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Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Key
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Description du produit

This is a brand new and unused CD Key for Left 4 Dead 2!

You will be able to activate and download the FULL UNCUT version via Steam.  It allows you to bind the game to your steam account permanently allowing you to download the game and play!

This key is region free* and multi-language.  It is Uncut.

This key is prohibited in DE.

The game key can be activated on Steam.



Game Information:


As if New Orleans hadn't had enough problems lately, now it's got to deal with a zombie invasion as well. Set entirely in the Deep South of the U.S., your team of four players must once again fight for survival against a never-ending wave of mutant monsters.

The dead walk and they're feeling kind of hungry
Fireproof zombies are just one of the new horrors
New melee weapons make combat even more intense
Falling off a bridge is the least of your concerns

Co-operation is the name of this game, as you struggle to reach a series of safe houses and eventual rescue, while all the time being assaulted by hundreds of zombies and other creatures. The five new campaigns (one more than the original) feature a more detailed story and finally explain how the outbreak occurred.

If all you're interested in is the action though then there are new melee weapons - including a chainsaw - and lots of new firearms. With new mutant types as well this is the perfect mix of survival horror and all out first person shooter action. Fearing for your life has never been so much fun.

Key Features

  • Co-operation of the Dead: The fan favourite co-op shooter returns with five brand new campaigns and a more detailed story.
  • Survival equipment: Wield new melee weapons, including axes, baseball bats and a chainsaw -or make use of the new assault rifle or silenced machine gun.
  • Mutant evolution: Face off against new mutant types, including the fast moving Charger, the new Wandering Witch and fire resistant zombies.
  • Virtual Spielberg: Revamped AI director watches how you play and increases or decreases the challenge accordingly, even altering the layout of the levels as it sees fit.
  • Team works: Four new characters to play as: TV reporter Rochelle, mechanic Ellis, conman Nick and an American football school coach known simply as… Coach.

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Avis sur les produits:

    Fast, as usual.
    Fast delivery, extraordinary prices. What more could you ask for?

    posté par 2nd Dec 2014

    very fast
    not even 5 minutes delivery time :)

    posté par 15th Oct 2013

    No problems!
    No problems downloading from autokey and activating in steam. Got my key in 3 hours!

    posté par 11th Jun 2010

    Works as advertised.
    The key works as advertised with steam. Got the email with the key in around 12hrs.
    Would have been great if a scanned copy of the game's manual could be included with it.
    Nonetheless, great service and would definitely buy again from here in the future.

    posté par 9th Feb 2010

    All correct!
    Fast and good seller!

    posté par 6th Jan 2010

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