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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 CD Key for Steam
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Product Description

This product is a brand new CD Key for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which can be activated on Steam.

The product you are viewing right now is an EU Multi-language CD Key.

Want to save even more money?

If you are looking to save even more money, we also offer a language locked version of this CD Key at just £23.50 HERE!  It's a polish CD Key, so Steam will only download the Polish language pack for that version.  It needs a simple language fix which is detailed on the product page, which will allow you to play the game in english.  If you aren't comfortable with using a language pack, then you should purchase the EU multi-language version of the game (this product).

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  • This key is sourced from the EU. It is NOT a russian key.
  • This key is 100% region free.
  • The key is NOT a german or polish key.  It is the full uncut version.  It does however activate in Germany and Poland without problems since it's totally region free.
  • The CD Key is multi-language.  (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) amongst others.  It does NOT need any kind of language fix at all.

The official name of this product is Call of Duty - Black Ops II Retail (RoW).

Upon activation of this key, the following subscriptions will appear in your Steam Library:

activate black ops 2

Why buy Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 CD Key from CJS CD Keys?

There are a number of great reasons why we believe CJS CD Keys is the best place to order your Black Ops 2 CD Key!

  • Fast Delivery - Our instant delivery system, Autokey, allows us to dispatch thousands of Black Ops 2 CD Keys to all of our customers within seconds.  This level of delivery speed is unmatched amongst our competitors.  While our competitors spend days manually emailing the codes to customers, our automatic system means that the keys are instantly accessible to all customers.
  • Reliable - CJS CD Keys have been around since November 2009.  During that time, we've become one of the biggest digital download key stores online.  Since starting, we've built up a customer base of over 60,000 customers, with over 26,000 facebook fans on our Facebook Page
  • Trusted - Over the years, we've built up a huge reputation.  CD Key buyers often comment on our high speed of service and fast delivery.  You can read over 4000 reviews about our company on our Trustpilot Reviews Page
  • Cheap - We work hard to ensure our prices are always considerably cheaper than other retail stores.  With our cheap prices and instant delivery combined, there should be no reason why anyone would buy directly from Steam instead!  CJS CD Keys offer the same level of instant service, but at a cheaper price! 
  • Highly Acclaimed - Over the years, CJS CD Keys have accepted many awards from organisations who have recognised our achievements within the game industry.  You can read about the awards we've won on our Company Profile Page.


Thanks for reading! We look forward to serving you.

How to activate Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam Key?

You are purchasing a brand new Steam Key for Black ops 2.  This CD Key can be entered into Steam in order to get a full digital download of the game.  The activation code that you are purchasing is sourced from the EU, and is totally region free. It will function worldwide.  Each CD Key sold from our store is brand new, unique, and unused.  The CD key can be activated once, on 'Steam'.  Steam is a free download client, available from

Once activated, the CD key will be binded to your steam account.  After that, you can log into your Steam account in order to download and play your game from anywhere in the world, at any time.

To provide our customers with peace of mind, we offer the codes as scanned images of the original game manuals.  Each CD Key is sourced from an official boxed copy of the game.  this ensures that your game key is always taken from a brand new sealed copy.  Nobody will see your CD Key except you.  


Black Ops 2 Steamworks Information:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a steamworks title. This means that activation codes inside boxed copies of the game will function on Steam, to get a full digital download of the game.  As a result, Black Ops 2 CD Keys sold by CJS CD Keys will function on steam and can be used as digital download keys.

Buy Call of Duty®: Black Ops II now from CJS CD Keys.

The CD Key will function on Steam, which means that our product will allow you to get a full digital download of the game.  This is an original and unused CD Key sourced from Europe.  It is region free and includes all languages.  It will activate without problems in all of Europe, USA, Australia, etc.

This product will activate in all regions and will play in all languages.

This is a scanned image of the original unused game key that is printed on the back of the game manual.  Each photo is unique and is taken from a brand new sealed copy of the game, bought from authorised distributors within the EU.  This means you will have guaranteed quality and proof of purchase.

This item can be activated on steam in order to get a full digital download of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

About the Game

Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops II propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare.

