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This is an Ultraviolet digital copy code for Defiance Season 1 (SD).  Instantly after your payment, you will receive an unused redeem code, which can be entered into the UltraViolet website in order to get a legal digital download and/or stream of the movie!

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Defiance isn't the first science fiction television show to find the planet Earth in a bit of trouble, but it does still have identity of its own. The setting here is the near future, where Earth has been all-but-destroyed after a war with aliens. Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan, played by Grant Bowler, has the job of trying to keep piece in one of the remaining frontier towns, but he name of Defiance. It is not, as you might expect, an easy job.

Defiance is a show that firmly hits the ground running too, courtesy of a strong opening. The episodes that follow, and there are 13 in all here, are a little bumpier, and the show finds it firmest footing when it's dealing with the fighting and politics between the cast of characters. That proves to be more interesting than the straight-out science fiction elements of the show, although some of the effects are terrific to look at.

Still, it's a consistently interesting series this, that does take a while to fully find its feet, but it's worth bearing with. The disc package is rounded out with a selection of deleted scenes and a gag reel too, which prove to be fun diversions. A solid series in all, with some strong moments. --Jon Foster


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