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Battlefield 4 CD Key for Origin
(123 product reviews)
Origin CD Keys
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Pre-orders are delivered 12-24 hours before release, so you can pre-download.
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Remember, early pre-orders always benefit from the best prices!

Product Description

This product is a brand new and unused Battlefield 4 Origin CD Key.  After your payment, you will receive an unused activation key, which can be entered into Origin in order to get a full digital download of Battlefield 4.

You can get the Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC included with your game! Just select the relevant product option (just near the 'Add To Cart' Button)!

Buy Battlefield 4 Premium Membership as a standalone separate key here!

Delivery Time is Instant!

Battlefield 4 is now in stock!  This means that you can place your order now, and your code will be available for collection instantly after your payment.  Simply head over to Autokey, collect your code, and activate it on Origin.  

Once you've activated the code, the game will begin downloading via Origin.  After the download completes, the game install and be ready to play!

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (Base Game + Premium Membership) with ALL expansions:

If you buy the product variation with the title "Standard Edition + Premium Service (Base Game + ALL expansion packs)", you will receive 1x Battlefield 4 CD Key and 1x Battlefield 4 Premium Membership CD Key.  Both keys will function on Origin.  See full details on what this includes below:

What does it include?

  • Battlefield 4 Base Game
  • ALL expansion packs (including 2 weeks early access).  Expansion packs are: China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth, and Final Stand
  • Exclusive personalization options including camos, paints, emblems, dogtags and more
  • Priority position in server queues 
  • Weekly updates with new content 
  • Exclusive double XP events
  • 12 Battlepacks 

Region Free

We can confirm that the Origin keys we offer for Battlefield 4 are completely region free.  This means that your game will activate in all countries.  They will function worldwide, in all regions by default.


Our Battlefield 4 Keys for Origin are multi-language.  They support English by default, but also offer other common languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and more.  All languages available for Battlefield 4 are listed below:

  • EN (US English)
  • BP (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • CS (Czech)
  • ES (Spanish)
  • DE (German)
  • FR (French)
  • IT (Italian)
  • KO (Korean)
  • TC (Traditional Chinese)
  • PL (Polish) - Get £5 discount with this version! 
  • RU (Russian) - Get £5 discount with this version!



Product Information:

Unique and Unused:

This activation key can only be activated once.  Once activated, it will be permanently bound to your online Origin account. You can download this game using Origin as many times as you want.  You can install this game on up to 5 computers at the same time, but you can only play the game on 1 computer at a time.

About the Game

Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield will you blow the foundations of a dam or reduce an entire skyscraper to rubble. Only in Battlefield will you lead a naval assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense and dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home. There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.


  • Only in Battlefield can you experience Levolution, changing the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move, ensuring no two matches are ever alike.
  • Only in Battlefield will you find the awe-inspiring power of the next generation Frostbite 3 engine, delivering unmatched visual and audio fidelity, superior character animations and dynamic destruction running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second.
  • Only in Battlefield can you experience an unmatched level of all-out war that grants you the freedom to play to your strengths and carve your path to victory with up to 64 players online.
  • Only in Battlefield do you have the power to dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicle combat.
  • Only in Battlefield will you lead your squad in Commander Mode, where you’ll take point and turn the tides of battle from the edge of your seat or on the go with your tablet.


Warranty Information

Full warranty offered. Customer satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

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Product Reviews:

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    Click, Click, Done!
    Took just a couple of minutes to get a key.

    First time ordering something digital other than off Steam.

    You've got a new loyal customer CJS! Cheers!

    Posted by Mojito11th Dec 2014

    legit and fast
    Took 2 mins to order and send, works great, cheap as. Would recommend.

    Posted by Unknown23rd Jun 2014

    Surprisingly Legit
    I was wary about using this site (simple look was a red flag) but seeing I could pay with Paypal was reassuring. This is a legit buy. I'm happily downloading BF4 as I write this. Make sure you have a WORKING PHONE though. You have to validate the purchase via text or call(Should be warned pre-purchase, but no big deal) before you'll get the key. Pre-paid will work tho it says it won't. Saved almost $20 so I'm satisfied!

