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Eve Online 30 day Time Card
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Product Description

This product gives 30 days of playtime on Eve Online and is for extending existing accounts.  You can also use it when registering new accounts.




Epic scale of conflict ranging from small skirmish engagements to fl eet battles with hundreds of ships.

Advanced player-driven economy brings industrialists, couriers, smugglers, and traders into a true player-driven supply and demand market.

Real-time skill training and no class restrictions. Skill gain progresses whether the player is logged in or not, offering a much more level playing fi eld for time-limited and casual gamers. Build a character tailored to your playstyle from a list of over 300 skills.

EXPLORE THOUSANDS OF SOLAR SYSTEMS: Pioneer hidden worlds, archaeological treasures and ancient civilizations in the far reaches of space.
Discover valuable resources and hostile enemies in unclaimed territories and deep regions of space.

: Compete in markets, establish trade routes, manage industrial operations, and build an empire.
Harvest resources and manufacture goods. Create trade contracts or sell them to the highest bidder.

: Take part in alliance conflicts and massive fleet engagements with true world-shaping consequences.
Use built-in voice comms to announce calls to action, manage fl eets and coordinate squadrons of ships.

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