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Need For Speed Most Wanted: Limited Edition CD Key for Origin
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Product Description

This is a brand new and totally genuine Need For Speed Most Wanted: Limited Edition CD Key for Origin.

This Activation Code / Serial is for use on Origin!
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Purchase Need for Speed Most Wanted to guarantee your Limited Edition version. Boost your progression faster than your friends by earning double Speed Points for your first four hours of multiplayer. Leave your friends and rivals in your rearview as you take control of two of the World’s hottest cars, equipped with the latest performance modifications and the exclusive Satin Black livery.

  • 4 Hours of Double Speed Points - Get double Speed Points for your first four hours of multiplayer.
  • 2 Limited Edition Vehicles - Get early access in online multiplayer to two of the World’s hottest cars complete with the exclusive Satin Black livery and the latest performance modifications. The ultimate in speed and style, there isn’t a more impressive piece of automotive engineering than the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale featuring these Limited Edition modifications:
  • Increased engine torque and acceleration with the Race Pack Powertrain modification.
  • Impact Protection to increase stability from heavy impact collisions.
  • The powerful, lightweight and super responsive 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S is perfect for ditching rivals at breakneck speed and comes equipped with these Limited Edition modifications:
  • Optimized Aerodynamic Body reducing drag for maximum top speed.
  • Efficient and sustained speed boost with the Nitrous Burn.

CD Key Information:

  • This game is English.  If you require a language other than English you can get the language packs here:
    Spanish (ES) Language Pack here (626 Mb)
    French (FR) Language Pack here (303 Mb)
    German (DE) Language Pack here (314 Mb)
  • This game is completely region free.
  • This game key will activate on Origin

Product Description

To be Most Wanted, you’ll need to outrun the cops, outdrive your friends, and outsmart your rivals. With a relentless police force gunning to take you down, you’ll need to make split second decisions. Use the open world to your advantage to find hiding spots, hit jumps and earn new vehicles to keep you one step ahead.

In true Criterion Games fashion, your friends are at the heart of your experience. In an open world with no menus or lobbies, you’ll be able to instantly challenge your friends and prove your driving skill in a variety of seamless multiplayer events. Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top. In this world, there can only be one Most Wanted.


  • Open World Action - Lose the cops – your way. Hit jumps and shortcuts, lay low, or shake the cops in surroundings that play to your car's unique strengths. Freedom is everything. Drive anywhere with your friends, discover hidden gameplay or utilize your knowledge of the city to beat them in a never-ending supply of challenges.
  • Non-Stop Multiplayer - Pick a car, hook up with friends and jump into a non-stop playlist of tight, competitive events. No lobby screens means the action never stops. Score big, rank up and earn endless rewards and upgrades. Keep the fierce rivalries going between events with endless opportunities to race, battle and explore in a huge open world.
  • Beat Your Friends - Autolog 2 ratchets up the intense competition with personalized race recommendations and feeds broadcasting all of your most newsworthy scores, speeds and times to your friends. Earn Need for Speed points at all times on any system as you try to outdrive your friends and become the Most Wanted.
  • Racing Without Rules - It’s survival of the fastest as Need for Speed Most Wanted fuses the franchise’s, authentic “real car” feel with the intense speed and aggression of Burnout. Power down, slide out, and battle your way past cops and rivals using pure driving skill, and heavy doses of nitrous.

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Product Reviews:

    Best racing game ever played
    Aside from not having deep car customization like NFS underground, everything else shines. BEST graphics in any racing game ever, very fun, and a good balance between realism and burn out. 10/10 for me, must own.

    Posted by Emanuel17th Jan 2013

    muy bueno
    la espera a merecido la pena garcias a cjs todo a sido mas facil

    lo k ma pasado a sido la primero vez pero san portado de muy bien conmigo

    Posted by teo7th Nov 2012

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