Roblox: Pets & Robux

Here you can find Adopt Me Pets, for the popular game Roblox.  Adopt Me Pets are no longer available in the game usually, but you can purchase from CJS and we will send you the pet that you purchased in-game!

Immediately after payment, you will be prompted to provide us with your in-game username or link to your Roblox profile on the website.

We will then send you the pet in-game within maximum of 12 hours.

We also offer Robux Codes!

The Robux codes make a perfect gift for any gamer. This key grants access to digital products in the game, so your game character can become an upgraded premium member with all sorts of useful items from awesome furniture pieces to incredible fashion and accessories, plus many other exciting possibilities!

Robux are the in-game currency of Roblox and this key is a great way to start out. Each time you play, you can make virtual money which you can trade for cool items like hats, shirts or pants from the virtual store.  Plus it's fun making friends who have universes just as interesting as yours!

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