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For Honor Season Pass PSN Herunterladen Key (Playstation 4)
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IMPORTANT: This product is for EUROPE REGION.

You must activate it using a EUROPE IP Address.
You could use a VPN for this if you're not from the EU.

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This product is intended for EU Region.  This CD Key will not work if your PS4 is not in EU region.

This product is a brand new and unused For Honor Season Pass Digital Copy Key for Playstation 4.  After your payment, you will receive an unused activation key, which can be entered into your Playstation 4 network account in order to get a full digital download of the game.

Region Lock:

This product is multi-language, but only works for PS4 Region:  EU.

Unique and Unused:

This activation key can only be activated once.  Once activated, it will be permanently bound to your online Playstation Network account. You can download this game using your Playstation 4 as many times as you want.

About the Game

You must already own FOR HONOR on PS4 in order to use this key.

For Honor™ Season Pass expands your game experience with 6 all new Heroes and a VIP membership which includes:

- 6 New Heroes
- 6 Elite Outfits (one per new Hero)

Day 1 War Pack
- 1 Exclusive Sunbeam Effect on emotes for all Heroes
- 3 Exclusive Emblem Outlines
- 30 Days Champion Status (+25% XP, extra Loot and more)
- 3 Premium Scavenger Crates


For Honor™ is mandatory to play the game (sold separately)

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