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Call of Duty 5: World At War Cd Key
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פירוט המוצר

This is a fully legit, Out-Of-The-Box Call of Duty 5 (Cod5) CD Key / Serial! Delivery instant via Autokey.

This product is a scanned code, brand new and unused.

These keys are NOT registrable with a steam account. They are for the standalone version of Call Of Duty 5. They DO however work as a replacement for steam copies of COD: WAW, if you edit the registry (for pb banned customers).

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דירוג המוצר:

    Everything perfect!!!!!
    Recomend cjs

    פורסם על ידי 15th Jun 2017

    just like you want it
    ordered,payed,received, all in a few minutes,
    very easy to follow to rec key and very quick.
    will come again.

    פורסם על ידי 14th Oct 2015

    Problems that were quickly resolved
    After having registered and purchased the key, I had some verification issues after running email verification and phone verification.
    Contacted support, and very quickly was resolved.

    Key worked and I'm happy.
    Thanks CJS

    פורסם על ידי 22nd Mar 2014

    Quick Delivery
    The one thing that struck me about this CD key is that it doesn't say anywhere how you actually go about using the CD key.

    This is quite frustrating as it doesnt work at all with steam.

    They way I am going to do it is Download a pirated copy of the game and just insert my CD key into the game in the options where it asks for a CD key...

    I just hope that this works.

    פורסם על ידי 17th Mar 2013

    I got the key instantly, Used paypal, quick service. But as to where to redeem this key, i would like this website to tell me.

    פורסם על ידי 8th Jul 2012

    day for have my key but happy but I don't know where download my game

    פורסם על ידי 10th Apr 2012

    good game working key but it had another persons profiloe on it but still working.

    פורסם על ידי 1st Apr 2012

    Very good Work
    I buy a key that I received in less than five minutes but this key does not work, I sent to the support and then I had another key without problem and complications :)
    a huge thank to cjs :)
    very good work

    פורסם על ידי 27th Feb 2012

    Super Duper
    Got the keys in within a short time, everythings works out alright!No need further help at all. Easy as can be - will always check back at CJS CD- Key anytime!One of the friendliest place for gamers!

    פורסם על ידי 24th Feb 2012

    I bought COD WAW here and everything went smooth without delay. I received my CD Key instantly after the payment

    פורסם על ידי 9th Feb 2012

    Works well.
    At first I received a key that did not work but then after messaging support I was sent a new one. The key already had some profiles on it but I think they may of just been test accounts. So if you get the error "Can't create online profile" just message support for a new key.

    פורסם על ידי 2nd Oct 2011

    Got my key 5 mins after the payment and it works beautifully. Great service

    פורסם על ידי 8th Sep 2011

    Works Fine
    After waiting a week not realising i had to type in my details to autokey myself to get the key! My own fault i know but as a new user a little message letting me know would have been nice.

    On to the key and it works as it should although i was weary as when i went on multiplayer it had 4 other profiles already created so has obviously been shared around but after 2 weeks i've had no issues, just deleted the other profiles and created my own. For the shear cheapness i can't complain.

    פורסם על ידי 5th Jul 2011

    Quick service , great site.
    Got it within 24 hours or so , the autokey system was out of stock , they took care of it swiftly .
    Contacted them , and they responded several times to make sure I was satisfied .

    Bought a starcraft 2 key from them , now COD WAW , and will buy again .

    Thanks !

    פורסם על ידי 2nd Jun 2011

    Doesnt get no cheaper and better than this
    Received key within a few hours, key was PB banned so i emailed them and a few days later i got my replacement key and all was good. Will defiently be coming back. Thanks guys.

    פורסם על ידי 12th Mar 2011

    Really Fast
    I reseve the key after 20min. really fast the only thing is to try the key now ty again CJS :)

    פורסם על ידי 24th Dec 2010

    Brilliant very happy
    got my key in 20 mins and downloaded an iso image for the game and the key works flawless will defiantly buy from them again :)

    פורסם על ידי 8th May 2010

    These guys really back it up
    one thing is for sure these people dont do false advertising.
    I already have them on my bookmarks.
    best place to be if u wanna buy genuine keys

    פורסם על ידי 25th Apr 2010

    The only legit site I've found
    I googled this website and found no negative articles or feedback and the credit card payemnt is done through a secure provider (not direct to some bloke's email!). $7 (new zealand) and 15 minutes of crossed fingers later and I have a 100% working online cd key =) Thanks heaps guys!

    פורסם על ידי 8th Apr 2010

    Fast, nice......
    I ordered it and got my key within 5 minutes, and key works great

    פורסם על ידי 1st Mar 2010

    Fastest ever
    Ordered it, and got the key in a few minutes. Awesome job! I will buy more from you guys soon~

    פורסם על ידי 24th Feb 2010

    Nice,fast and works fine....

    thanks you.

    פורסם על ידי 15th Feb 2010

    More than satisfied
    Pleasantly surprised that this worked and now I am very happy with this website. Future business will ensue.

    פורסם על ידי 30th Dec 2009

    Very happy !
    Yo !

    I ordered a COD/WaW key and i received it 20 ùin after my order and it works perfectly !

    Ty for the great service.



    פורסם על ידי 13th Nov 2009

    Recommended!! Great working keys for low price!
    Bought 2 keys on a busy moment, withing 4-5 hours i had them in my inbox. Tested both of them and they work perfectly!! Recommended for anyone who want to game online for a very good price.

    פורסם על ידי 26th Oct 2009

    Very pleased!!!
    one word, " AWESOME ". The key works great got the key in less than 15 minutes and a small problem and these guys helped me to get it working and now it works. Thanks guys, you guys are AWESOME. The Tech Support is a A+++

    פורסם על ידי 23rd Sep 2009

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