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This product is a brand new and unused RANDOM Steam Key!

This product is a unique and unused CD Key which can be activated on Steam. After your payment, you will be instantly sent a unique activation code by our automatic delivery system, called 'Autokey'. This unique activation code can be entered into the Steam client (available free from This will then grant you to a full digital download of the game.

steam cd key

Awesome Jackpot Prizes to be won!  Win chart-topping games for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

We offer three tiers of Random Steam Keys:

Cheap Tier:

  • You pay £0.99
  • You receive a Steam Key for a game worth between £3.99 and £19.99 on the Steam Store.

Regular Tier:

  • You pay £1.99
  • You receive a Steam Key for a game worth between £9.99 and £39.99 on the Steam Store.

Premium Tier:

  • You pay £7.99
  • You receive a Steam Key for a game worth between £19.99 and £59.99 on the Steam Store!


How It Works:

This is one of the best deals on the internet today! At this moment, there is around 1 in 30 chance of winning a jackpot prize!!! Best of all, you can't technically lose, since all £1.99 random keys are worth AT LEAST £2.99 on Steam! (usually much more)

As soon as you check out with any of our easy payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill, or Bitcoin, you will receive your key instantly after payment! 

How is this type of promotion even possible for CJS to run?

We love our customers, and we love giving back to them.  We put the profits we make on our other games back to our customers via give-aways and promotions such as this one.

We like to do this in order to increase our exposure and market presence amongst the gaming community, and of course, to give back to the gamers. We make no profits from our Random key promotion!

How does it work?

This product is for a RANDOM Steam game.  You will receive an unused activation code for any random game from our catalogue, with a guaranteed minimum value on the Steam Store!

CJS CD Keys sell brand new Keys taken directly from brand new sealed copies of the game. We source our keys in bulk direct from major Distributors. After you receive your key, you can activate the game on the Steam client (available free from After you activate the game with the Steam software, you can download the game immediately and instantly.

Region Free!

All of our Random CD Keys are completely region free and include all languages. This means that since this is a steamworks game, you can activate the key from anywhere in the world. There are absolutely no region locks.

Enjoy, and good luck!


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    Gepostet von 22nd Jun 2017

    Nice Idea
    Got the game "crazy forest" for 2,30€. Trash game. But the random key concept per se is nice.

    Gepostet von 17th Jan 2017

    Good deals
    Spent 4.45€ got 3 games valued 15.97€ on Steam

    Gepostet von 18th Oct 2016

    I have bought 5 CD keys and i receive 1 key for overwatch !!!!!!!

    for only 12€ !!!!

    Gepostet von 11th Jul 2016


    Gepostet von 8th Jun 2016

    Give it a chance
    Since I used paypal I paid $4.02 AUD but unfortunately for me the game is $1.94 usd in steam but that is on sale and valued at $12.99 usd. I will buy it again but give it a test with the mid range key to get a decent game that you might like. FYI I got A story about my uncle (looks good).

    Gepostet von 2nd Mar 2016

    Easy order
    Order the 1.99 random fallout 4..cant complain

    Gepostet von 5th Feb 2016

    2 keys
    I know it's a risk but I got 2 keys, both war games, one turn based. Not my thing. Worth £1.99 and £3.99 so didn't get that much value for money.

    Gepostet von 31st Dec 2015

    3 random keys
    bought 3 "valued Between £1.99 and £19.99" keys

    -Jet Racing Extreme
    -Atonement: Scourge of Time
    -No Time To Explain Remastered

    And i also got a message saying i won a star wars battlefront origin key!!!

    as for the rest of the review:
    worked fine, the phone activation was a bit of a hassle but in the end i got a great deal!

    Gepostet von 31st Dec 2015

    Easy to order. Bought 4 random keys
    Ordered 4 keys, received keys for games ranging 1.99 to 5.99. Was hoping for better but unfortunately it wasn't. Was hoping for Battlefront.

    Gepostet von 19th Nov 2015

    RANDOM Mystery CD Key
    grate service excellent communication fast delivery can ask for anything better

    Gepostet von 18th Nov 2015

    Bought 5 keys
    I bought 5 keys yesterday and yes happy indeed i won fallout 4 with it.

    Gepostet von 11th Nov 2015

    Great Idea! Fingers crossed here
    Great idea to do this, 4 Purchased. Fingers crossed! Cheers CJS!

    Gepostet von 10th Nov 2015

    Won Fallout 4
    Just ordered 2 random keys ..and Yep 1 was Fallout 4.

    Great Promotion.

    Gepostet von 9th Nov 2015

    Great site, Always indie Keys
    Love the prices love customer service have been using CJS Keys for almost 2 years, Just purchased 2 random cd key didn't get much, not so much a waste, just never luck i guess haha

    Gepostet von 8th Nov 2015

    Fallout 4
    Just bought 2 random keys and one of them was fallout 4!

    Gepostet von 3rd Nov 2015

    Over £50 spent on 16 keys.. but WON JACKPOT!
    I done this promotion before last time around just not when there was a jackpot, so thought I would buy x3 keys... ended up buying more and more as it was addictive to see what I got, did my last 5 key's and WON one of the Fallout 4 copies!! very happy! indeed!

    Gepostet von 30th Oct 2015

    Draw a blank,
    Spent 4.45€ got 3 games valued 15.97€ on Steam.
    No Fallout 4 for me, instead I got these:
    Elements: Soul of Fire
    President for a Day - Corruption
    Streets of Chaos

    Gepostet von 29th Oct 2015

    Great sevice.
    Been trying to get the Fallout jackpot, got all my keys so far delivered fast and with quality!

    Gepostet von 29th Oct 2015

    Kinda fun when your winning ofc lol :P
    It's a good idea and cheap fun for all the family.