    Posted by -Dark Soul v19th Jun 2014

    CJK Keys is truly!
    No problem Activation!

    Posted by Unknown23rd May 2014

    Ultra fast !
    My 2nd order at CJS Keys in 2 years and this time the delivery was faster than ever!
    Thank you guys.

    Posted by klab7th May 2014

    Yeah bought the game played it and loved it, great price (14.00Pounds)


    Posted by Tomasz Aka CeKiiN6th May 2014

    Very good!
    I've bought it, and I received the key instantly. I'll buy my games here again! ^^

    Posted by Unknown4th May 2014

    Best place to buy cd keys
    These people sell the cheapest cd keys and they are the best at delivering cd keys instantly.

    Posted by Unknown3rd May 2014

    Very good and fast service!
    Bought keys for Battlefield 4 + Premium Bundle, after short verification process the codes were received and worked perfectly!!

    Posted by Luke2nd May 2014

    Top class
    I bought this game today and received the key instantly . Thanks

    Posted by Toshpat26th Apr 2014

    Very Fast trusted site to buy games really recommended Love it.10/10

    Posted by Unknown15th Apr 2014

    I wasnt sure about purchasing from here as it was my first time but i highly recommend it its trusted and you receive your code very fast. Excellent all around

    Posted by Unknown12th Apr 2014

    Bought the standard edition of battlefield 4 very easy to use site and quick delivery 10/10 great service team too

    Posted by Nathan Parr25th Mar 2014

    a bit tedious but it worked
    didnt like the register to amd then enter this key to get the real key but hey for the price it was great

    Posted by Donald Weatherford24th Mar 2014

    Battlefield 4 Product key
    Was uneasy about purchasing this key at first (due to never hearinf about the site before), I received the 10048 Error from Origin while trying to purchase.
    To be honest I am glad that it happened due to the horrible service on EA games site.
    The CD key I ordered was delivered Instantly after SMS confirmation/Email confirmation, the product was 20$ cheaper than advertised on origin (I am in Australia paying in AUD over paypal) Pay in euros (Minimal transfer fee over PayPal) Available in many languages, which cause to to be worried I would be unavailable in Australian servers but it universal. Would recommend this site to all my friends, have already informed all my gaming community members in Australia on CS:S, Amazing service thank you very much.

    Posted by Dylan Preston22nd Mar 2014

    I have a question!
    tell me if this key buy products then immediately come to an email?

    Posted by [email protected]15th Mar 2014

    Absolutely incredible!
    Much cheaper than the original Origin price and it is faster than I expected! I look forward to another key purchase with CJS cd-keys!

    Posted by Unknown26th Jan 2014

    quick and easy
    was quite surprised by how quick and easy it was, although I used paypal since I didn't quite trust the website at first.

    Keys came right away, worked great, saved me ~$20 compared to origin.

    Posted by Unknown12th Dec 2013

    All ok
    No problems, got the code instantly.

    Posted by Unknown10th Dec 2013

    Fast service, safe procedure, great price [ BF4 + China Rising ]
    Great service as expected, as I am familiar with cjs for a long time now.
    The procedure is as described to a previous comment:
    1)Make your account
    2)Add game to your cart
    3)Checkout / Pay
    4)Get email from cjs with a link to Autohotkey
    5)Go there, click the folder icon to the right
    6)I chose verify via SMS
    7)Instant code delivery
    8)Reclick the icon folder

    Then just add the key to Origin, which I did with no problems :)


    Posted by Unknown22nd Nov 2013

    Extremely fast, Great price, Just Brilliant (BF4 standard)
    I heard about this site on a forum. Couldn't believe it was truly as amazing as it was being portrayed to be till I actually made an order! I was pleasantly surprised about the measures it takes to prevent fraud and verify genuine buyers. Overall, I got a great price on a AAA title and felt safe paying for it.

