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Itunes Codes

CJS sell the latest and greatest movies as instant digital downloads / online streams via iTunes, at very discounted prices!

What do iTunes Movie Codes Give Me?

Using our service, you can purchase your favourite movie and redeem it online on iTunes!  All you need to do is purchase one of our iTunes movie codes from our store via one of our easy payment methods, which includes Paypal and most credit/debit cards.  

Buying from us is different from an online movie rental.  With our codes, you are purchasing a digital copy of the movie.  This means that you legally own the movie in your itunes library, so you can download and watch it as many times as you want, forever!

How is my iTunes Digital Copy Delivered?

After your payment, the code will be dispatched to you instantly via our online Autokey system.  This is the name given to our online system which dispatches the unique and unused activation codes to our customers instantly after their payment.

Once you receive your code via our online system, you can simply enter the code into the online redemption website, or into the iTunes software itself.  After redeeming your code, the movie will appear in your iTunes library, from where you can watch or download it, as many times as you want!

Why not just buy the movie directly from the iTunes Store?

Because CJS CD Keys sell the unused itunes movie codes which can be usually found inside some blu-ray packs, we are able to offer them at super discounted prices.  While a popular movie such as 'Sinister' is sold for $14.99 USD on the iTunes store, CJS CD Keys offer it at just $5.99!  Better than half price! 

So have a look below at our ever-increasing catalogue, and get your movie download instantly at a fraction of the price of the iTunes store!

Reviews Of CJS CD Keys

CJS CD Keys have a huge number of reviews! Take a look at our reviews by clicking here.

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