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This product is a brand new and unused Echo Lake CD Key for Steam.

Immediately after payment, you will be sent a unique and unused CD Key which can be activated on Steam. You can collect this activation code from our Autokey page.? Simply enter your code into the Steam client (available free from This will then grant you to a full digital download of the game.

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About Echo Lake:

Enter the moonlit world of Echo Lake: a single-player adventure game currently in development via Steam (PC) Early Access. The current version (Alpha 2.0) contains:

An ambient puzzle/exploration mode that requires mastery of stars and sea-life. Take on the role of 9-year-old Kit as you explore the lake in your rowing boat. Utilise a unique telescope as you discover constellations that merge space with nature. Create stars and command sea-life to expand your abilities and uncover secrets scattered throughout the lake.

An intense action/scavenging mode that requires management of oxygen, health and energy. Blast into space as you explore the cosmos in your rocket ship. Master your thrusters, collect valuable resources and avoid hazards as you shoot for the high score. Locate beacons to pinpoint fading signals and follow your radar to find lost transmissions.


  • Navigate the Moonlit 'Echo Lake' in your Rowing Boat
  • Explore the Depths of Space in your Rocket Ship
  • Stunning 2D Art Style that Blends Space & Nature
  • Cinematic Ambient/Action Soundtrack to Enjoy
  • 96 Dynamic Constellation Puzzles to Solve
  • Randomly-Generated Galaxy to Explore
  • Ability Enhancing Lenses to Discover
  • Secret Pickups to Find

Last Updated: 30th June 2018

Warranty Information

Full warranty offered! We guarantee a working key, or a full refund.

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