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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Vietnam Expansion Pack CD Key
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This is a fully genuine Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIETNAM (BF BC2 vietnam) Key Code / Serial! Delivery is instant via the autokey system.Note:

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Skimming the treetops in the legendary Huey helicopter, Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" blasts through its loudspeakers. Down in the jungles and rice fields below, the enemy is waiting for a chance to take you down with their T54 tanks and RPG launchers. Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 just made the journey to a new place and time -- back to the 60's and the infamous Vietnam War.

Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 Vietnam is a content-heavy expansion for the game that has sold more than 5 million copies and has been called "a better game than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" by The New York Times.

At the heart of this expansion lie four distinct, brand-new multiplayer maps based on the Vietnam War. Each map brings a new gameplay experience and fresh visuals, with characteristics such as foxholes, tunnels and dense jungles from where the enemy can launch surprise attacks. Also, 15 classic Vietnam-era weapons and 6 vehicles are available from the moment you go online.

All four multiplayer game modes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including the genre-defining Conquest Mode, will be playable in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. The expansion is integrated with the full game persistence, so no matter what theatre of war you participate in, you will continue to level up your soldier as usual.

To set that unmistakable 60's atmosphere, the audio team at DICE has recorded all-new voice-overs for both sides of the conflict, based on authentic dialogue from the Vietnam War. On top of this, a rocking soundtrack with 2 hours worth of time typical tracks gives the expansion a truly characteristic sound.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is all-out multiplayer warfare at its absolute finest. With this new expansion, the battle moves to tropical Vietnam for a new chance to settle the score: Which team has the biggest skills, the smartest tactics, and the tightest squad play?


4 Brand New Maps. From the rice fields of the Phu Bai Valley to the napalm scorched earth of Hill 137, four distinct Vietnam-based maps each bring a fresh visual and gameplay experience.

6 Immortalized Vehicles. Skim the treetops in the iconic American Huey helicopter. Drive the sturdy Russian T54 tank and the nimble US PBR "Pibber" patrol boat, plus three more vehicles immortalized in the Vietnam war.

15 Characteristic Weapons. Charge into battle with 15 new weapons modeled on their real life counter-parts, including the rare Navy SEAL XM22 machinegun and the characteristic M79 "Blooper" Grenade Launcher.

Rocking 60's Soundtrack. Listen to 8 radio channels in-game, featuring 49 time typical tracks, including "Ride of the Valkyries" and "Fortunate Son" by CCR.

True War Dialogue. All-new voiceovers for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam war for maximum immersion.

New Achievements/Trophies. Collect 10 new achievements/trophies, one for blowing up Vietnamese propaganda speakers. Earn new weapon proficiency stars specific to your skills with the weapons in the expansion.


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    Another successful transaction from cjs-cdkeys
    I own BFBC2 Vietnam already so I know its great addiction to the game, but a good friend from Finland [I live in the US] who is in my clan just had her birthday, and just started playing BC2 since she couldn't before because of her old computer. I sent her the key as her birthday gift, it activated perfectly just as MW3 I bought for my best friend as a Christmas gift. Another successful buy here, sometimes sites like this seem shady but I ensure this one is 100% the real deal, games at wonderful discounts. Better then full blown retail or direct from digital distributions :)

    Posted by 2nd Feb 2012

    Not What I Expected
    The graphics are great, the music is great and the weapons are good. That got it at least a 3 rating. BUT, and I say again but, game play is slow, boring and did not hold my attention. What a disapointment.

    Posted by 4th Oct 2011

    I rated it 5 because all the services rendered to me during purchase were of good quality. I have bought the cd-key, had some questions about it which were answered to my satisfaction, and finally got my cd-key trough auto-key therefore all my wishes were fullfilled, so it gets a 5.

    Posted by 22nd Dec 2010

    Working great
    Login in BFBC2 and enter code in vietnam section, works perfectly

    Posted by 19th Dec 2010

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