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About Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire:

About This Content

Get ready to experience the brutal intensity of the Vietnam War on a monumental scale. Developed with the help of US veterans and Vietnamese advisors, S.O.G. Prairie Fire immerses you deep within enemy territory as a member of covert special ops unit MACV-SOG and delivers an Arma 3 sandbox experience you won’t forget.

Charge into battle with a wide range of historically accurate weapons and vehicles. Explore the steamy jungles and sprawling landscapes of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Run recon missions in a thrilling new co-op campaign and wage all-out war in new multiplayer and singleplayer scenarios.

Featuring the authentic combat, full-spectrum battlefield, and powerful scenario editor Arma 3 is renowned for, players can now experience the full scope of the Vietnam War on their own, with friends, or with one of the thousands of Arma community groups located around the world.


Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire is optional to install and load. To play Arma 3 with this DLC enabled, please visit the DLC section in the Arma 3 Launcher, make sure S.O.G. Prairie Fire is owned and loaded, then launch the game by clicking the PLAY button.


Cam Lao Nam - 300 km2 terrain

This unique new terrain enables players to design and run missions throughout all phases and locations of the war.

  • Dominate the region from the US Air Force base at Pleiku.
  • Launch missions from 6 Forward Operating Bases.
  • Battle through historic Hue Citadel.
  • Survive an uprising in the streets of Saigon.
  • Fight to the top of Hamburger Hill.
  • Run foot patrols in the Bru Montagnard jungles.
  • Carry out recon operations in Laos, including Mission Support Site Leghorn and the extensive hidden camps, caves, and tunnels of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • Evade the deadly SAM batteries of “Thud Ridge”, raid the notorious Son Tay Prison, discover the industrial city of Hanoi and Ha Long Navy Base.
  • Travel by boat through the eerie swamps of the Mekong Delta to discover the bustling ports of Da Nang, Sihanoukville and Haiphong, mysterious Paradise Island, the secret airstrip of Dharma island, and imposing Ha Long Bay.

Complete with hand-painted billboards and posters, new buildings, trees, and objects, and over a thousand terrain assets, Cam Lao Nam provides an unforgettable sandbox for all your Arma adventures.

4 New Factions, 55 New Weapons, New Uniforms & Gear

S.O.G. Prairie Fire offers 55 unique weapons with detailed animations, realistic sounds, melee features, and a diverse range of weapon accessories. There are 43 deadly grenades, traps, and other special items, 41 detailed uniforms, 30 vests, 28 backpacks, 15 accessories, and 20 headgear items, all with numerous variations.

  • Go into battle as the US and South Vietnamese armies carrying standard-issue gear such as the M16, M14, XM21, M40A1, M60, M79, M1911 pistol, Model 10 Revolver, .38 Revolver, MX991 flashlight, M72 LAW, and M1897 shotgun.
  • Run recon as the elite teams from Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) and US Special Forces wielding obscure and customized weapons like the XM177, XM148, M63A, M2 Carbine, M60 shorty, sawn-off M79, M/45, M3, MC10, MAT-49, Sten, HP pistol, Mk 22 pistol, Welrod, HD pistol, sawn-off RPD, and M127 flare.
  • Stalk through the jungles of South Vietnam as the guerilla Viet Cong armed with the outmoded but still deadly M1 Carbine, M1891, M91/30, M38, M49/56, Ish-54 shotgun, MP-40, MAT-49, PPSh-41, K50m, DP-27, RPD, M1895 revolver, M712 pistol, and B40 rocket.
  • Fight in the cities of North Vietnam as the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) equipped with imported equipment such as the SKS, PPS-43, PPS-52, Type 56, PK, TT-33 pistol, PM pistol, FKB-1 flashlight, B41 rocket, and 9K32 Strela missile.

Each item was painstakingly designed with three years of oversight and advice from US Special Forces veterans who contributed their vast knowledge and private collections to help deliver the most realistic recreation of equipment possible.

54 New Vehicles (Incl. Variants) & Static Weapons

S.O.G. Prairie Fire features 4 asymmetric factions using vehicles to wage war in the jungles, mountains, cities, rivers, and islands of Vietnam.

  • 5 new MACV helicopters (CH-34 and UH-1D transports, UH-1C and AH-1G gunships, and OH-6A scout helicopter) versus 1 new PAVN helicopter (Mi-2 transport and gunships) with 24 variants. All helicopters have multiple armaments, textures, and callsigns to further expand the variety of gameplay scenarios.
  • 2 new heavily armed gunboats (Shantou class gunboat versus PTF Nasty class patrol boat).
  • 2 new light tanks (M-41 Walker Bulldog versus Type 63) with highly detailed interiors.
  • 4 new cars and trucks (M54 and M151 versus Z-157 and BTR-40) with 27 authentically detailed variants.
  • 1 new airplane (F-4 Phantom II) with 22 weapons, in USAF, US Navy and USMC colors versus 2 new special air defense weapons (S-75 SAM missile and RSNA-75 radar).
  • 32 static weapons, including light and heavy machine guns (M45, M2, M1919, M60, RPD, DP27, PK, ZPU4), mortars (M29, M2, Type 53, Type 63), howitzers (M101, D44), and late-war anti-tank missile launchers (TOW and 9M14).
  • 5 new boats (2 wooden motorboats and 3 sampans), with many variants, some armed.
  • 2 new bicycles for moving quietly along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Multiplayer Co-op Campaign (up to 14 players)

The year is 1968 and the Vietnam War is reaching its peak. As elite MACV-SOG reconnaissance team "Columbia", your mission is to stop the flow of materials down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Your team must engage in clandestine operations in Laos and Cambodia, hunting and destroying the PAVN 559th Transportation Group and its numerous security units. Feel the adrenaline rush of operating deep within hostile territory while the People’s Army of Vietnam try to track, locate, and overrun your team.