    Just be careful as its addictive as hell!

    Gepostet von 28th Oct 2015

    bought 5, got Fallout 4
    Bought 5 keys only had one already. Other 4 were all listed between 9.99 and 20 on Steam. And I got the golden message for a copy of Fallout 4!

    Gepostet von 28th Oct 2015

    Nice idea.
    I tried this and got Elements: Soul of Fire.

    Gepostet von 27th Oct 2015

    Bought 6 got games and WON!
    Bought 6 games and WON! Fallout 4 =D

    Gepostet von 24th Oct 2015

    nice one
    bought 1 for 8 pounds
    got torchlight 2

    Gepostet von 7th May 2015

    nice feature
    spend 12 dollar and got xcom enemy unknown worth 30 buck :)

    Gepostet von 12th Apr 2015

    cool idea
    Its a pretty sweet idea and for the price you cant really go wrong - unless you end up rolling a game you already own, like muggins here :(

    Gepostet von 27th Feb 2015

    Pretty cool
    So I bought 1 and then another 2.
    Got gun metal, closure and dark raid so not bad games, worth together around £30 spend £6 saved £24, im happy might buy more. :D

    Gepostet von 11th Jan 2015

    It's like gambling! ;)
    I thought this concept was intriguing. So I figured, why not give it a whirl. I went with the cheap one and got Nosgoth veteran pack from it. Currently it's an early access game and it'll be entering open beta soon. Pretty neat.
    I most certainly will do it again!

    Gepostet von 9th Jan 2015

    I'm happy.
    I got the $3.80 bundle and got $20.00 Night Of Rabbits.
    Funny little indie game.

    Gepostet von 29th Dec 2014

    Good idea
    I got Dark Raid (which is worth €6) and it's pretty cool!

    Gepostet von 26th Dec 2014

    Great Idea
    It's A great idea but got a Rubbish game (total pro Golf 3) But the game was worth £15

    Gepostet von 7th Dec 2014

    Awesome Concept
    Its really exciting just to see what you get after you buy the key. I unluckily got Helicopter Simulator 2014 but im still gonna buy this again :)

    Gepostet von 17th Nov 2014

    Good games
    I got Dark Souls from buying the 8£ random key. Very nice so you can expect quality games and not just random garbage.

    Gepostet von 13th Nov 2014

    Very Quick delevery
    Quick delevery, my game was 8.99 Euro on steam, i got gun metal. downloading now :)

    Gepostet von 4th Nov 2014

    Pretty good service, will buy from here again.
    I bought this random steam key because I only had a couple bucks on my card, I had to provide verification for Anti-Fraud, but my phone wouldn't receive the confirmation code, so I simple provided photo ID, blurred my face, and not long after(I did it late at night, so I didn't get the game till the morning) I had my game,It was a $20 game, so I'm happy.

    I will be buying games from here until a better deal shows up elsewhere, which I doubt it will.

    TL;DR: 4/5, Slight complications, but in the end I got my game, and my verification is saved so I wont have to provide it every time.

    Gepostet von 2nd Nov 2014

    Fun idea
    Great way to waste a few spare dollars, ended up with Towtruck simulator though.

    Gepostet von 2nd Nov 2014

    Great idea!
    Lucky me got A Game of Dwarves lol maybe try it again

    Gepostet von 20th Oct 2014

    Great idea, not the best application though
    I ordered a £2 key and an £8 key, getting a £5 game for the first key and Tomb Raider 2013 for the £8 key - which is annoying because I already have it!

    I think there should be a way to swap the key if you already have the game. I'm stuck with an extra copy of Tomb Raider if anyone wants it!

    Gepostet von 21st Sep 2014

    Good Idea
    But i was one of the unlucky ones haha. I got Towtruck Simulator 2015

    Gepostet von 19th Sep 2014

    Great Aspect you get excited over a low priced game, guarenteed a £1 saving every time and more
    i got Ascension to the throne i hate turn based but hey cool conecpt haha

    Gepostet von 19th Aug 2014

    Great Website!
    Bought 2 mystery Steam keys for £1.99 each and got AirBuccaneers valued at £11.99 and Enclave valued at £3.99 on Steam. Not the best games but technically I saved £12 so can't complain. Worth trying to see if you get a decent game. Received the keys instantly with no problems.

    Gepostet von 6th Aug 2014

    Kinda won
    So i got both and i got an 8.99 game and a 19.99 game, i cant complain because i at-least made my moneys worth , and i knew the risk i got cogs (not good) and crysis 2 ultimate edition which i suppose averges it all out

    Gepostet von 31st Jul 2014

    Excellent game was given
    First time giving it a try and it gave me Crysis 2 Maximum edition worth £19.99. Couldn't be happier. Thanks!

    Gepostet von 13th Jul 2014

    Amazing offers
    It's cheap and it give games more expensive its a chance for people that cant pay for steams prices it would only be smart to come here and amazing webside and an amazing product, Personaly I would Rate the Website 5/5

    Gepostet von 28th Jun 2014

    Awesome idea, and it works ok!
    I got 2 working keys, and had a problem with one, but I contacted support, and they gave me a new key very fast, so I am happy!

    And I love the idea, the whole concept is genious :D

    Gepostet von 24th Jun 2014

    Have ordered 4 of these- 1 was amazing valued at $15, 1 was valued at about $8 and the other 2 have been below value $2-4.

    Gepostet von 24th Jun 2014

    Didn't get the best game ever but it would have normally costed 10.99, not bad for 1.99. Will definitely use service again

    Gepostet von 14th Jun 2014

    go to

    Gepostet von 13th Jun 2014

    I cool
    This is spunk
    Rabbit cum

    Gepostet von 22nd May 2014

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