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Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Code
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פירוט המוצר

This product is a brand new and unused Xbox Live 12 Month Gold subscription code, delivered instantly by our online system.  It will grant you to 12 months access to Xbox Live Gold.

How does it work?

Immediately after you purchase, your code will be made available for instant collection via our online system, called Autokey.   In simple terms, this means that as soon as you pay, our store will take you to a page where your CD Key will be visible!

Simply enter the code into the Xbox Website at, and play!  

Each code that we sell is genuine, unique, and unused, and covered by a full money-back guarantee.

We offer codes for the following regions:

Simply select your region when adding this product to the cart.

GLOBAL Worldwide - This code is a completely region free code, meaning that it will activate from any country, anywhere in the world.

 - This code will work anywhere in Europe.  It's worth noting that this code also works in the United Kingdom! It's usually cheaper than Global codes.

USA (North America) - This code will only work within the USA (North America).  It's usually cheaper than Global codes.

*Pro Gamer Secret*:
VPN Activated Code
 - This code is Significantly Cheaper than all other codes!  It comes from a country such as Brazil, Tukey, or USA, but can be activated in ANY COUNTRY by using a free program called a "VPN".  See below for more information!


Save even MORE money with our VPN Activated Keys:

Some of our customers might want lower prices, so we give them the option to buy codes from cheaper regions. These codes need to be activated with an IP address that matches the country of the region it comes from. One way you can easily change your IP address is by using a free program called a VPN.  Once the code has been activated, you can turn off the VPN and it will work as usual, from any country.

Here's an example of how it works:

1.  You purchase our 'VPN activated' key, you receive your key, and it's designated as a key for "Brazil, Turkey or USA Region".

2.  Follow our free guide to use a free VPN to activate your game.  The VPN will make your computer appear as if you reside in Brazil, by changing your connection to a Brazil IP address.

3.  Activate your Xbox Live Gold Code on the Xbox website while your VPN is turned on.  You can activate on the Xbox website on the following link:

4.  Once activated, you're all done!  You can now turn off the VPN and you can access Xbox Live Gold services from any country, just as if you had bought a global code!

Congratulations! You probably just saved 30% off the price!  All keys we sell are guaranteed with lifetime warranty.  If you have any issues, just contact our support team and we will help you either get the key working, or give a full refund.

If you don't want to use a VPN, simply buy a key for your own region when adding to the cart, above.  We offer various codes for all regions.

About this product

Experience twelve months of pure gold! Your Xbox LIVE® Gold membership lets you connect and play with friends around the world and watch thousands of HD movies instantly from Netflix. In addition to Xbox LIVE features like available game add-ons, full Xbox game downloads, Xbox LIVE Arcade games and unique fashions and props for your avatar, you will receive Gold-exclusive discounts like the Deal of the Week. Plus, with your Gold membership you get early access to some of the best new games and content.


  • 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold membership
  • Unlimited online multi-player gaming
  • Access to thousands of HD movies from Netflix (Netflix sold separately)
    Weekly Gold-exclusive discounts
  • Early access to content, including free game demos
  • Works on Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

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דירוג המוצר:

    Value for money
    Excellent service works 100% I enitialy didn't think that it would work but I was so wrong I have private Internet access already as a vpn which I'd recommendu anyway but for being 15 quid cheaper than the normal price I'd guarantee buying this, it's hands down the cheapest option there is 10 out of 10

    פורסם על ידי OLE DIRTY IAN 16th Sep 2018

    Everything perfect - recommend
    Everything perfect, code received in 60 mintes, working in Europe with VPN.

    פורסם על ידי Tomas3rd Sep 2018

    Top service
    I bought my 12 month gold sub from here and change my ip location to brazil using vpn and activated, my code worked..would recommend for others..5 stars from me thanks

    פורסם על ידי Hi Storm Shadow (xbox)4th Jul 2018

    Great product
    Seemed a bit dodgy at first. There were a few steps to gain the code but after that very easy to set up! £6 saving from what you'd pay in a shop!

    פורסם על ידי JCPen30th Dec 2017


    פורסם על ידי Unknown22nd Jun 2017

    Forget Amazon!
    This site is the best, i was burning $60 on Amazon for 12 months an Ms charges $67 for 12 months it's way over priced on both Ms store & Amazon.

    F**K Amazon i'm buying all my 12 months here , an delivery ( digital ) is insanely fast!

    If i could i'd buy a piece of this company :)

    פורסם על ידי MONST3R 2nd Mar 2017

    Need Good Offers again
    Need Good Offers again it had been under 40$ for under more than 10 keys but it's now 43.5$

    need that offers again

    פורסם על ידי Unknown18th Nov 2016

    Absolutely Outstanding
    I didn't literally bought a 12 month Xbox live subscription from this site yet. But I've got history with this website. It's very authentic although it seems to be sketchy and unreliable. The prince is amazing better than the official Xbox website. Cheap fast and reliable. I would recommend his to all friend's. Delivery is instant less than a minute. Am planing to acquire a 12 month soon

    פורסם על ידי Harrison22nd Aug 2016

    Brilliant- CJS
    Another fantastic service from CD Keys again,so easy and straightforward to use. Cheaper than buying from Microsoft and Game. This is the second year I have ordered from them and will be back agin next year that's for sure !!!!