Futuristic missions give you new weapons and scenarios to get to grips with The CLAW is a Cognitive Land Assault Weapon that can be utilised as an in-game vehicle Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a new story with elements and characters from previous games Attacks come from land and sky with the new quadrotor guns Combining incredible high-dynamic range graphics and sensational new gameplay, Black Ops II sets you off on secret operations as Frank Woods – the protagonist from the original Black Ops game.

The non-linear storyline will see you battling during a futuristic Cold War, as well as tackling flashbacks from historical missions and playing as various members of the Mason family. Every decision you make during this story will affect future consequences, giving you a different experience every time you play. With new futuristic weapons, the chance to master a number of different vehicles and modes of transport, and a mysterious villain - known simply as Raul Menendez - Black Ops II is set to be the ultimate Call of Duty game.

Beyond the Campaign Alongside the epic Campaign and branching story is the all-new Multiplayer mode. New maps, new game-styles and new perks make this the most engaging Multiplayer yet! The fantastic Call of Duty Elite service is provided for free alongside the action-packed game, allowing you to use a number of incredible features which will enhance and extend your Multiplayer experience. Zombies Mode also makes a comeback with a series of challenging maps and missions that enable you to fight off the dead in even more ways.

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Product Reviews:

    Excellent Service!
    Purchased two key from you today and just wanted to thank you for the extremely speedy service. Everything worked just fine, and without a single hitch. Keep up the great work, and I'll definitely be back to you in the future too. Thanks!

    Posted by Nipper14th May 2016


    Posted by yo8th Apr 2016

    Couldn't believe it
    Super awesome, safe, fast, no hassle, just buy and collect.
    Thanks CJS!

    Posted by Unknown18th Sep 2014

    Fast System
    The best, fastest system EVER! You should absulouty buy from here. Its safe and fast.
    I got the key in seconds i didnt even wait for it!
    Im gona buy some more games from here :D

    Posted by Unknown27th Apr 2014

    It is super easy to pay and receive you're code!

    (and much cheaper than everywhere else)

    Posted by Unknown26th Mar 2014

    i just saw on some forum, check this site ,, see the reviews , then check price which is good deal.
    so sign up , then checkout.

    now Im downloading the game,,.

    definitely gonna check for more good deals

    Posted by FetZzo4th Mar 2014

    Black op II super priced
    first time I done this and found the service very good and secure would highly recommend coming here ..cheapest place I found and iv look everywhere..(eBay/amazon/game..etc..etc)

    Posted by john3rd Feb 2014

    I purchased the steam key for black ops 2 and have to say the speed, ease of use and the ability to pay by paypal is excellent service, code worked fine and game is installed and playing with no hitches whatsoever. I know where to come next time I need a game, this will be my first port of call.

    Big thank you for the service and the saving.

    Posted by Tony18th Dec 2013

    Will buy from again!
    Great service and the key works. Had to run through the fraud check but I think that's due to my stupidity of signing up with a email different than my paypal. Was still painless and quick!

    Posted by Unknown25th Apr 2013

    Incredibly quick, efficient and easy. As always CJS, thank you!

    Posted by Dan8th Jan 2013

    Fast Service
    as always quick and easy each time it has took less than 2 mins from adding to cart to getting the key..not had any problems at all and I keep telling friends about this place..keep up the good work guys :)

    Posted by Jon26th Dec 2012

    Excellent service!!
    I got my key with Autokey as soon as I verified my account, and the scanned key was readable so I had no problems. Thanks :)

    Posted by TheBIGBOIY23rd Dec 2012

    Great serbive
    great fast service got my copy in seconds had some trouble ordering my second copy for the misses hope they fix the problem soon

    Posted by justin everingham26th Nov 2012

    3rd time buyer from here, and even though this time they took longer to deliver than usuall (hehe) still can't compare the service and the reliabillity of the keys they sell!

    Posted by Unknown25th Nov 2012

    The autokey service is great! i got the cd key in less than a minute after buying, i had some trouble reading and activiting the code but a submit a tickets and they respond after 2 hours.
    5 out of 5

    Posted by Unknown24th Nov 2012

    here must be the cheapest key, amazing
    this is not my first time purchasing from cjs-cdkeys, every times i am satisfied with their production. this time, the cd key is awesome. at least save about 22 dollars and nuke town is also included. as far as i know, many other cd key stores don't have nuke town included but the price is still high. cjs is soooo great

    Posted by char21st Nov 2012

    CJS Keep delivering.
    I keep buying and CJS keep delivering, the new AutoKey system is exactly what they needed to cement themselves as probably the best site out there, will always buy again.

