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Anno 2070 Complete Edition CD Key
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Product Description

This item is a genuine activation code for Anno 2070 Complete Edition.  It is an unused CD Key taken directly from a brand new and unused game box.

This game can be downloaded legally using the Ubisoft Download Manager.

How to Download Anno 2070: Complete Edition Instantly:

You can legally download this game using the free Ubisoft Download Manager.  Download Anno 2070 legally and free by CLICKING HERE.  After download, you can enter the activation code that you purchased in order to activate the game.

Once activated, the game will function without issues in all regions and all languages.

The Anno 2070 Complete Edition includes:

  • Anno 2070
  • All DLC packs released to date
  • Anno 2070 Deep Ocean
  • Exclusive premium content
  • How To Activate Anno 2070 product key:

    The activation code we send you is for the retail version of the game. It is for use with the game installer. You will need the game installation files to activate our key with. You can use our key with any retail game disc or downloaded ISO image. It is a legal game key and will authenticate with the official authentication servers.

    Anno 2070: Complete Edition Game information:

    Requires an internet connection during installation and to access multiplayer features.

    New content supporting a deeper experience

    Dive underwater and take advantage of over 80 brand new items to develop your industries, strengthen your economy, and exploit new energetic resources.

  • Benefit from geothermal energy by supplying your islands above the waterline with a massive amount of energy.
  • Customize Techs’ city with new decorative Techs ornamentals

    New challenges and new achievements to complete
  • Take part to over 150 new challenging quests and play a new campaign based on missions on Hiro Ebashis new experimental energy source.
  • Extend your territory through “Hostile Takeover” online feature
  • Undergo hostile natural disasters such as Tsunami –in the cooperative online mode together with a friend.

    Unlocked DLC Content
  • The Development Package (Mini-Campaign)
  • The Guardian Package (new buildings)
  • Eden Line Package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
  • Central Statistical Package (new building skins)
  • Crisis Response Package (2 new missions)
  • Distrust Series Package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
  • Silent Running Package (New Submarine vehicle and skins)
  • Ornamenals Nordamark (Buildings and skins)
  • Paket E.V.E (UI overhaul)
  • World Event “Free Eden”
  • World Event „The Nordamark Conflict“
  • World Event “Global Distrust”

    Exclusive Premium Content
  • The complete Anno 2070 Soundtrack
  • The updated Tree of Technologies poster

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      Must have!
      Epic game, this is the hardcore version of SimCity 5 and even though it was released earlier it has better graphics and better features.

      Posted by Unknown14th Jun 2014

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