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Product Description

This is a fully genuine, Out-Of-The-Box Sid Meier's Civilization V Steam CD Key (Region Free).

This product is completely region free and supports all languages (9 installation languages supported!).  This means that the activation code we send you is Region Free, and will activate on Steam from anywhere in the world.

EU Region

This product we are selling is sourced directly from the publisher, or an official distributor of the game publisher. The key is for the EU Region.  Israel is not EU.

Delivery Time

The Civilization V CD Keys will be delivered instantly after your payment, via our Autokey system.  Autokey is the name our our online delivery system, which enables customers to collect codes instantly after their payment.

About the Game

Everybody wants to rule the world, but only Civilization lets you do it from the comfort of your own home. The block-busting strategy series returns with the biggest overhaul in gameplay and graphics in its history.

Taking over the world has never been easier
Veterans can delve into the game's more complex options
The new combat system uses hexes, not squares, to move

Mixing the depth and versatility of previous PC sequels with the accessibility and pace of console hit Civilization Revolution, this all-new game lets you nurture a civilisation from prehistoric times and into the space age. That's the same as always - as is the ability to win by either military, diplomatic or cultural means - but the way you actually play the game is completely different.

Moving and attacking with your armies, monitoring and building your cities, and negotiating with allies and enemies - everything is now easier, quicker and more fun. With a revamped multiplayer hub and in-built tools to help you customise the game however you want this is the ultimate refinement of the ultimate strategy game.

Key Features

  • Rise of Nations: The biggest revamp in Civilization's history improves everything from the graphics to the artificial intelligence, with a game that's easier to play than ever.
  • Top to Bottom: Major interface changes make a more believable game world and an easier game to navigate, with hex-based movement and naturally growing city borders.
  • War Games: All-new battle system makes combat quicker and more tactical than ever before. Cities can now attack units directly and weight of numbers is no longer a guarantee of victory.
  • Online Conquest: Compete and co-operate with other fans online and take advantage of the in-built tools to enable fan made mods and game-changing extras.

About the Developer: Firaxis Games
Founded by some of the biggest names from old publisher MicroProse, this U.S. studio is best known for the Civilization strategy series by Sid Meier. Many other top developers have also contributed to the games though, as well as titles such as Alpha Centauri, Pirates! and Railroads!

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Product Reviews:

    Language problem
    Excellent, but I only have English and Russian whereas it's sensed to be a "all languages" product. Can CJS solve my problem please ?

    Posted by Ririply14th Apr 2013

    Verify that it's Gold Edition
    Amazing game, activated on steam and has all the languages. One major issue though, I had to chance up CJS and make sure they're going to give me proper key. The one they gave was for regular retail while the actual thing I bought was the Gold Edition.

    Make sure that you get the correct key! Otherwise amazing service.

    Posted by Unknown15th Feb 2013

    After some trouble, great customer service came through!
    First time I entered the code i had some problems activating on Steam, since Steam's customer support is awful, I suspected I may have just lost money.. However, CJ's customer service was excellent, after sending a replacement key (that worked) they upgraded for me to a better edition at no extra charge. Would do business again anytime!

    Posted by Chris27th Sep 2012

    all languages
    all languages but only in english and russian...

    what? all languages or only two?

    i dont get it

    can i play this in german, polish, chinese ?

    Posted by Languagefreak2nd Jul 2012

    excellent product
    being that I'm in Australia it takes a while for them to approve it due to different time zones but the code works like a charm, another very happy costumer. And its Game of the year edition who knew. thank you CJS

    Posted by lawrence23rd Apr 2012

    since im in Australia can i activate in australia?
    hi can this be activated in Australia


    Yes, it can

    Posted by Unknown22nd Apr 2012

    Awesome game at great price with only one hiccup
    CJS: Being based in Australia, we pay a ridiculous markup on games, I bought civ via cjs and steam refused to allow cd-key authentication (which is contrary to australian law) A few days after I contacted CJS they updated my steam account so I could access it, been great ever since.

    GAMES: completely redesigned from the ground up
    Once you get used to how the GUI works and the new combat tactics etc. it plays beautifully, I have been playing civ since it was first released and although I had my reservations at first, I now love this game more than any of the others. it is more balanced and the control system is so much easier to use whilst not dropping any of the small details of micro-management.

    Posted by Slipoch1st Sep 2011

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