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We have tons of positive reviews posted every day at our google checkout account. Maybe CJS CD KEYS is simply the best cd key shop with the best services for such cheap serials? Check it out

Bought this game for a friend, prise is about $9 cheaper than Steam, everything is good and the key is fine and activated to Steam account. There is only one little problem, I wish if they made it clear…
Counter Strike Source Multiplayer Pac… more »
Sultan F Alaskar 200419984373038 7 Feb 2011

Great Seller, no problems at all.
Payment request from CJS Sales & Serv… more »
MR STEVEN E HARRIS 701031547963416 7 Feb 2011

(no comment given)
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Ludmila Ashurov 642150957441842 7 Feb 2011

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ifj Sere Gyula 137986366534220 6 Feb 2011

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Paco Castellano Bayona 139179990695514 6 Feb 2011

They supply the orders, but only after opening tickets to their billing\support group
DC Universe Online Digital Download K… more »
Eyal Hashai 406773558748093 5 Feb 2011

(no comment given)
Call of Duty 2 Cd Key more »
Paco Castellano Bayona 556862820503206 5 Feb 2011

Got my DC Universe Online Key (US) and it worked fine. Been playing for 2 days now. Thank you!
DC Universe Online Digital Download K… more »
Robert M Hoxter Jr 645899850154629 5 Feb 2011

They were a bit slow to deliver but they did delivered none the less and the product was as described. So overall a decent experience.
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Francis Lo 540696163695734 5 Feb 2011

Good customer service, good products.
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Dominick Sanchez 477755125821934 2 Feb 2011

didnt get my product
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Simonas Stoncius 424777541473297 2 Feb 2011

Great!! Fast shipping!!
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melotti leonardo 607158477896915 2 Feb 2011

I got my key in 23mins, it is working! I can recommend this site.
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Tóth János 924595066276641 2 Feb 2011

Very fast shipping. No issues CD Key works as expected
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Antonio Rincon Lopez 929905597351713 2 Feb 2011

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Alexey Maximenko 430806137054116 1 Feb 2011

Semplicemente non mi è arrivato l’articolo comprato e il venditore non ha provveduto a risolvere il problema….28 euro buttate via
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansio… more »
stefano caioni 640703320337612 1 Feb 2011

Perfect 10/10
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Mr. Wayne Scicluna 826711531431837 1 Feb 2011

Excellent service 🙂
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Mr. Wayne Scicluna 465340911834197 1 Feb 2011

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Israel Post 377511010963980 1 Feb 2011

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Linas Baranauskas 731823139240200 1 Feb 2011

cool CJS CD Keys Review by a dedicated customer ‘Johno47’! His post = CJS CD KEYS a scam? or not? Let’s find out.

One of our loyal customers had written a great post in his gaming clan forum that we simply had to post here! Check it out

Recently I found online site called and I was wondering, how on earth do they get the keys so cheap? At first, I assumed that they may probably be illegal keys that are generated, which are no good for online play. But after reading the website, they do state that the keys work online multiplayer.

Well, I am a man of chance, and I decided to take the plunge. for the sake of £19.99, I decided to try buying a dead space 2 scanned activation code. It said that it will be delivered instantly using their special ‘auto’ system. I was happy to pay with google checkout since I’ve used that method before with many other stores. Well, I took the plunge, and I’m glad to say it was worth it.

After I paid with google checkout, it took about 14 minutes for the order to be approved, then once approved, I entered my info into the autokey system, and it presented me with a photo of the key! It was a photograph of the key, as I could see by the picture the reflection of a man’s face in the photo.

I activated the key in ea download manager and was delighted to see that the activation was successful! My previous doubts that this site was possibly a scam was completely gone. I can confirm by personal account that this site is a true website.

I am very impressed by the service I received from CJS, and after doing more research I found they are owned by a larger limited company called ‘CJS Sales & Services LTD’. I am really pleased that I took the risk and I’ll definitely be getting future games from CJS like the upcoming crysis 2. It’s a truly great service.

They seem to manage to get the cd keys so cheap by buying from foreign companies and importing them. But it seems that since there is no physical shipping involved, all the savings that were made by not having to physically import the game are passed directly to the customer.

in a nutshell, I can truly recommend CJS CD KEYS and I must say to anyone who needs a PC game at a cheap price to go there now.

Also, if you become their fan on facebook you can actually get a discount of 5% which is pretty neat too.

Cheapest Place to order Battlefield 3?

Well, today it was announced that the new BATTLEFIELD 3 is going to be released in fall 2011!  It’s going to be simply awesome. Judging by the trailer, it looks like jet aircraft will be back in the game too!  CJS CD KEYS will be listing this game ready for pre-orders a few months before release date for around £19.99!  The new battlefield game battlefield 3 is going to be so much fun, and for sure a very very fun game.  At the moment everywhere is selling it for over £39.99 so hopefully CJS CD KEYS can go through with a price of just £19,99 at!

See you later this year where we can own those noobs on the new Battlefield 3 game!


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