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More than a decade in the making, the world's favourite real-time strategy game is finally returning. The original is still played by millions but this sequel makes the whole experience accessible and relevant to a whole new generation of players.

Control an army of vehicles, spaceships and soldiers
Fight the environment and the enemy in this deadly map
Battlegrounds range from deep space to verdant planets
Can you keep your cool as hundreds of enemies attack?

Once again you can choose to play as one of three races - the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg - as you're given complete control of their armies and their wildly different attack units and buildings. A new non-linear storyline featuring the human Terrans (expansion packs will cover the other two races) teaches the ropes and adds to the series' mythos with stunning new cut scenes.

It is online that the game really comes alive though, with ranked matches that instantly connect you to a player of the same skill level. Whichever way you play though the game combines all the action and immediacy of an action game with the complex strategy that has made the previous game such a legend.

Key Features

  • Really strategic: Sequel to the most popular real-time strategy game ever, with incredible new graphics featuring hundreds of units fighting together onscreen.
  • Expect the unexpected: No two story missions are ever the same as you battle everything from deadly lava flows to enemies that only attack at night.
  • World of StarCraft: The most feature packed multiplayer ever with a unique ladder system for ranked games, plus detailed matchmaking options, replay features and more.
  • Balance of power: Control a perfectly balanced mix of units, including brand new weapons of war and old favourites with enhanced abilities.
  • Do it yourself: New editing tool allows you to make your own custom maps and modifications, with a legion of fans ready to create their own flood of unique content.

About the Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Although they originally made console games, this Californian studio is best known for PC blockbusters WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo and the massively multiplayer online World of WarCraft. In 2008 they merged with Activision to become the biggest third party games publisher in the world.

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Product Reviews:

    Very good !
    At first I was afraid to buy from this site, but the whole process of buying was excellent !

    Posted by Or13th Sep 2014

    light speed fast
    without a site account, i finished my sc2 purcahse in 2 min and the game was ready to play in 10 min. excellent service.

    Posted by nikre10th Sep 2012

    perfect buying experience
    Got my cdkey to my mail instantly after payment, went to to register and voila, Laddering like a sick nerd baller since then.

    Posted by Ishay K15th Jun 2012

    2nd cd-key I bought, got it in 15 seconds, thanks :)

    Posted by Unknown2nd Jun 2012

    Very fast!!
    First buy from this site. Very fast response with the key.

    Thank you because exist :)

    Posted by mihai13th Sep 2011

    First buy from this site.
    Fast activation must say.
    I had a few miss-writings while the full process,panic a bit, but at the end it activated fine,so guys think about it, if something goes wrong throughout the activation it could be you as the problem.

    Posted by Unknown27th Jul 2011

    Very Good!
    The key was sent very fast about 10 mins after
    Great serice!!!

    Posted by Unknown15th Jul 2011

    Superfast service!

    Posted by Unknown16th Jun 2011

    Very good
    Realy good service and fast delivery (2 days in my case)

    Posted by Ivator8th Jun 2011

    Cheap & Fast
    Good store, is cheap and really fast delivery.

    Posted by oizo3d25th Feb 2011

    Real nice ! :)
    Great solution for those who do not agree to pay full price.

    Posted by Unknown3rd Nov 2010

    Perfect Servie, nice price
    i bought the key and i got it about 7 minutes later! i love this website!

    Posted by Unknown9th Sep 2010

    Fast and works perfect
    I got the key in a few minutes with the autokey system and all works fine =)

    Posted by Unknown8th Sep 2010

    the key is working.
    i ordered at 2 AM and recieved in about 11 PM.
    im curently downloading the client.
    and also its cheap

    Posted by pavel6th Sep 2010

    yes if you buy eu version it works in australia.

    Posted by Unknown29th Aug 2010

    Would this work for Australia?
    Hey guys, would this key work for AUS?

    Posted by Adam29th Aug 2010

    no problems at all
    everything went smootly no problems at all, im dl right now :D

    Posted by Petar23rd Aug 2010

    Seems to be working well
    Had to wait half a day for the key, probably cause they were closed or something. Key activated without a hitch though - downloading the client now!

    Posted by Unknown19th Aug 2010

    Again, great service CJS!
    I ordered usa sc2 key and realised i coulnd't use it down here in south east asia so cjs kindly let me swap it for 2 games of same value (transformers cybertron and bad company 2), both of which work 100% and were delivered in less than a day. Once again, great price, and great service CJS! Thanks =)

    Posted by Mike16th Aug 2010

    Just wish you stocked more US keys :) Thx CJS! Always honest.

    Posted by Unknown12th Aug 2010

    Almost perfect
    No problem with the key. Perfect price.

    Posted by Unknown12th Aug 2010

    Almost flawless
    The keys work fine (ordered 2x for friend and myself). Everything was smooth except I had to wait for like 12h+ hours to get the keys (since it was late night when I made the order so guess people do sleep at nights :D)
    Recommend this to everyone who likes SC2.

    Posted by Stuffy11th Aug 2010

    yes it work perfectly with granting an instant download

    Posted by Unknown10th Aug 2010

    Can i play b-net with this cd-key

    Posted by vvv10th Aug 2010

    Went fine
    Ordered it, made the payment and in less then half an hour I was able to collect the key. Everything worked fine.

    Posted by Stoyan10th Aug 2010

    Great service
    The key is working flawlessy, and the price is very good. Thank you!

    Posted by Andrea C.6th Aug 2010

    Good service
    Within 30 minutes of payment, I was able to get the CD key. Key works fine, game runs well, thank you!

    Posted by NakiBest4th Aug 2010

    Works as usual
    The goods (activation key) worked as usual. I've bought several Steam games now and now a game.

    Delivery took a while because the store was out of keys. Had the same problem with Tropico 3, but this time they solved the problem quickly.

    Posted by Greet Braadslee3rd Aug 2010

    Download Link reply
    You can get it straight from the battlenet/starcraft 2 website after registering the cd key to your bnet account. It's a 7gb download.

    Posted by Unknown31st Jul 2010

    Download using the blizzard downloader at

    Posted by Unknown29th Jul 2010

    Download link
    How do you download the game after buying a key? Can someone provide the download link

    Posted by Boogles29th Jul 2010

    GREAT! key work good. little slow to deliver but good price!

    Posted by jack S.28th Jul 2010

    not bad
    pretty good, took 24 hours for delivery but key works... starcraft 2 is downloading now nice

    Posted by Unknown28th Jul 2010

    awesome. i didn't get ripped off or anything heh

    Posted by Unknown28th Jul 2010

    Starcraft II
    nice price but the deliver its today (27th) and i still dont get my key.

    Posted by Unknown27th Jul 2010

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