Reasons to Buy Cheap Brink CD Key for Steam from CJS CD Keys

Are you looking to buy brink?  Did you know that instead of buying a boxed copy, waiting days for it to arrive in the mail, and then having the risk of losing or damaging your game disc, you can instead buy the game for a cheaper price the 21st century way.. By Digital Download!

CJS CD Keys are offering a digital download key for Brink for just £25.99 – you can read more on their product page by clicking here.

After you purchase the code using any one of CJS’s easy payment methods (google checkout, moneybookers) you can then head over to to collect the activation code from CJS CD Key’s Autokey system.  This is a one-of-a-kind system that CJS boasts, which allows customers to collect the codes INSTANTLY after payment, rather than having to wait for staff to manually email the codes.

Once you receive your code, you will notice that it’s an actual photograph of the brink product key that is printed on the game manual.  You can then enter this key into Steam, a fast, secure, and easy service which allows you to download games (including brink) fast and easily.  Once you have entered the brink product code into steam, you can simply press ‘activate’ and the game will be permanently binded to your steam account. Then you can begin your high speed download.

Once downloaded, you can then immediately play the game on both single player and multiplayer, just as if you bought a boxed copy from a brick and mortar store!

The advantages of buying a digital download of a game rather than a physical copy are:

  • No shipping costs
  • No waiting for physical game to arrive
  • No risk of losing or damaging your disc
  • You can re-download the game as many times as you want!

Now for some history and facts about CJS CD Keys…

CJS Group are a UK based limited company that has been in force for over 2 years, and has grown to become one of the largest wholesalers of game activation codes and physical PC games on the internet.  CJS Group supply almost all reputable cd key shops!  CJS Group also own one of the largest cd key sites on the internet –

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If you go to our main website and click to read our reviews, you will be able to read thousands of reviews from happy customers, so you can rest assured with no doubt that your activation codes originate from authorised distributors within the EU. This means that you can buy worry free, and know that your code will function in all languages and in all regions.

Many online key store shops sell chinese keys, which can be banned for cross-region registration, and often don’t work at all within the EU region.

CJS CD Keys are proud to only buy directly from reputable game distributors in bulk, so that we can produce a 100% quality rate on our keys, and know for sure that our customers will keep coming back, again and again.  All of our codes are unique, unused, and taken only from official sources.

Our Brink CD Keys are currently at a price of just £25.99, which is cheaper than the £34.99 price of Steam!

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Buy Cheap Brink CD Key for Steam

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