    Posted by Unknown20th Nov 2013

    Perfect and Fast
    Really pleased with how safe it is and how fast I received my product and already downloading it.

    Thank you CJS cdkeys <3

    Posted by Artis K20th Nov 2013

    Fast, secure and full work (BF4 + premium) THX :D

    Posted by Unknown14th Nov 2013

    Amazing, beautiful, Thank you again!
    Pleased even though with a update for client from the 14/11/2013 I can't do anything until your language pack and .exe is fixed.

    I have a Russian copy.

    Posted by Adam14th Nov 2013

    thank you!
    worked fine no problems at all and the english files work well for the RU.

    Posted by Unknown11th Nov 2013

    Thank you everything was great!
    Very clear and simple order ..
    Identifying the buyer .... and I like that it is so difficult for hackers to gain access! All top even if it is not easy to understand if you can not really English;-)

    Thanks again

    P.S. Maybe you can make the service Multilanguage? ^ ^

    Posted by H.-J. Grund10th Nov 2013

    Works Great, No Problems!
    I just signed up a few minutes ago and placed my order: just signed up, entered my mobile number, paid via paypal, verified my number (for security i guess), they chose the sms (text) verification, got the text on my phone, entered it and collected my Origin key via their autokey system instantly.

    Opened up Origin, Clicked on 'Origin' > 'Redeem Product code...' and tada , i can now play BF4... well kinda, when DICE fixes all the bugs lol

    Posted by Junior7th Nov 2013

    I was sceptical at first about ordering from a second party website but it was quick and painless. Signed up for an account, choose your payment method, verify your phone number and then you receive the codes instantly.

    And the prices wow!


    Posted by Sleepy4th Nov 2013

    This is my firs time using CJS... but it wont be my last. From sign up to redeeming everything was faultless. Cheap game,secure payment,instant key,works PERFECT.

    Posted by Daz2nd Nov 2013

    Not easy...but fast and worked fine !!!
    Didn't like the phone verification and I got the anti-fraud mail, so I had to send the requested info....kinda understand why...but too troublesome...was almost gettting annoyed, when after 2 mnts of replying the antifraud mail, I received the key, and am already downloading, so PROPS for CJS-CDKEYS :)

    Posted by L-2Fast1st Nov 2013

    Order was fast ,i had it ordered on my mobile Phone on my way back home.perfect:P

    Posted by Party31st Oct 2013

    Awesome Service, Quick Keys
    Always sceptical of sites like this but for the price I had to give it a shot..

    Takes minutes to verify and then you get the codes, simple!

    Posted by Scott31st Oct 2013

    Awsome fast delivery
    Nice cheap and fast BF4!! tnx m8s downloading right now. For ppl looking for thier key you have to pick it up.

    Tnx cjs key for another great game till next purchase

    Posted by FlooDnl31st Oct 2013

    The best
    Great site...

    Posted by Pezz831st Oct 2013

    Russian/Polish -> English DOES NOT WORK!
    I bought the RU?PL version of the game in the belief that, like many other games, the language can be changed using a simple and quick fix.
    I used the CJS-CDKey fix involving adding some files and adjusting the registry to load the game using the new files, however this DOES NOT WORK!!!
    I've been all over the internet trying to find a working fix but none work. This seems to be a big problem with a lot of people and a lot of Eastern European folk who prefer to play in English feel discriminated because they cannot choose any other language.
    Just thought I would warn people who don't want to play in Russian/Polish.
    I can't say for sure that there is no fix, but all that I have tried do not work...yet another "F**k You" from EA

    Posted by Unknown31st Oct 2013

    la primera vez que compro , sin saber ingles , es facil , confirmar codigo seguridad mediante sms al movil y al instante te dan la autokey , ahorro de 19,90€ , genial!!!!

    Posted by jose31st Oct 2013

    Instant delivery
    Cheapest on the web (in stock) and instant delivery, cant ask for more

    Posted by Ben31st Oct 2013

    Great Service
    Great Service, received my product in less than 5 minutes.

