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FIFA 13 CD Key for Origin
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You could use a VPN for this if you're not from the EU.

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פירוט המוצר

This is a genuine, Out-Of-The-Box FIFA Soccer 2013 (FIFA 13) Activation Key / Serial for Origin! This code will function on Origin in order to grant you to a legal digital download of the game.

This is an EU version CD Key, which is region free and supports all languages.

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In stock now! Instant Delivery!

Standard Edition:

FIFA 13 Standard edition includes the full FIFA 13 game as a digital download via Origin, and is in stock NOW ready for IMMEDIATE delivery!  You can get your code after payment via AutoKey and start downloading the game immediately.

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This is a scanned image of the game!  This ensures that you receive guaranteed quality and proof of purchase!  After your purchase, when you collect from autokey, you will receive a scanned image of the game code.  This game activation code is to be used at or in the Origin client.   Once activated, you will be granted to a legal full download of the game!



Full information about our products:

What Do I Receive?

You will receive a photograph of a FIFA 13 CD Key.

This Serial number can be entered into the web page, or into the Origin client (available free from EA).  Once you enter the activation code, the game will be added to your EA Account. You can then download the full game, legally and at high speed from the official EA Game distribution servers. It's easy and simple. Just enter your code, and click download.  Once downloaded your game will be ready to play.

What Languages or Regions will this support?

The game includes all main languages. That means you will be able to install the game in all languages, English, French, German, Russian, Czech, Spanish, Italian just to name a few. You can see all the languages the game supports by looking on the product's official website.  The game will function in all regions. Digital Downloads are not region locked.

When will I get my FIFA 13 Product Code?

Immediately after your payment you can collect the code from our online AutoKey system.  If you bought before the game release date, then the game will become available on autokey on or before the game's release date. In most cases, we have the stock ready for collection about 1 week before release date. This gives you a chance to Preload FIFA 12 in order that you can play on the moment of release.

The price you are offering is very cheap! What's the catch?

There is no catch.  You buy the code, receive the code immediately after your payment, activate, and download.  We are able to sell the game cheaper than most average retailers because of regional price differences. 

How many times does it allow me to download FIFA 13?

1 FIFA 13 Origin activation code will allow you to install the game on up to 5 computers.  You can re-download fifa 13 as many times as you like.  You can only play on one FIFA 13 activation code at the same time. That means that although you might have the game installed on 5 computers, you can only play on 1 at a time. 


Full information about our FIFA 13 Serials:


Five game-changing innovations revolutionize artificial intelligence, dribbling, ball control and physical play to create a true battle for possession across the entire pitch, deliver freedom and creativity in attack, and capture all the drama and unpredictability of real-world football.

All-new Attacking Intelligence infuses players with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever achieved. Players have the ability to analyse space, work harder and smarter to break down the defence, and think two plays ahead. Now every touch matters with the most comprehensive and intuitive dribbling system ever developed for the franchise. Inspired by the world’s best player, Lionel Messi, Complete Dribbling enables players to face their opponent and use precise dribble touches combined with true 360° mobility with the ball, so it’s easier to be more creative and dangerous in 1v1 opportunities. FIFA 13 1st Touch Control transforms the way players control the ball, eliminating near-perfect touch for every player on the pitch, and creating more opportunities for defenders to win back possession. The second generation of the Player Impact Engine expands physical play from just collisions to off-the-ball battles between players. Defenders can push and pull for position, and utilise their size and strength to force opponents into poor touches and decisions before the ball arrives. FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks provides the tools to create dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Position up to three players over the ball and utilise dummy runs and more passing options to outwit your opponent.

FIFA 13 delivers the largest and deepest set of game-changing features in the history of the franchise. Additional features and new modes will be revealed in the months ahead.

Key Features:

