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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley CD Key for Origin
Origin CD Keys
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Product Description

This is a genuine and brand new Sims 3: Dragon Valley CD Key which can be activated on Origin.

After purchasing the game, you can go to and collect your purchased CD Key.  You can then go to the Origin client and enter the code to activate your game!

After activating your key with the Origin client, you will be granted access to a digital download (legal, straight from EA) of the game.

Requires original Sims 3 game in order to play (not included)

Important activation instructions:

The key has to be activated on: .

Then you may download the game from Origin using the same login and password as on  


About the Game

Expansion pack - Original Sims 3 game required

Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It’s been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it’s not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they’ve used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrilen and O’Connell families for control of town. It’s tradition vs. progress; on which side will you stand?

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