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Battlefield V CD Key for Origin
Origin CD Keys
Pre-order now and receive in time for release! (Midnight 18th Oct 2018)

Pre-orders are delivered 12-24 hours before release, so you can pre-download.

Remember, early pre-orders always benefit from the best prices!

Product Description

Battlefield V PC Download Key (Activation Code) for Origin.  

EA Download

We now have BETA ACCESS keys in stock!  Buy a beta access key HERE!

Battlefield 5 Release Date:

Battlefield V Origin Keys are due to be released worldwide on October 19, 2018. 

We will deliver CD Keys to customers around 12-24 hours before the relase of the game, giving you a chance to pre-load and play at the moment of release.

How to get your Cheap Battlefield 5:

Delivery of your Battlefield V CD Key will be via our Autokey page. This product is a genuine and unused activation code for Battlefield V that can be activated online on EA's Origin Software.  Once activated, you will be granted to a legal PC Download of the game.

You also can activate the key you receive on the official EA website, HERE.  After activation, you can download Battlefield 5 from EA's official servers and play immediately after the download is completed.

Battlefield 5 Multi-language Scan CD Key for Origin:

This version of Battlefield 5 is a multi-language, region free scan which is sourced from the EU.  It is NOT a russian key.  It will enable you to play Battlefield V in English, French, German, Italian, and all other languages.

Want Battlefield 5 at the best price worldwide?

You can get Battlefield 5 at the cheapest price by using our special 5% off Discount code, available by becoming a fan of our Facebook Page.

Get even more value for money when pre-ordering Battlefield 5 by opting to receive a RANDOM Steam Key on the check-out page.  For just £1.99 extra, you can receive a Random Steam Key, worth a minimum of £2.99 but possibly worth up to £39.99 if you hit the jackpot!

Battlefield 5 Origin Keys sold by CJS CD Keys are guaranteed authentic keys.  You have full buyer protection with every purchase, included at no extra cost.


Battlefield 5 CD Key Activation Information:

This Activation Code can be used on Origin to download Battlefield V.  If you're unsure about whether to pre-order the game, you can test out the upcoming Closed Beta by purchasing a Battlefield 5 beta code, which will be available to purchase at a very low price on CJS soon!

The battlefield 5 activation code we sell is a region free activation code which can be used on Origin. When you activate battlefield 5 on origin, you will get a choice of all languages. Simply select the language that you would like to play the game in, and the game will start downloading. Once downloaded the game will be ready to play.

All of the codes we sell are sent as scanned images. This ensures that you have full proof-of-purchase of the game, should you ever need it.

The game will be sent to customers approximately 12-24 hours before release date. This gives our customers a chance to pre-load the game, ready for playing on the moment of the game's release.  These keys are unique and unused. Once you activate them on Origin, you can download the game legally and at high speed. All of the activation codes for battlefield V that we sell are sourced from brand new and sealed boxes, which are purchased from authorised distributors. 

We can achieve extremely competitive prices because of the way our business works. We import the games from distributors in the EU, and sell the activation codes as digital downloads. This allows us to provide very good prices to our customers, since we import the game from countries in poorer markets, allowing customers from richer countries to get a very good discount off the retail price of the game.


Product Information:

Origin CD Key:

This game can be activated on the Origin Client which will grant you to a digital download via Origin. Origin is a free software from EA Games, which allows customers to download full games legally and at high speed to their PC.


This product is an actual photograph / scanned image of the unique unused activation key that is found inside one of the retail packages that we buy directly from authorised distributors.  The code can be used on the Origin software to grant you to a digital download of the game, allowing you to download and play the game without needing a disc.  Once downloaded and installed, you can play the game on both single player and multiplayer.

By issuing photographic keys, you have assurance that the CD Key is sourced from official, authorized distributors.


When you activate this game on Origin, it will give you a choice of all worldwide languages.


This game can be activated and played worldwide.  There are no region locks in place.


This activation key can only be activated once.  Once activated, it will be permanently bound to your Origin account. You can download this game using Origin as many times as you want.  You can install this game on up to 5 computers at the same time, but you can only play the game on 1 computer at a time.


CJS Keys are commited to delivering genuine games at the best possible prices, with 100% customer satisfaction rate.  If you are not satisfied with your code in any way, we will offer you with a full refund, replacement, or alternative game - no questions asked.  


You can read full instructions about how to activate your Battlefield 5 Digital Download below:

First, add Battlefield 5 to your shopping cart, and check out using any of our easy payment methods.  After you complete your purchase with us, head over to our AutoKey system.

Bf5 CD Key discount

You will see your order listed there. Simply press the 'collect' button, and you will be presented with a photograph of your Battlefield V serial number, which can be redeemed on Origin.

Example of what your Battlefield V Key will look like:


Now, head over to or to the Origin client, log in, and click the redeem battlefield V product code button.  Then enter the battlefield 5 key that you recieved. 

battlefield v CD Key activation

After activation, you will get a choice of languages to choose from. Select the language that you would like to install the game in.  You can install Battlefield 5 in almost all popular languages.

battlefield 5 release date

Once you've done that, you'll be able to see Battlefield V n your game list on the Origin Client.  From here, you can simply press 'pre-load' to begin preloading the game!


Simply click the Download button, and install the game. Once the game has downloaded and installed, you will be able to launch the game by clicking on the battlefield 3 game launcher icon.  Once you've launched the game, you can play on both single player and multi player!  Battlefield 3 will be permanently assigned to your Origin account. This means that you can re-install the game or re-download the game whenever you want, as many times as you want.


Battlefield 5 CDKeys

Activation Information:

The keys dispatched by our online store, are actual scans of an original and unique game manual, where the CD Key can be found on the back.

Note: These keys are for use with the Origin digital download software, available free from EA.

After activating your key with Origin, you will be granted access to a digital download (legal, straight from EA) of the game, which will work fully online in multiplayer and singleplayer.  Once downloaded and installed, the game can be played on your PC, just as if you bought a physical disc version of the game!


Save even more on Battlefield V:


battlefield 5 promo discount coupon code

* -  Special 10% refer-a-friend Deal is only valid during the period that the deal is displayed on our website.  Only the referrer will receive the discount. Discount will be processed within 1 working day by way of a partial refund of 10% of the purchase amount that you paid for Battlefield 5.  This deal is not to be used in conjuction with any other discount deal that CJS CD Keys has in place.  To take part in the deal, the customer must email us with the Order ID, Name, and Phone number of the friend who they referred.  If the details match, we will apply the discount.  If the details given do not match, we reserve the right to decline the issue of discount.


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Warranty Information

Full warranty offered. We guarantee a working code, or your money back.

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