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Gods & Heroes Rome Rising Activation CD Key for Digital Download - just £15.99

Gods & Heroes Rome Rising Digital Download Activation Key Serial + 30 free days of game time
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Product Description

This is a Brand new Activation Code / serial for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising! Delivery will be instant via the autokey system.

This product gives the base game + 30 days of free playtime and is for NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY.

This key is in stock now ready for instant collection! 



This game is available for purchase Worldwide.

30 days of free game play time are included in the purchase price of this package. 

this product includes:



This is a digital activation code that you can enter into the Gods & Heroes website when creating a new account.  It will enable you to have 30 days free playtime!  After your payment, you can collect your code using the autokey system at  after entering your details, you will be presented with your unique activation code.  This activation code is genuine and can be used only once. At the point of activation it will be permanently binded to your online Gods & Heroes account

How to activate gods & Heroes rome rising

1. Go to
2. Create a new account registration
3. Log into your account with username and password
4. On the left menu panel choose "My Account", and from drop-down menu choose"Add Game Code"
5. After activation of your game code, you will be able to see below your "ACCOUNT OVERVIEW" the link "Download Game Now". Here you can download your game.


This product is available for purchase in all regions!

You can collect your activation code instantly after payment using the Autokey system!


This key is in stock now ready for instant collection! 



Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a mature, full-scale, action-adventure, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that immerses the audience in Roman mythology. Players strap on gladiator armor, lay waste to monsters and command minions while seeking favor from the gods. Each player's character is a Demigod, a child of both a god and a mortal, and is a celebrated Hero. These brave warriors combat an ancient enemy, the Telchine gods, who have returned to topple the empire and avenge their defeat at the hands of the Olympian gods.

Unique Squad-Based Minion System - Players can build their own squad of minions that level up with them. From fellow Roman soldiers to mythological creatures, squad members are earned, awarded and purchased as players progress through the game.

Fully Customizable Estates - Heroes begin the game with their estate at the foot of Mount Olympus destroyed by an army of cultists. The Hero's goal is to defeat the cultist army, regain the power of the gods and rebuild their Family Estate. Players can customize their estate with new buildings and structures that affect how their army of minions levels up and gains new powers and bring rare objects and resources back to their estate by completing quests throughout the game.

Intense Combat Action - Gods & Heroes offers intense combat expected in an action RPG. Players wield an arsenal of weapons and the powers of the gods themselves to perform combat moves which can be linked together, including dramatic finishing moves for intense battle sequences.

Immortal Powers - Aligned with the god of their choosing, players complete quests to earn favor and gain supremacy by using the powers of the gods.

Deadly Mythological Beasts - The heroes of Rome face Centaurs, Cyclopes and Medusa herself, each with unique sets of moves that provide an intense challenge to players as they lead their minions to victory.

Graphic War - Mature gamers will immerse themselves in an online experience made by grown-ups, for grown-ups. Players experience the kind of fierce brutality capable only of Roman Gods and the type of Heroes who fight in their honour.




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