    Posted by Ryan31st Oct 2013

    Great service
    Second time buying keys from here...great service quick and easy!
    How long until we can change the language from Polish or Russian to 100% English?

    Posted by Unknown31st Oct 2013

    Amazing how fast you guys are with keys ;)
    I couldn't believe it at first, at how cheap the keys were, so I just tried to buy it and you guys didn't dissapoint. Thanks for the key guys ;)

    Posted by Robin31st Oct 2013

    Fast Key Delivery, can´t activate :(
    Ordered and recieved a Battlefield 4 Standart Edition PL/RU, can´t activate it... Origin says there is an Error and i should try it later. I live in Germany though, are there restrictions on where you can activate the RU/PL Version ? May Open VPN help or am i stuck with not working key?


    It's nothing wrong with the, key just an origin but. try to activate again later.

    Posted by Unknown30th Oct 2013

    Second order from CJS and surely not the last one :)
    I purchased BF3 here last year, even if it was the russian verison it worked like a charm with your clear instructions everytime the game was patched.
    This convinced me to buy BF4 + China Rising DLC from you guys, and needless to say, I was not deceived... Received my key instantly !
    It even took a security measure because I payed with a different email on paypal than the email I use on CJS. Your service is truly of high quality and security, the prices are really good, and I would recommend to anyone.
    Heck, I am going to recommend it to some friends tommorow ;)
    Thank you !

    Posted by Thomas30th Oct 2013

    First Time Here! Only Cjskeys
    Hello i never be here before and the service is high quality amazing i am so happy i pre ordered the game without problems and the best price in market.FAST DELIVERY!!

    Posted by amitay30th Oct 2013

    so fast!
    awesome system that gives u the key right after you make the payment.

    Posted by Daniel30th Oct 2013

    Just ordered and got the key whitin a minute!
    The thing is i have just got one so far.
    Is it different waiting time? Still, so fast and its safe!
    (y i bought +premium)

    Posted by Skyler29th Oct 2013

    I received my key in less than 3 minutes !!!
    Viva Autokey system !

    Posted by ComToX29th Oct 2013

    RU Version
    There are sites that say it can not be translate the Russian version.
    You found a solution?


    We think that we will find a solution soon, but w cannot guarantee it at this point.

    Posted by Ezequiel29th Oct 2013

    Card is Disabled Skrill
    It says my card was disabled.. and i have to wait
    until tommrrow. Is there any other paying methods than Skrill?


    You can use Paypal

    Posted by Shan29th Oct 2013

    My key?
    Just give me my key already :( im dying here. When are you guys ready with more keys?


    All bf4 are in stock. More bf4 premium coming within 2 hours.

    Posted by Mads Krogh Rosairus29th Oct 2013

    Awaiting Payment
    When i add in my credit card, it did not recognize
    so i pressed click to merchant and it says i ordered it. But on AutoKey it says Awaiting Order.
    Do i have to be patient or reorder it again?


    Please make a new order. No payment has been taken from you.

    Posted by Shan29th Oct 2013

    Again you have delivered
    cjs outstanding prices, service and speed as i said before i will come back again for more buisness

    Posted by matt f29th Oct 2013

    you're amazin
    i got my key in 1:50 am
    your'e amazing guys is my secend buy in you

    and i wiil back again


    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    im so impressed with cjs pre-ordered late in the month and still get A key in time to preload

    Great work guys keep it up

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Thank you CJS
    I just recieved my keys! Thank you very much you are the best!!

    Posted by reyan29th Oct 2013

    When they said early mornings of 29th I wasn't even thinking I will wake up and see I got the key. I actualy did!

    Now just waiting for the game to release in 2 days and for the premium key tomorrow probably.

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Awesome usual!
    Have been using this site for a while now and have had nothing but exellant service.

    Highely recommened!!!

    Posted by Daryl29th Oct 2013

    What to say.

    Have to Echo everyone here. Seamless process. Security is great. Preloading now so it is all good.

    Sorry if this question has already been answered but how long till the Premium Key is released?

