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If truth is the first casualty of war then this is the strategy game where you get to play the executioner. It's not just enough to command your armies in World War II, you've also got to use every dirty trick in the book to achieve final victory.

Can you master the art of deception as well as war?
What R.U.S.E. actually stands for is a mystery in itself
Fight the battles of World War II on land, sea and air
Command armies of spies as well as just soldiers

Strategy games are often fiddly to control on a console but this easily solves that problem with a simple, direct interface that lets you simply point and click where you want your units to go. With that out of the way you can concentrate on all the special ruses to help spy on the enemy, hide information or trick you opponent with traps and decoys.

Whether it's cracking the enemy's codes so you can see what moves they're planning, using camouflage nets to set up ambushes or using dummy buildings to fool attacking bombers you'll never get anywhere in this game if you only play fair.

Key Features
  • Secrets and lies: Fight World War II the dirty way in an intense game of bluff and counter-bluff, where nothing is what it seems and deception is your greatest weapon.
  • Command & conquer: Command an entire army, from infantry troops to tanks, aircraft and artillery as you engage in the total war of WWII.
  • Art of illusion: Use tricks and ruses to gain the upper hand, from fielding spy planes and setting up ambushes to constructing whole fake armies and listening in on enemy plans.
  • The big picture: Compete on giant-sized battle maps that show every soldier in stunning detail or zoom out for a bigger picture where units are displayed only as plastic counters.
  • User friendly: Accessible interface mean even strategy novices can dive straight into the action, with no confusing menus or controls.
About the Developer: Eugen Systems
This Paris based developer specialises in real-time strategy games and started with Act of War: Direction for the PC in 2005 and its expansion pack High Treason. Their next big project is the innovative World War II strategy game R.U.S.E. for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

A permanent Broadband internet connection and creation of a Ubisoft log-in are required to play.

Developed by Eugen Systems, creators of the critically acclaimed strategy title Act of War: Direct Action™, R.U.S.E™ is a one-of-a-kind RTS game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war. Whether you’re camouflaging your troops, luring your opponent with decoy units or sabotaging his logistics: strategy is intuitive and carefully thought out at the same time.


Dimension is one of the fundamental aspects of R.U.S.E. The IRISZOOM Engine displays maps hundred times larger than in traditional RTS games, which makes raises strategy to an unprecedented scale and gives deception a lot more depth. With the zoom, you are able to both command your units as a chief-in-command and manage your troops at a tactical level as a ground officer, for example by deploying a fake offensive on your opponent’s HQ while carefully hiding your infantry in villages to ambush the surrounding tanks.


Deception is the essence of R.U.S.E.’s gameplay, just as it is the core of warfare: deception techniques such as espionage, decoys and radio silence played an essential role during World War II and continue to figure in modern conflicts. R.U.S.E. features deception cards - also known as ruses – that let you apply a deception technique to a specific sector in the map. The ruses are split into three categories : - Reveal : these ruses such as the Spy Plan or Decryption are useful in order to understand or uncover your enemy’s actions.


The Radio Silence or Camouflage Net will let you hide your troops or buildings from your opponent’s radar.


The last category of ruses is used to trick your enemy, to make him believe what you want him to believe. The Decoy Offensive simulates an attack to confuse your adversary.


Because fooling real people is the ultimate thrill, multiplayer plays a critical part in the R.U.S.E. experience.

Product Description

R.U.S.E is a one-of-a-kind RTS game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war.

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