Written alongside former recon team leaders from the US Special Forces elite MACV-SOG, this fully voice-acted campaign consists of 6 highly replayable co-op missions featuring dynamic difficulty and drop-in/drop-out multiplayer capability.

Multiplayer - 9 Scenarios & Bonus Mission

S.O.G. Prairie Fire adds 9 new multiplayer scenarios to Cam Lao Nam for Arma 3's official game modes Warlords, End Game, Zeus, and Escape. Fly routine helicopter missions in the bonus MP/SP mission “Ash and Trash” where you can explore the countryside and discover Cam Lao Nam’s most noteworthy landmarks.

This Creator DLC also features an overhauled in-game menu and multiplayer server browser (only usable with the DLC loaded). This optional Enhanced Multiplayer Menu contains an improved interface with many new features that help you find, choose, and join multiplayer games featuring the Creator DLC.

5 Singleplayer Scenarios

For those unfamiliar with the Vietnam War, 2 new singleplayer Showcase scenarios help acquaint players with the weapons, vehicles, and equipment used during that time.

Additionally, there is a fully narrated singleplayer Showcase scenario for both PAVN and MACV that introduces players to the world of jungle combat and historic warfare.

The bonus helicopter mission “Ash and Trash” can also be enjoyed as a singleplayer scenario.

Sounds & Effects

Hear your enemies whispering as they approach in the dark, yelling as they rush to overrun you, and crying out when they’re wounded. Immerse yourself in the hair-raising sounds of bullet cracks, explosions, and softly approaching footsteps. Experience the jungle like you never have before with realistic sounds of weather, wildlife, and disturbed vegetation. Every single sound and effect has been meticulously reproduced by the author of the JSRS Sound mod to offer players a truly captivating experience.


The vibrant soundtrack features 14 rock and blues tracks by originalsas that take you back to the 1960’s. Played in vehicles or heard from the placeable FM radio, the tunes are complemented by original Armed Forces Vietnam (AFVN) news and adverts that ran at the time. Included as well are 16 cinematic tracks by FabianKreutzerSound, which were composed with authentic Vietnamese instruments and designed to augment the Vietnamese and Laotian landscapes.

Additional Content

S.O.G. Prairie Fire is complemented by a wide range of additional content, usable only when the DLC is loaded. This includes:

  • a Master Arm module for servicing and arming aircraft
  • a Logistics module for transporting items and casualties
  • a completely new voice-acted Battlefield Revive system
  • a Tunnel module for easy creation of tense underground missions
  • a Vietnam-era Artillery and Air support module to quickly call support from actual US callsigns
  • a quick-to-enable earplugs system
  • a vehicle jukebox
  • a melee system for close-quarter fighting
  • tree platforms and foxholes that enable soldiers to hide above or under ground

Also available are objects to support third-party game modes, like the new Mike Force Vietnam game mode, designed around the DLC to provide an exciting, combined-arms cooperative experience. This includes over 100 food, drink, and medical items (cosmetic props by default) and over 150 partially built buildings and fortifications for use in a dynamic building system. There is also full support for the popular third-party Task Force Radio (TFAR) mod.


People who do not own the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC are able to download and install the DLC's optional data via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop:
Subscribing to this Workshop item makes it possible for potential buyers to try out many of the DLC's assets prior to purchasing. It also enables non-owners to join multiplayer servers that make use of DLC content. Be aware that access to the DLC's terrain and campaign remains exclusive to owners of the DLC. Restrictions to the use of non-owned content also apply.


On top of the officially supported languages (see the right sidebar of this store page for more information), there is a complementary Community Language Pack created by the Arma 3 community with permission from Savage Game Design for:

  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Japanese


This DLC is developed by Savage Game Design and published by Bohemia Interactive. The DLC team was advised by former members of US Special Forces who served in MACV-SOG and includes over 100 creators who helped develop popular Arma 3 content, including the Arma 3 Jets DLC, and mods like Unsung Vietnam War, JSRS sounds, Icebreakr terrains, NI Arms, and many other Arma community releases since 2006. This fusion of real-world Special Forces combat experience with a passionate and dedicated Arma 3 Creator team brings you a highly authentic and memorable Vietnam War gaming experience.

Although some US Military Markings are featured with permission in this game, no US Military endorsement shall be implied by it.


Full warranty offered! We guarantee a working key, or a full refund.

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