    Thanks again guys, top job!!!

    Posted by Macky29th Oct 2013

    about china rising
    got the key! but i think it's a standard edition or china rising is included in it?


    China rising is included, assuming you selected that option :)

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Always first class service BF4
    Ordered games with these guys for years great service and never lie about items/times

    Posted by Macca29th Oct 2013

    Woot. good stocking this time :)
    key delivered. just waiting on the premium key now. should be here in time for release :)

    cheers big ears!

    Posted by Biki29th Oct 2013

    Best service
    Very good customer service overall 5 stars thanks for the transaction

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Got mine!
    Received my key 4 hours ago. Game added to Origin and preloading. Flawless. Good job CJS!! Well done! \m/

    Posted by Yaroslav29th Oct 2013

    Great service for everyone
    With the help of your service I am now a happy owner of english version of Battlefield 4. Not that russian version with crappy voiceover that EA wants me to buy. I have only one question: Is battlefield 4 premium the same in all regions? Can I buy it through origin, because it is said that english language is supported.


    Yes bf4 premium is region free multi-lang. We sell bf4 premium on our website separately at a better price than Origin though :)

    Posted by Alex29th Oct 2013

    Language changer
    When will you guys have the language changer from Russian/Polish to English ready?


    Tomorrow we aim to get this online.

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Bought std game + premuim for £64.99 ENG
    Hi Bought std game + premuim for £64.99 ENG but only received one standard bf4 key so far is this normal?


    your Premium key will automatically appear on Autokey within approximately 24 hours as an additional key. There is no need to keep refreshing Autokey - we'll announce on Facebook when the premium keys arrive in stock.

    Posted by Richard29th Oct 2013

    £64.99 vs £84.98 No competition
    Everyone says how Steam and sometimes Origin is great value, this is true value. When I first used this website I was sceptical, but this is by far, in my opinion, the best place to buy games!

    Posted by Unknown29th Oct 2013

    Battlefield 4, what else is there to say? :)
    All Battlefield's have been amazing, and one of the best shooting series around. This one just builds upon what is already great.

    Also, a question: I ordered Battlefield 4 + Premium, but when I went to get my keys on autokey, it's only giving me the Battlefield 4 key, no premium. Where should I go to collect my Premium key? Thanks in advance. ID: 232578.


    Your premium key will appear in Autokey automatically, in about 24 hours.

    Posted by McPoon29th Oct 2013

    Fixing the Language like in BF3
    Last time when i bought BF3 in this website, i had to add files into the BF3, because it was a Russian Version I bought. Will it be the same concept as last time?


    Yes it will be exactly the same concept. The file system is exactly the same as BF3 and we will launch a language changer for the russian version soon.

    Posted by Shan28th Oct 2013

    Do you have enough key stock? I ordered 25th Oct.


    Yes, we have plenty! Only half of our allocation is sold so far, so we have more than enough keys for everyone.

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    pounds vs euros
    why is there a diferenc in prices betwin euros and pounds i have to pay more in ponds then euros why is that so and when it comes to payment inj which curency is the payment don


    All prices are charged in GBP

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    i hope i will buy it.
    HI i just want to know if russian or polish versions have english language, or they are just russian and polish without english?


    If you buy russian/polish version it ONLY includes polish and russian languages. However we will release a fix soon which enables you to play the russian version in English. But for 100% english support we recommend buying the english version.

    Posted by reyan28th Oct 2013

    When I ordered the game it said I would get it at 28 october on a basis that said customers that ordered first will get the keys first. I can see that keys are replenishing but I still don't have my key?


    Keys arrive early hours of the morning on 29 october. As promised, we did receive stock on 28 october (today). Now we're just waiting for the go-ahead by EA to send the keys to customers.

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013



    correct. (GMT UK TIME)

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    Some people in israel say we are need to get the cd key in 6:30pm (18:30)]this is right?

    now 18:39


    Not yet. We send it early hours of 29th october.

