How to change Titanfall Russian or Polish into English - language pack with tutorial

25 March 2014

*How to play in English WITHOUT NEEDING TO USE OUTCOME!*

This patch works for Russian installation. If you installed the game in Polish, please re-install in Russian before using this language fix.

YOU MUST USE OUTCOME IN ORDER TO LAUNCH THE GAME. *Update 25 March - outcome is no longer needed!*

You can get the free 'Outcome' software by clicking the link HERE.

Welcome.  On this page, you can find out how to change Titanfall russian version into English.  It also works well for the polish version of Titanfall.

In order to get Titanfall to work in english, all you need to do is download the english language pack files and follow our tutorial.  It's really simple!

Although this tutorial looks complicated, it can be completed within 15 minutes by an average computer user.

Page Contents:

Click here to view the Titanfall language pack download links


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About this Tutorial

If you have bought the RU version of Titanfall, which is region free, but only includes russian and polish languages by default then this page will be useful for you. This page has been created to help our customers get the RU version of Titanfall to function in English.

Why does Titanfall need a language pack?

The russian or polish version of Titanfall is fully region free, however Origin only downloads the russian language packs by default. In order to make the game function in english, it's necessary to manually download the english language pack. CJS CD Keys has taken care to carefully create an easy-to-follow tutorial that describes the steps required to make your russian copy of the game function in English.

Once you have completed this tutorial (takes about 10 minutes), your game will function in English, and everything will function exactly the same as an EU copy of the game. 

This tutorial simply involves placing the english language files into your installation directory.  It's completely legal.

Step 1:


First, you will need to download and install the game.  Purchase our Titanfall Russian CD Key by viewing the product page on our website.

Once you've completed your purchase, collect your code from our Autokey system.

Start the Origin client (Downloadable free from, and press 'Redeem Code'.

Medal of honor warfighter activation


The dialog wil confirm the activation. Press REDEEM.

Once you've activated the code, press 'install' or 'preload'.  Origin will prompt you to select a language. At this point, only russian will be available.  Don't worry! Just press 'Accept' to start downloading the game.  We'll install the english language pack a little later.

(Image shown for demonstration purposes - it will look the same for Titanfall.)

Titanfall russian code

Wait for the game to completely download, and install.  Once you've totally installed the game, launch the game, and then close it again.

So far, you've got the game fully installed, but Origin has only downloaded the russian language files. 

you can easily change your game language by adding a small bit of text to your game properties within the Origin client:

Simply launch Origin and head to your My Games tab. Find and right-click on your Titanfall game tile and select Game Properties. Enter "–language English" in the text box that appears and then click Apply.

  • Note, to change your game language to something other than English, replace “English” in the above with your desired language.
  • Available options are French, German, Russian, Korean, Polish, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese 

Your game should now be playable in whichever language you entered.

To change your game language back, simply repeat the above steps with your original or desired game language.

Now, we'll need to pop the English Language files into the installation directory.

To download the English Language files, use the links below:

Titanfall English Language Pack Download Links:

We offer a number of high-speed download links for Medal of Honor Warfighter language patch.  The download size is around 500mb for the English Language Pack.  Please select from one of the links below to download:

English LANGUAGE PACK..... (for the Titanfall game) DOWNLOAD HERE:

Download this file, extract and copy the files to your main Titanfall folder.

Registry Instructions:

Start/Run/Regedit (press CTRL+R and type regedit)

on 32 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Respawn\Titanfall],

on 64 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Respawn\Titanfall]

and change ru_RU to en_US

Languages: English: en_US, German: de_DE, French: fr_FR, Italian: it_IT, Spanish: es_ES


Last STEP... Launch game using Outcome:

To launch the game, first completely close down Origin software.

Download 'Outcome', which is a free piece of software for launching Origin games:

When you start Outcome, it will ask you to select a file. Select this file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Titanfall\Titanfall.par

Press Submit, and it will generate a new one for you. Replace the new bf4.par file with the original one that was in your Titanfall Folder.

Now whenever you want to launch Titanfall, close down Origin, and start the Outcome software, and log in with your Origin ID.  It will then minimize to system tray. You will then be able to launch Titanfall in English.



Update 25 March:

There is a way to play the game in English WITHOUT needing to use Outcome! Play with your friends on Origin!


if you want to play with your firends over origin,Just do the Steps like that:

STEP1 Registry Instructions:

-Start/Run/Regedit (or open command prompt and type regedit)

-on 32 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Respawn\Tit­anfall],

-on 64 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node­\Respawn\Titanfall] and change ru_RU to en_US

-For regedit: English: en_US, German: de_DE, French: fr_FR, Italian: it_IT, Spanish: es_ES,

-Remember to close origin before this step.

-Go to . Download outcome software, install/run Outcome.

-login to your origin account on Outcome.

STEP2 Patch the files over Outcome , start the game and see, if the game is in you Language, that you choosed and then close the game and Outcome.

STEP3 Start Origin and change the Gamesettings (rightckick on the game in Origin) and enter -language German -novid (English for englisch) (-novid for Introskip)

STEP4 On the Shortcut on the Desktop do the same. It Looks like E:\Games\Origin\Titanfall\Titanfall.exe -language German -novid (English for englisch)

STEP5 Close Outcome(if open) and start Origin (if closed).

STEP6 Open the game from the Installation-Direktory, that is like in my case in E:\Games\Origin\Titanfall\Titanfall.exe

If you restartet your PC, just do STEP5 and STEP6. 


  • Make sure the Registry fix is pointing to the correct directory of your Titanfall installation
  • If the language changes suddenly to Russian, try using Outcome (see step 5)
  • Make sure you did NOT delete the original russian language files
  • Make sure you patched the titanfall.par file using Outcome
  • Make sure Origin is closed and that you are launching the game with Outcome.

You can buy a Titanfall Russian CD Key for use with this tutorial at a really discounted rate HERE.

Tutorial created by CJS CD Keys

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