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About Frontier Pilot Simulator:

Frontier pilots simulator is an environment centered single player vehicle sim. Combining the skill-based flying system with: a story-driven economic progression system, dozens of ships-upgrades and great flight physics. Your piloting expertise will be constantly challenged by the world while it unfolds before you.

Challenging and Realistic flight physics

The Frontier Pilot Simulator offers you to experience the futuristic and challenging way of cargo ships controlling. Physic of the game builds this way that you would feel every kilo of the cargo, any change in wind direction and geysers&volcanoes emissions. In addition, we created a wind map mode it will help you to catch a tailwind and find the safest way to fly through a storm. Also, every cargo ship has it own specific behavior: heavy&smooth, fast&sharp, small&maneuverable.

Unique game experience

Geysers, volcanoes, unusual animals, rocky&coastal landscapes, various weather conditions: stormy, windy, rainy. And atmospheric sci-fi music gives you a sense of being in a completely different world on other planets, with human colonies.

Open world adventure

The Frontier Pilot Simulator is an open world game with exciting confrontations between aliens and humans, smugglers and corporations, terrorists and security forces. The story-driven economy would allow you to build bases, discover new mines, even explode researching platforms.

Find your path

Improve your ship with hundreds of upgrades. Try 3 types of cargo ships: Light, Middle and Heavy. Set up the best ship, responding to your piloting style. Pick your path: trading, delivering, transferring passengers, work for aliens or humans, mining.

Engaging community communication

Razar s.r.o. created a loyal community, with day by day cooperation. A lot of ideas wich our players come up with, been implemented in the game. You can be a part of this community and might be your idea will be implemented next time.

What people say about Frontier Pilot Simulator

This is a great game. It is an early version, so it has its flaws, but my god, it makes you feel like a real FRONTIER pilot. - Flanker, Steam

As a long-term Flight Sim enthusiast, I`m quite impressed with this Early Access title.. Its fun to just fly around enjoying the landscape, and you do get the feeling of flying in an unusual stormy atmosphere, (lots of wind, geysers & volcanoes etc to deal with..). - Demo, Steam


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