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    Release date
    Hi, what is the release date for the UK? It states on my origin that the release date is november 1st, but I have also seen that the 29th is the release date for US.

    You have stated that the key will shop 12 hours before release date? so does that mean we will receive at midday 28th or midday on 31st?



    You will receive your key Early hours of the morning 29 october. About 12 hours from now.

    Posted by Clive28th Oct 2013

    i'm from israel my time area is gmt2+
    when i got the cd key?
    (bf4+china rising)


    Early hours of the morning 29 october

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    Im from europe and more 12 hours will be the 29th
    when I will get the key ?

    early hours of the morning 29 october :)

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    Have preordered the premium bundle :)
    Eagerly waiting for the game key, few questions though,answer accordingly
    1: Since it is a premium bundle, will I be given 2 keys? one for standard and other for premium...
    2: When I preordered there was no option of selecting language, but now there is so I hope mine will be english default?
    3: What GMT are you I mean mid of 29 oct dunno will be what time here

    Overall I like the service here on CJS...good JOB!


    1: yes you get 2 keys.
    2: You get full multi-language key, english by default with all other languages included too.
    3: early hours of the morning GMT

    Posted by Sandking28th Oct 2013

    GOOD deadl!
    im at israel GMT +2 , when will i get my pre-order key that i ordered at 22/10/13?


    early hours of the morning 29 october :)

    Posted by Unknown28th Oct 2013

    Amazing price!
    I am from the Netherlands, and there are still 2 things unclear to me:

    1. When will I be able to collect my key?
    2. What kind of battlepacks will I get? (Bronze, silver, gold)

    Anyway, great price and the rest is very clear. The transaction was fairly easy as well, so I rated 5!


    12 battlepacks. I'm not sure exactly which ones, but it's the standard packs that you get with bf4 premium service.

    Keys arrive mid-day 29 October for you.

    Posted by Unknown27th Oct 2013

    Awesome Service
    I have pre-ordered, but when will I be able to retrieve my key? I am from US and the game releases on the 29th 12:01 a.m.


    We send on 29th October mid-day. As the keys come from EA Europe, we have to send them 12 hours before the european release date, which makes it mid-day on 29th october.

    Posted by Nick27th Oct 2013

    great price
    im in uk .when will i receive key?thanks


    Mid-dayish, 29th October

    Posted by scott27th Oct 2013

    i only have a prepaid card. game with all dlcs costs about 76 euros.i know there are some charges for order. is 80 euros gonna be alright to top up and buy this bf4 + all dlc thing?
    and how legit are these keys?


    Yes that will be fine. The keys are official keys directly from EA. They are from Germany so they are totally region free and have all languages included.

    Posted by bodo27th Oct 2013

    Used the site several other times for games and always great service.
    One query I have is that if it gets to the release date and the keys are not available to fulfil every pre-order... can I cancel the order?
    I say this as I have to have the game on the day of release.


    Yes you can. however, there are plenty of keys to fulfil all pre-orders, and they will arrive on time :)

    Posted by scotty27th Oct 2013

    very good deal
    but one question,if i live in israel,when should i get the key?


    Mid-day on 29th october

    Posted by Unknown27th Oct 2013

    German Keys
    Will the game be censored since they are german keys?


    No, they are not censored in any way.

    Posted by Unknown27th Oct 2013

    I have ordered this game on march, it cost me €46.84 I will receive any refund? or maybe I can get the premium version adding some money.


    You're welcome to upgrade, just make a ticket with our support staff. The price hasn't changed I believe.

    Posted by Unknown27th Oct 2013

    Key Source
    I ordered before the language option was included, you state its sourced from Germany but will have English(or multi) language can you confirm that a vpn will NOT be required to play the game from UK.


    Of course, NO VPN will be required on any of our battlefield keys. They're totally region free.

    Posted by Bob27th Oct 2013

    good deal
    I ordered the game + china rising a few days ago, now the webpage has changed, asking for languages.

    I just wanna know, the version i get will be english right, now the chance of some dodgy russian version lol? thanks.