    Posted by Unknown20th Nov 2012

    Sent Replacement Key
    Had an issue of a duplicate key, took a little long, but I was provided with a replacement key. I will purchase from here again, and I hope I have a better experience next time around.

    Posted by Unknown19th Nov 2012

    I was going to buy this game but i`ve seen a lot of ppl saing that if you use russian keys for BO2 the game it`s gonna stop working. Activision scans your region and if u`re not from russia i can`t play. Is this true ???!


    Yes this is true, however our CD Keys are NOT russian. We are selling EU keys which are totally region free multi-language.

    Posted by MSGaBe17th Nov 2012

    First time using CJS
    Got my key in less than 2 minutes! Thanks!

    Posted by Chris16th Nov 2012

    Great as always
    This is about the 30th time i have used CJS and every time i have always had my key within a few minutes. This was by far the quickest key delivery to date. It was ready for collection as soon as i had finished checking out.

    Once again Thank you

    Posted by Xtrm16th Nov 2012

    every single game I have bought from you I have been screwed around taking 3 days to get me a key..
    about time you sorted your shit out and finally
    I got my black ops key 3 hours later
    finally you fixed your shit together
    now I may buy off you again and get others to buy off you

    Posted by Kain16th Nov 2012

    Quite good delivery
    Bought game! If there would not be anti-fraud for me..would be any better,but I still respect,that you care about customer - fast,as always,but you I believe you need to hire more people for "support" team.
    Thank you.

    Posted by Elins Kornivsky15th Nov 2012

    exceptional service
    Fast delivery time, was accidentally sold a duplicate key HOWEVER I was soon given a replacement, which is something I doubt other sites would do. Highly recommended.

    Posted by Unknown14th Nov 2012

    Fast and Cheap
    I pre-ordered the game and got the key very fast this is the best price i could find on the internet ;D

    Posted by Vesnica14th Nov 2012

    Its Great!
    I Can Say The Key Is Working! And The Key Got Delivered Very Fast!

    Posted by Unknown14th Nov 2012

    The Service is Perfect!
    I must say the service and the quality & the delivery is perfect, without any issues, not my first time here, iv'e purchased from CJS many times and always everything went great, I recommend on this site!! 5 Stars!!

    Posted by Stas14th Nov 2012

    Black Ops 2 legit and fast
    Black ops 2 cd key got dilivered in seconds! Very fast. Another happy costumer here.

    Posted by Unknown14th Nov 2012

    Instant delivery!
    I just bought this game and I got the key after 1 minute after de purchase. Got Black Ops 2 + Nuketown 2025 map.

    Posted by Arta13th Nov 2012

    Thanks for CJS keys . nice stuff
    Check your junk folder, maybe one of cjs stuff send it manually. THANKS. BTW I purchase this item on 29 june 2012 but I don't know why I didn't get NUKETOWN 2050

    Posted by Ali Albash13th Nov 2012

    Quality of service is insane!
    I ordered this and got it instantly :D
    Also i noticed there is no nuketown on the library
    So i contacted cjs and nearly instantly got a reply
    The nuketown map is found under property in multiplayer then DLC
    Very highly recommended

    Posted by Pulstura13th Nov 2012

    Nice Work As all ways
    Thanks got the key fast and im all ways happy with this website

    Posted by Unknown13th Nov 2012

    Quality Service and instant
    Very good service! Will always buy my keys from here now awesome service and extremely fast key delivery

    Posted by Al12th Nov 2012

    got key with all DLC, best price out there

    Posted by jobbo12th Nov 2012

    Fast as usual
    got my key instantly.
    best service!

    Posted by Unknown12th Nov 2012

    Got key instantly, works 100% with all DLC. Thanks again CJ's you mad doggz

    Posted by Snoop12th Nov 2012

    BO 2
    just got the key thk you so much CJS

    Posted by Unknown12th Nov 2012

    when will we receive the key we are the 12th november???
    when will we receive the key we are the 12th november???


    Keys are now available with instant delivery.

    Posted by Unknown12th Nov 2012

    If we purchase this game early...
    Will we receive our game code the day the preorders come out?

    Posted by Balls Deep1st Jul 2012

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