  • Attacking Intelligence - All-new positioning intelligence infuses attacking players with the ability to analyse plays, and to better position themselves to create new attacking opportunities. Players will work harder and smarter to break down defences, make runs that pull defenders out of position, and open passing channels for teammates. Plus, players possess an off-the-ball vision and the ability to think two plays ahead to create, curve, or alter runs to capitalize on openings as they occur.
  • Complete Dribbling - Make every touch matter with complete control of the ball. Take on defenders with the freedom to be more creative in attack. Players are more explosive accelerating with the ball, and utilise precise dribble touches with true 360° mobility with the ball while facing a defender. Face an opponent to threaten attack while moving with the ball in any direction to dodge tackles, or turn and shield the ball, maintaining position, and holding off defenders for longer stretches.
  • FIFA 13 1st Touch Control - A new system eliminates near-perfect control for every player by creating uncertainty when receiving difficult balls. Poor passes are harder to control, enabling defenders to capitalize on errant balls and poor touches. Factors such as defensive pressure, trajectory of the ball, and velocity of the pass all factor into a player’s success. Players with better control and skill stand out. Fewer perfect touches, the potential to over hit passes, more opportunity for loose balls, and greater balance between defending and attacking.
  • Player Impact Engine - The second generation of the award-winning physics engine expands physical play from just collisions to off-the-ball battles, giving defenders more tools to win back possession. Defenders can use their body to win possession, push and pull for position, and utilise their size and strength to force opponents into poor touches and decisions before the ball arrives.
  • FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks - Create dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Position up to three attacking players over the ball and confuse opponents with dummy runs, more passing options, and more elaborate free kicks. Opponents can counter by adding or subtracting players to the wall, creeping the wall forward, or sending a bullet man to intercept the pass or block the shot.
  • New Passes - Two new passing options give players the ability to finesse passes over the outstretched leg of a defender or play lower trajectory lofted through balls into space or to teammates.
  • FIFA 13 Fundamentals - Essential elements have been refined to make the experience more authentic. Referees will now make better decisions awarding fouls and cards, goalkeeper intelligence has been improved, and Tactical Defending has added lateral mobility for players in defensive containment. Plus, new animations have been developed for off-balance shots, 180° shots, and celebrations.
  • Complete Authenticity - Over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players.

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דירוג המוצר:

    Safety and promptitude
    A small price, first I was reluctant if it is ok to buy from here, beeing the first time. But I decided to give it a shot and I'm 100% satisfied with the safety system, the promptitude, and the price. This site is my first option when it comes to buying games :)

    פורסם על ידי 21st Jul 2013

    Took a few seconds to fulfill
    It easy and fast, thanks for helping me with my issues..!

    פורסם על ידי 23rd Dec 2012

    First time experience and definately not the last

    excellent service


    פורסם על ידי 15th Dec 2012

    First time customer
    Brilliant service - Quick delivery. 100% legit!

    פורסם על ידי 21st Oct 2012

    Great support, amazing service
    I have been very satisfied in buying from CJS CD Keys: good prices, quick and kind support, fast code shipment. I recommend it absolutely. I'll buy again here for sure!

    פורסם על ידי 4th Oct 2012

    My 2nd Purchase on CJS, and all though at first i was hesistent on purchasing FIFA 13 here.. but I'm glad I ended up getting it :) Paid & Received the CD Key Instantly in my email!

    Downloading as i type :)

    פורסם על ידי 2nd Oct 2012

    Just buy when its instock
    2nd purchase here, bought when in stock and received the key immediately.

    to whoever thinks this site is fake, dont worry its not. Its legit and so are its prices,would definitely recommend to a friend

    פורסם על ידי 1st Oct 2012

    I had to wait a bit for the re-stock (about 12 hours) but everything else is fine and working. thanks

    פורסם על ידי 1st Oct 2012

    very fast and easly
    I paid and i recive my key for a 30second like usualy.
    last year i buy fifa 12, no fifa 13.
    this is the site for next year for fifa 14 :)
    cjs-keys the best site

    פורסם על ידי 28th Sep 2012

    fast, safe, worth it, but not
    great game, the service was fast and simple.
    I give it 3 stars because they wrote that 23.5 GBP is 136 ILS and I got to pay 154 ILS, and it means they didn't exchanged it correctly from GBP to ILS

    So everytime you buy a game from here, check the price on the net before you buy

    פורסם על ידי 28th Sep 2012

    fast an safe.
    i bought the game like 15 mins ago. They sent my code immediately.

    cheap, fast, saft. like a boss.

    פורסם על ידי 28th Sep 2012

    Working fast
    Cjs-cdkeys sent my key immediately after buying.
    That was really satisfying.
    But it was a little tricky to foind out how to see your key. Prce is perfect :)

    פורסם על ידי 27th Sep 2012

    Working like a charm
    Just bought the game Yesterday night at 1 AM received my key at 10 AM , Game Downloading only need to wait the 27th to play :)

    Thanks CJS cheap And fast as usual

    פורסם על ידי 26th Sep 2012

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