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Product Description

This is a genuine, Out-Of-The-Box Activation Code for Child of Eden full game download via XBOX Live

Delivery via autokey system.

This game can be activatd on Xbox Live in order to get a full download of the game.  FOR EU REGION ONLY.


Example of what you will receive:

elder scrolls skyrim xbox live download

Product Information:


What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a unique and unused Xbox Live code which will give you a full download of the game.  You can activate the cd key in XBOX, and it will grant you to a full download of the game. Once downloaded you can play the game in any region and language. (EU version)

Is each product key unique?

Yes.  Each key can only be used once, this means that each customer gets a unique code.  Once activated on Xbox Live, the code will be ‘used’ and the product key will be permanently binded to your XBOX LIVE account.

Once CJS CD Keys sell the code, we discard of the physical CD Key for security purposes, and recycle the boxes.

Game Information:

Kinect sensor required to play

Child of Eden thrusts the player into the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is invaded by an unknown virus. The player's mission is to save Eden from the virus, restoring hope and peace.

  • Multi-sensory effect: A visionary entertainment experience that synchronizes stunning graphics and innovative sound design to electrify the senses. By bringing physics in synergy with spectacular visuals and audio, Child of Eden is creating the next-generation sensory experience
  • The world of Eden: Coming straight from Tetsuya Mizuguchi's creative mind: a unique, surprising, rich and beautiful world
  • Controls: Simple and natural. Designed for standard controllers and Kinect for Xbox 360. With no controller required, Kinect for Xbox 360 adds an extra dimension to the experience as the player truly merges into the game. The sensor will detect the player's body movements, allowing for a completely new multi-sensory shooting game experience


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