    We don't sell the russian version of this game. If you purchased before the language choice was in place, you will receive a key sourced from Germany, which includes English, German, French and all other main languages.

    Posted by matt26th Oct 2013

    Nice Deal
    Hey guys, the deal looks pretty fine to me!
    But one question: which 12battlepacks are included? Because there is bronze, silver and gold! Would be great to know.


    Posted by bluberryz26th Oct 2013

    So this actually is just only Standard Edition + China Rising. Not Digital Deluxe edition?


    Standard Edition + China rising is one version, but we also offer the base game + premium membership, which is even better than bf4 digital deluxe edition! :)

    Posted by Unknown26th Oct 2013

    Release date

    "We release keys to customers 12 hours before the official release date for your region."

    So if my region is north america, I will have my key oct 28th 12:00, right?
    (Some of my friends are already pre-loading with the key they bought on another website I won't quote..)


    Our shop is based in the EU, so you will get your key mid-day 29 October.

    Posted by Unknown26th Oct 2013

    Language required
    I was about to order BF4 and saw today that you have to select EN or the EU-equivalent.
    I'm from Germany, but i want to play it in english.

    If i order the EN version, will i still be able to unlock it on my (german) origin account without any hassle?


    Yes! All keys that we sell are totally region free.

    Posted by Unknown26th Oct 2013

    2 Questions
    1st: I tried to order 5 days ago and i hadn't money on paypal, so i tried today but you changed this "language" option.

    Both are from EU right? But now it's not multilingual? Does the EN version works in Portugal?


    If you ordered before the language option was in place, you'll get a full multi-language key with all languages including english and portuagese.

    2nd: When i try to buy, it gives me the EUR price, but when i'm gonna pay it gives the normal GBP price, which is alot more.. Also, if i got a cupon and i use it, on cart it gives the discount but on payment check it gives without the cupon.. This issue happens on every single pay method like paypal and credit card (e.g.)


    All prices are charged in GBP.

    Posted by Theory26th Oct 2013

    when i pre-ordered ,language selection option wasn't there, So i preordered the battleifled 4 premium Edition. Will i get the English language ?Because i want this game in English Language. Thanks


    If you ordered before the language selection was present, you will get FULL multi-language version which includes ALL languages including English.

    Posted by Arslan25th Oct 2013

    Availability keys

    I just ordered BF4 Standard+Premium. I've done the authentication with sms and now I'm waiting until you have the keys in stock. Will we be notified by email when you got the keys in stock on october 28th so we can redeem them thrue autokey?

    Thanks in advance


    You have to redeem them on Autokey, but you will get an email when they're available to collect.

    Posted by Unknown25th Oct 2013

    I just ordered Standard+Premium.

    In my account there is only Battlefield 4 key for auto-keying. But under it, it says "(Edition: Standard Edition + Premium Membership (Base Game + ALL expansion packs))"

    So is it like: One key for everything?



    Don't worry, it's normal. When you collect on Autokey you will get 2 keys bundled together, in a single image.

    Posted by CJS-Fan25th Oct 2013


    Does that Standard+Premium Ed contain the Battlepacks from the Pre Ordered Version of Battlefield Digital Deluxe??


    As stated in the product page, our version comes with 12 battle packs in total. Digital Deluxe only comes with 3. So you get MORE, MUCH more than what Digital Deluxe gives you when buying our Game + Premium Membership at CJS CD Keys.

    Posted by Unknown24th Oct 2013

    Hi! Will i get the key before release so i can preload the game so it's ready when release?


    Yes! You'll get the key around 24 hours before.

    Posted by Unknown23rd Oct 2013

    Bonus DLC?

    if I buy the Standard ED+Premium, will I get also the China Rising Pre-order Bonus DLC?

    Because BF3 had the Pre Order- Bonus DLC separately from the game.


    Yes, of course :) Because BF4 + Premium not only includes China Rising, but also includes ALL of the other expansion packs! So you get 5 expansion packs including china rising.

    Posted by Saorry20th Oct 2013

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