    פורסם על ידי Chris8th Feb 2016

    this was my first buy and I was unsure to go through with it but luckily I did and it worked 100% highly recommend

    פורסם על ידי shaun25th Jan 2016

    Worked Great
    Some confusion converting pounds to dollars. Advertised at $39.93 cost $41.08. Still a good deal and worked.

    פורסם על ידי BRUCE...23rd Jan 2016

    I have had many auto keys from cjs and they r great, fast and brilliant customer service, I keep coming back and will continue to do so

    פורסם על ידי Michelle8th Nov 2015

    CJS brilliant....outstanding....trustworthy website
    I have been using this website since 2013 for all my family's xbox one and xbox 360 codes....

    every order I have placed has been fulfilled
    within minutes of get 5 star service

    would definitely recommend CJS to all my friends and family

    KEEP up the good work and low low prices

    פורסם על ידי S Lowe22nd Oct 2015

    Straight off the bat! Cheapest gold subscription i have ever paid for, for a year. Absolutely fantastic! One thing i love about this site is it always finds something to bring you back :D Well played guys keep it up i love it! Will be purchasing more XBL in the future if it keeps at this price BARGAIN!/ No brainer!
    Code was quick on delivery within a minute and worked straight away.
    Well done, one happy customer :D!

    פורסם על ידי Dave16th Oct 2015

    Extremely fast and easy.
    I got my code within 1 minute of paying. Everything was easy to understand and use. I will definitely use this website again!!

    פורסם על ידי Gabor 2nd Oct 2015

    Sent within seconds of purchase
    The key was sent within seconds of purchase and works perfectly.
    Have had issues when buying Download Game accounts where they stop working after a little while but the GOLD subscription has never been an issue and work perfectly.

    פורסם על ידי Matthew16th Aug 2015

    Fast delivery, worked perfectly
    The key was delivered immediately after purchase. I redeemed the key and it worked fine.

    פורסם על ידי Andrei26th Jul 2015

    very fast
    I purchased xbox live 12 months code and within a few seconds I got it. Super fast and Really good service.

    פורסם על ידי El12th Jun 2015

    Simple, Quick, Easy
    I purchased the code and within a few seconds of verification, I got the code. No hassle. Really good service. Keep it up!

    פורסם על ידי Dan Smith3rd Apr 2015

    Can't Beat The Price!
    Would be 5 stars if the first key would've been golden but a ticket and email later CJ's staff personally replaced it can't go wrong! If you ever have an issue take the proper steps and CJ's WILL HELP YOU!

    פורסם על ידי Steven26th Mar 2015

    Seemed sketchy. Was worth the risk.
    At first I wasn't too sure. But I went through the (large amount of) security steps and it was totally worth it. For about 50% of the official price i got my code right away plugged it in and it was perfect. Very trustworthy.

    פורסם על ידי Kai10th Jan 2015

    Very good.
    This system would have been amazing had they not run out of keys right when i bought my card. Other than that everything was great! The security check was a little sketchy but you can cover must everything up so it is not too bad. Thanks!

    פורסם על ידי Unknown10th Jan 2015

    Cheap and Fast
    Works on Australian accounts, the key is instant after purchase!!

    פורסם על ידי Unknown4th Jan 2015

    Will do buisness with you guys again
    Good transaction . They needed me to do some type of anti theft thing with is a little annoying but I get it . still very prompt within hours I have my xbox live gold redeem code

    פורסם על ידי Boiijust on xbox live30th Dec 2014

    Sweet Deal
    I have purchased a few codes here now, and all come through no hassle and work perfect, thanks a million lads, great service.

    פורסם על ידי Thomas M 30th Jul 2014

    happy customer
    This is legit and they code works no problem. As i had just joined i had to do all the verification against fraud,but this was all die in a letter of hours. Nearly 50% cheaper than Microsoft too. Happy days

    פורסם על ידי Pa11th May 2014

    Impressed. Good value. Good customer service support.
    Good value.
    Good idea.
    Impressive customer service response to a seemingly insoluble problem with security id required: they solved the problem within a few hours, on a Sunday, all by clear emails!
    I wish them future success and will likely use thema again.

    פורסם על ידי Goat12th Jan 2014

    At last a trustworthy supplier
    After being ripped off/scammed by Instant Points.Net i was wary of using this kind of service again, however, these guys are 100% legit, have a brilliant idea with autokey and they also protect you as well as themselves against fraudsters. I would recommend them to every xbox gamer I know

    פורסם על ידי Smiffy9th Apr 2013

    Very Happy with service
    I made the mistake of ordering from & lost £40 because the site is a FRAUDULENT one so be warned, anyway after that i done my research on the next site i would try & i can honestly say this company is 100% genuine so i have no problem in recommending them. Code received in like 1 min. Well Done

    פורסם על ידי Unknown8th Apr 2013

    Excellent! Would 110% recommend buying from here!
    This service was amazing! Never received a code so quick. Definitely will use this company again and recommend it to others, you will not be disappointed!

    פורסם על ידי Ash Law15th Mar 2013

    cheaper than microsoft
    I was initially unsure about buying a code online, but i did not need to worry, everything went very smoothly and i had my code. Only problem i had was that the verification email went to my spam folder not my inbox, but thats my fault for not checking. Cjs cdkeys can be trusted, i would use again:)

    פורסם על ידי paul2nd Mar 2013

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