key.
  3. Customer activates Company of Heroes 2 on Steam by navigating to Games -> Activate a Product on Steam on the Steam client. 
  4. After activation, the single-use Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key will be permanently binded to the customer's Steam account.   
  5. From this point onwards, the customer can log into steam from anywhere in the world, download, and play the game.

Steam will provide a full digital download service for the game, meaning that only the CD Key is required to get a full legal digital download of Company of Heroes 2. 

All game keys sold by CJS CD Keys are fully backed by a guarantee.  That means that when buying a Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key from CJS CD Keys, you can have assurance that the key is 100% functional, and we will always support our customers with any help that they may require.  In most cases however, our customers are able to collect, activate, and download their CD Keys for Company of Heroes 2 without any need for support.  The process is extremely simple and easy to use.

Delivery Schedule:

The keys are in stock now, ready for instant delivery! That means you will receive your code instantly after payment!

Thanks to our instant key delivery, you can activate your CD Key, download the game files and install the game right now, BEFORE the release date!.  Then, the game will automatically unlock and allow you to play at midnight on the moment of the game's release.

How does it work?

CJS CD Keys sell brand new CD Keys taken directly from brand new sealed copies of the game.  We source our keys in bulk direct from major Distributors.

Region Lock

The game keys we are selling are sourced from the EU.  As a result, they are completely region free and include all languages. This means that since this is a steamworks game, you can activate the key from anywhere in the world.  There are absolutely no region locks.

About Company of Heroes 2

In the world’s darkest hour you are a commander of the Soviet Red Army, entrenched in brutal frontline warfare to free Mother Russia from the Enemy invaders.

It is 1941 and the beginning of what will become the bloodiest conflict of World War II resulting in more than 14 million military casualties.

Witness the struggles of the Red Army from near defeat through their incredible triumph over Germany in the most challenging and costly theatre of the war, the Eastern Front.

Your military tactics hold the power to tip the very balance of this conflict. Engage in tactical combat that will define you as a military leader and wield the might of the Soviet Empire as you smash your way to Berlin.

The Motherland is Calling!

Key Features

  • Award Winning Franchise – Sequel to the highest rated strategy game of all time returns with an innovative warfare experience that will redefine the Strategy genre once more
  • Essence 3.0 Engine – Cutting-edge technology that increases the graphical quality and accuracy of deadly combat with the unprecedented TrueSight™ system and ultrarealistic ColdTech™ dynamic weather that changes strategic warfare forever
  • Blood and Snow – Take command of the iconic Red Army on the Eastern Front and repel the Enemy invaders in this Battle of the Ideologies
  • Tactical Warfare – Develop and utilize your new Commander Abilities and experience the up-close moment-to-moment brutality of frontline warfare through new Dynamic Battle Tactics
  • Intense Online Combat – Featuring the great competitive and co-operative multiplayer that fans have grown to expect from this high-quality and critically acclaimed franchise


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Product Reviews:

    Well priced
    Decent game, wanted to grab it for a while, very well priced at CJS, cant go wrong

    Posted by Unknown3rd Nov 2015

    activated well!
    Works and everything, but I found it cheaper here:

    Posted by snakes'26th Jun 2014

    Fantastic system, fast and reliable.

    Overall good experience, on single player (altough biased favoring the allies as every other second world war games.
    Cons - the lack of server browsing (why gaming industry keeps using matchmaking after so many fails on other titles). Few years from now maybe they´ll come up with it again and learn from the past.
    There is no way to play other mode than Victory Point in public matchmaking unless you invite friends.


    Posted by Paulo Lacerda29th Mar 2014

    Quick ,easy and so much cheaper than Steam. First time i bought a game i had to prove my identity but with excellent customer service that was fast as well.

    Posted by Patar24th Sep 2013

    Does this site give out EU server codes or NA server codes? No information to be found.


    There are no regional specific servers. You can play with anyone worldwide with our keys. They're region free.

    Posted by Derrick2nd Jul 2013

    Didn't think it would be this simple. I saved about 40% from buying it from Steam. Will buy keys here again!

    Posted by Grim2nd Jul 2013

    Happy customer :D
    Nice and cheap with pre-order bonuses! £12 cheaper than steam. Lucky that I waited till a few hours to go. Hope people who have already ordered will get the option to get a serial key :/.

    Posted by Andy24th Jun 2013

    Pre order
    Do you know if this includes the pre-order and dlc stuff on steam now?

    Posted by Andy24th Jun 2013

    i have a question
    if i order the serial key, does it send to my email address or deliver it to my home?


    It's completely digital delivery, you receive it via Email / our Autokey system. So nothing is sent physically.

    Posted by RedOctober191723rd Jun 2013

    Cjs-cdkeys delivers as always!!!
    I have been waiting for this game for a long time and to se cjs putting in up for such a good price especially if you live in sweden like me when you haev 25% tax on all the games here, i saved about 200 swedish kronor on this one, i hope that the game is good as well and cant wait for it to be released, have already pre downloaded it :)

    Posted by Alexander Sundman22nd Jun 2013

    Pre-Purchase Question
    Do we get the TF2 hats and the ‘Theater of War’ mini-campaign for pre ordering?


    70% sure we will. But we cannot confirm until we get the stock. Even our distributor doesn't know yet..

    Posted by Steven20th Jun 2013

    Just balancing out the score
    Rather unfair to rate this down because it doesn't have beta access... I'm just thankful (as always) to CJS for the fact I can get it so cheaply.

    I would love to have beta access, listening to all my clanmates play it is driving me mental but they spent $70 and I spent $40 and I have plenty of other games to play!

    Posted by Murray8th May 2013

    Beta Access?
    Hi, Would like to buy this but given it says keys released 1 day prior to actual release (release being 25/6/13) would like to know if keys can be sent earlier for beta access. Also there is a "Buy now receive within 2-12 hours" message on this product which is confusing the issue.


    At this time, we are not issuing beta keys. If we can get them, they will be announced on the product description

    Posted by BK15th Apr 2013

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