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Fishing Planet: Spring Cats Pack CD Key For Steam
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About Fishing Planet: Spring Cats Pack:

About This Content

What’s the best season for fishing? All are good in their own way! Just a matter of where, how and what to go after. And now that spring is finally here...the hungry Cats will be coming out and stalking their prey after the long cold winter! Mind you, these beasts of the deep are just as picky as they are greedy... So if you’re aiming at the title of Catfishing Champ in this March’s tournament, using the right tackle is of paramount importance! And we have just the perfect DLC with all the exclusive Spring Cats Tour rods and reel combos that are fit to be the gems of any angler’s collection!

Spring Cats Pack features some of the best Tournament-level fishing tackle to help you land the biggest Cats out there in the deep blue! With this limited-time DLC you get the unique collectible edition DeepCrawler™ powerful match rods, the exclusive Pouncer™ spinning reels, the bold and sleek SCT tournament edition FatCat™ fishing jacket, the new MarchBox™ rod case and plenty of hooks, baits and other equipment that’ll come in handy for landing the trophy Catfish!

* 40.000 CREDITS - use to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses.
* 20 BAITCOINS - use to purchase certain fishing tackle, available only for BaitCoins. Spend your BaitCoins wisely!
* 7-DAY PREMIUM Enjoy Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience for catching fish and x2 Credits for selling your catch! In addition, you get the opportunity to rent a kayak with a 50% discount! You also get to register in Competitions for free!
* 30 Storage Slots
* 2 Tackle Setup Slots

* SCT DeepCrawler™ 11' 2" (340) - Length: 11' 2" (3.4 m); Line Weight: 11–34 Lb (5-15.5 kg); Action: Mod Fast; Pieces: 3; Guides: 14
* SCT DeepCrawler™ 12' 2" (370) - Length: 12' 2" (3.7 m); Line Weight: 11–33 Lb (5-15 kg); Action: Mod Fast; Pieces: 3; Guides: 14
* SCT Pouncer™ 5000 - Ratio: 4.5:1; Recovery: 27.5" (70 cm); Capacity: mono 32/100 (0.5/100), braid 30/170 (0.28/170); Max Drag: 26.4 Lb. (12 kg)
* SCT Pouncer™ 6000 - Ratio: 4.5:1; Recovery: 27.5" (70 cm); Capacity: mono 32/120 (0.5/120), braid 30/205 (0.28/205); Max Drag: 28.6 Lb. (13 kg)

* Lines:
Mono .018" (0.45 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 25 Lb. (11.3 kg)
Fluoro .02" (0.5 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 28 Lb. (12.7 kg)
* Bobbers: Pear Shaped Float (x2)
* Hooks: Hook #6/0, Hook #5/0, Hook #4/0, Hook #3/0, Hook #2/0, Hook #1/0
* Baits: Leeches, Pet Food, Small Cutbait, Medium Cutbait, Large Cutbait, Large Minnows, Crawfish, Blood, Frog

* SCT FatCat™ Fishing Jacket - Tackles: 15; Lines: 2
* FishCastle L Keepnet - Max Single Fish Weight: 110 Lb. (50 kg); Total Fish Weight: 440 Lb. (200 kg); Fish-Friendly: yes
* SCT MarchBox™ Rod Case - Rods: 2; Reels: 2

* Advanced Missouri License
* Advanced North Carolina License
* Advanced Louisiana License
* Advanced Michigan License

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