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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare CD Key for Steam
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Product Description

This product is a brand new CD Key for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which can be activated on Steam.

The product you are viewing right now is an EU Multi-language CD Key. It is totally region free and works worldwide.

Why buy at CJS CD Keys?

CJS CD Keys are the ONLY CD Key shop to give a TRULY automated service.  While other distributors may send keys via an online system, you must wait up to 1 hour for staff to manually check your order and approve it.  Here at CJS, we have implemented advanced heuristic systems to automatically detect and combat fraud, which means that legitimate customers are approved INSTANTLY after payment!  NO waiting around for staff to manually approve your order!

We also offer a guarantee that our customers will always receive a fully working key, or your money back!  We only source our keys from leading distributors, and we provide the game keys as a scan of the original code on the game manual, to give our customers assurance of legitimacy and full proof of purchase!  

Lastly, and possibly the best point about our website, is the PRICE!  While Steam charge £39.99 for this amazing new game, CJS CD Keys offer it at just £29.99!! (at time of writing).  That's a full £10 off the usual price you'll find anywhere else!  We acheive these prices by sourcing games from all over the world, and passing the regional discounts to our customers.  All of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare keys that we sell are completely region free and multi-language.

Pre-order Delivery Schedule:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Steam Keys are in stock now, with instant delivery! Buy now and you will receive a scan of your CD Key instantly after payment. You can activate it immediately on Steam!

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  • This key is sourced from the EU. It is NOT a russian key.
  • This key is 100% region free.
  • This game is the full uncut version. It does still activate in Germany and Poland without problems since it's totally region free.
  • The CD Key is multi-language.  (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) amongst others.

The official name of this product is Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare Retail (RoW).

Upon activation of this key, the game will appear in your Steam library.

Why buy Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare CD Key from CJS CD Keys?

There are a number of great reasons why we believe CJS CD Keys is the best place to order your COD:AW CD Key!

  • Fast Delivery - Our instant delivery system, Autokey, allows us to dispatch thousands of COD: Advanced Warfare CD Keys to all of our customers within seconds upon release.  This level of delivery speed is unmatched amongst our competitors.  While our competitors spend days manually emailing the codes to customers, our automatic system means that the keys are instantly accessible to all customers.
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How to activate Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Steam Key?

You are purchasing a brand new Steam Key for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  This CD Key can be entered into Steam in order to get a full digital download of the game.  The activation code that you are purchasing is sourced from the EU, and is totally region free. It will function worldwide.  Each CD Key sold from our store is brand new, unique, and unused.  The CD key can be activated once, on 'Steam'.  Steam is a free download client, available from

Once activated, the CD key will be binded to your steam account.  After that, you can log into your Steam account in order to download and play your game from anywhere in the world, at any time.

To provide our customers with peace of mind, we offer the codes as scanned images of the original game manuals.  Each CD Key is sourced from an official boxed copy of the game.  this ensures that your game key is always taken from a brand new sealed copy.  Nobody will see your CD Key except you.  


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Steamworks Information:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a steamworks title. This means that activation codes inside boxed copies of the game will function on Steam, to get a full digital download of the game.  As a result, COD: Advanced Warfare CD Keys sold by CJS CD Keys will function on steam and can be used as digital download keys.

This product will activate in all regions and will play in all languages.

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About the Game

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history. Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare envisions a powerful future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award® winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons - one of the most powerful men in the world - shaping this chilling vision of the future of war. 

Power Changes Everything. 

An Advanced World: 

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes place in a plausible future in which technological progress and today’s military practices have converged with powerful consequences. 
  • In this carefully researched and crafted vision, Private Military Corporations (PMCs) have become the dominant armed forces for countless nations outsourcing their military needs, redrawing borders and rewriting the rules of war. 
  • And Jonathan Irons, the founder and president of the world’s largest PMC - Atlas Corporation - is at the center of it all.

An Advanced Soldier: 

  • Powerful exoskeletons evolve every aspect of a soldier’s battle readiness, enabling combatants to deploy with an advanced lethality and eliminating the need for specialization. 
  • The introduction of this gameplay mechanic delivers enhanced player movement and verticality through boost jumps and grappling, covert cloaking abilities, and biomechanics that provide unparalleled strength, awareness, endurance, and speed. 
  • With the advent of the exoskeleton and newly advanced armor and weaponry, every soldier commands tactical freedom in any terrain unlike ever before, fundamentally changing the way gamers play Call of Duty across all modes.

An Advanced Arsenal: 

  • Harnessing the power of next-gen platforms, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare introduces a new hi-tech, advanced arsenal and ability set, arming players with all-new equipment, technology, perks, and vehicles like hoverbikes and highly specialized drones. 
  • Players can also choose between standard ammunition and an all-new class of directed-energy weaponry that enables totally new gameplay dynamics. 
  • And with exoskeletons delivering a massive force multiplier and unprecedented tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare evolves every firefight.

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Product Reviews:

    nearly 36 hours passed, still the key is out of stock!!
    Hey, Its been nearly 36 hours I still havent' gotten my key for order 509388!! .. i started support ticket, no response yet.

    So frustrated! please help!!

    Posted by Abbas7th Jan 2015

    got it quick and easy
    easy pay, got it realy quick (1 min), work great.
    good game :)

    Posted by liam28th Nov 2014

    Good and Fast
    I purchased the key and I got it 100%

    But I'm a litlle confused. On steam I have 2 COD to install
    COD AW and COD AW Multiplayer... Should I install the 2 of them?

    Posted by RuiVieira24th Nov 2014

    Another awesome key product, quick and easy
    Thanks CJS :)

    Posted by Unknown18th Nov 2014

    Got The Game in an Instant
    Bought Call of Duty AW Standard Edition. Took only about 2 minutes for order to be confirmed. Downloading game in Steam now.

    Posted by Dave15th Nov 2014

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